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Talking on a Terrible Tuesday 2: Sisyphus and the huge f***ing rock of positivity

Hey there internet people

I am being positive today, taking everything in my stride and doing all I can to remain the smile on my face. It was a suggestion by my wife (The MIGHTY Rosie) as she is currently being the positive light her under-morale staff are flocking around. I’ll be honest, being positive is difficult.

My wheelhouse is more of the pessimistic optimist. I expect things to go badly and when it doesn’t, am pleased as punch. Sadly that doesn’t look too cheerful from the outside. I envy the perky people in the world, with the same passion I once hated them.

Work is a nightmare at the moment and as a result, am not going to think about it right now. Instead am going to look at the things that made me smile this weekend.

On Saturday, my little boy (the Irrepressible 6 year old, if you know me, you know his name) stayed at his grandparents. My mother and father have their flaws, but to be honest, their devotion to my son, does make up for a lot of them. While he was harassing them to point of needing a drink, playing Frustration 60 times and watching the most inane of TV, me and the wife got pampered at the Portland Spa in Southport.

If you ever get the chance, go. It’s a fantastic place with great staff, we got a neck, shoulders and back massage, had a three course meal which was f***ing gorgeous and then a facial and scalp massage. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the scalp massage, but the Mighty Rosie loved it. We left feeling chilled, pampered relaxed and happier than we’ve been in a while. We went home, and relaxed in front of the TV. Which leads me to …….Luke Cage, the Netflix series. Spoilers>



I like TV shows you can binge watch, I have enjoyed the more recent Marvel TV shows and I especially love the lesser appreciated comic characters. So to be honest, there was no way that Luke Cage wasn’t ideal for me. It was exactly what I had hoped. There was pretty much every nod to the comics, Seagate Prison, Rackham, Noel Burnstein, Claire Temple (A welcome return appearance by Rosario Dawson) and Misty Knight. We even got old school Cage villains Cottonmouth, Shades, Black Mariah and Diamondback. This was in addition to a more nuanced and modern take on this street level hero. Mike Colter just owns the screen as Cage, his calm presence and polite manner just comes across perfectly. He’s not a cape n’cowl type, but he is a hero. The pacing is at times languid, this is not a show that gives a damn about what pacing you expect, it is in no rush. But it works. The language is harsh in places and although in the same world as the Avengers, this isn’t a disney-friendly show. No one in the cast is safe and alliances change and shift as this 13 part series goes along. The origin flashback is so expertly done, changing nothing of the origin, but adding a couple of touches to flesh this story out from it’s blaxploitation history. There’s even a point where he is dressed in his old hero for hire yellow shirt and tiara combo and it hangs a lantern on how ridiculous it is. Now there’s the action. Super powers are expensive to show on screen and can look silly, but the basic enhancement of Luke, just makes him tougher and stronger and the action scenes showcase this perfectly, from the first punch, where someone breaks their hand, to the high stakes final battle in the last episode.

This is a series that is worth watching, does it help to have seen Daredevil and Jessica Jones (both also excellent shows) but it’s not particularly necessary. This is Mike Colter’s show and he owns it, but the ‘villains’ are just as compelling and you root for the supporting cast including the excellent Simone Missick as Misty Knight. There’s the usual easter-egg and references to future stories stuff, but this is quality TV that was so popular, that it seemed to crash netflix itself.

Worth the 30 days free trial if nothing else.

Sunday was a nice and easy day, movies with my son and cuddles with the Mighty Rosie in the evening. Feeling positive is easy, when things are going this well and maybe if I carry this on, it may keep going well.


Also, watched a YouTube video with my son yesterday. I have an interest in Tokusatsu and watched a thing about Tokusatsu (which is mostly Japanese sci-fi TV series) and we got to laugh and enjoy some weird looking and named things together.

I have to go now internet people, I have to go to work, but you know what? I’m still feeling positive. Maybe it does feel like I am pushing the rock up the hill, but I can make it up that hill.




Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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