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Feelings on a Friday 16a: I need this blog to a bit more silly and a lot more geeky

Happy humpday internet people.

Having ranted like a troll yesterday, wanted to be a more light-hearted munky today. Saw this on twitter and have decided to put this on here, because it’s my blog and I felt like it.


I am aware that it says 30 day, but once I looked, started answering the question.

1: First Superhero you saw.

First I remember were the X-Men

2: Fave Superhero show.

Justice League Unlimited

3: Fave Superhero Movie.

I go back and forth, but currently, Deadpool

4:Fave Superhero Movie.

Always been a Marvel guy.

5: Fave Superhero (Male)

Hard to beat Superman

6: Fave Superhero (Female)

Squirrel Girl

7: Fave Superhero Comic

All time? X-Men

Currently? Action Comics

8: Superhero Crush

Powergirl (What? I’m a boob-man)

9: Best Supervillain.

Doctor Doom

10: Fave Superhero couple

Abigail Brand and the Beast

11: Saddest Superhero Scene

Loss of Kitty Pryde (Giant Size Astonising X-Men)

12: Superhero I am most similar too

Sadly Cyclops

13: Fave Superhero Power


14: Fave Sidekick

Kid Flash

15: Fave Superpower

Shapeshifting: Imagine the possibilities

16: Fave Superhero Team

The original Guardians of the Galaxy

17: Most Epic Fight Scene


The last stand at Gjallerbru

18: Fave Male Supporting Character

To Quote Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men “Super Doctor Astronaut, Peter Corbeau!”

19: Fave Female Supporting Character

The most recent versions of Lois Lane & Lana Lang share this spot

20: Fave Villain Team

Injustice League/Legion of Doom

21:  Fave Armour/Gear/Weapon

Captain America’s shield

22: Most Shocking Super Hero Moment

Sharon Carter learning that she shot and killed Captain America (Captain America #25)

23: Superhero’s Story you Wish had Continued

Solo hero: Rich (Nova) Rider

Team: Guardians of the Galaxy

24: Superhero who should have stayed Dead

This won’t go down well with the Mighty Rosie, but Olliver (Green Arrow) Queen

25: Least Fave Superhero

Batman (Yeah, I said it!)

26:  Least Fave Quote

“I am the best there is at what I do….”

27: Comic, live action or Animation


28: Superhero movie/Show that you want to see, but haven’t

Ideal world, 70’s set Heroes for Hire series, including Power Man, Iron Fist, Collen Wing & Misty Knight, I see it as a very buddy cop action/comedy sort of thing, won’t happy now, but I can dream.

29: Most Badass scene from an Hero 

Astonishing X-Men 23. To me, my X-Men

30: Most Underappreciated Hero

I think that is a post in and of itself.


Sorry about that, but needed a palette cleanser from all recent introspection.

Feedback, comments, insults and dirty jokes are always appreciated.

Ttfn internet people


Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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