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What are right-wing people? – a guide for under 10-year-olds

Pride's Purge


toby young cartoon

This is Toby. Toby thinks he is great. Toby likes to tell other people how they can be great too. Toby is what we call a ‘right-wing’ person.

But what are ‘right-wing’ people?

Right-wing people are people who think they are great. Right-wing people think everyone can be great too if only other people were a bit more like them. Right-wing people think they know how to do things better than other people.

Some right-wing people even think they know better than experts. If you have a tummy ache, normal people go to a doctor. Normal people listen to the doctor and do what they tell them to do.

But right-wing people don’t like to listen to doctors. Right-wing people think they know better than doctors.

jeremy cartoonThis is Jeremy. Jeremy thinks he knows better than doctors.

Right-wing people also think they know better than firemen how to put out fires. And they think…

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Attention Aspiring Writers!

An Accident In Space And Time


Since the most wonderful Iain Duncan Smith has decided that I’m not allowed to have a disability or and dignity and has slashed my disability benefits, I am searching for ways to monetise my skillset – which isn’t easy in the writing world, as you are most likely aware.

Therefore, I’m starting out by offering to review and link to your book on my blog. I’ve never tried anything like this before and I know it’s a bit of a gamble when it comes to how often this kind of work might come my way, but eventually I would like to branch out in to proofreading and editing too – but for an actual company, as opposed to these online advertising sites. But… the bottom is usually the best way to start, so here I am giving it a go. Of course, I shall also continue to write my…

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dark humor “sacrificial lamb” cake

Lil Miss Shalla

i was out and about last week

doing the shopping before my boys would spend the weekend with me

all the stores were packed with easter candy

the standard chocolate bunnies and eggs

even the rare chocolate dinosaur!!

but what really got me was the cake i found

it was shaped like a lamb

i nearly lost it at the store

i was repressing so much laughter

knowing the others around me would not understand my humor

i had to have one!

there must be a sacrifice!! hehe

i really wanted to have a barbie doll with a toy knife but well no such luck and wasnt buying one… thought about mr potato head… hehe

also saw a toy boat in my boys room

thought of laying down a protective cover and adding a lil bit of alcohol on the lamb cake

set that on fire and fake a viking…

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Feelings on a Friday 7: Anger

images (1)

This week started off well enough, but yesterday s**t hit the fan in a BIG way.


It doesn’t all relate to me, so will keep the details to myself, but this relates to my mental health and indirectly to my son.

I’m angry.

Furious about the whole thing, but I am not alone.

Every time I start to pick myself back up, s**t like this happens.

This time is different, this time we jumped on this as a family, we talked about it, tried to find solutions, talked to the relevant people and came up with an action plan. My wife (the Mighty Rosie) said as we left the house this morning. “This fight isn’t over.”

“It’s not a fight” I replied,  fight means that the other side has a chance of winning.

I am angry, but for the first time in a while, fire is the fuel of the car, not the driver.

Whatever I have to do to take care of my family, I will do and woe betide anyone who gets in the way of that.

A more aggressive post that usual, but am angry and want that anger out of me.

But because anger is not the biggest part of me, here’s something to giggle at.


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A number of times, have heard the words, or have used them, you are stronger than you think.

And it reminded me of this page from All Star Superman. Due to the upcoming film, there’s a renewed who’s better argument between fanboys and usually leaning towards Batman, for reasons of cool, relatability or some such. For me though, it’s Superman and my argument is this


Would I want a ton of money? Sure. A butler? Ok. But the best part of me would want to be the guy who was there for those who needed him.

Does flying men from Krypton exist? No, but heroes do, my wife is my hero and she does for me daily that same act of heroism. The Mighty Rosie is my hero. She may not fly, but she saves me whenever she is near.


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You know when you have a lightbulb moment, when you read something, spit out your coffee and suddenly go WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT, THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE READING ABOUT MYSELF!

Well, I just spat out my coffee as I read about Gaslighting.

And it made me wonder where I’ve been all this time.

How come I didn’t know what Gaslighting was?

How did I ever allow it to happen to me?

And also, that even though my experience happened a long time ago, the scars are still there.

The article took me back to a fairly long term relationship that I had. A not good one. And as I read, all the emotionally abusive things this guy used to say came flooding back to me.  The things that made me feel bad. Things that I knew were not true. But that I somehow started believing and that I allowed to…

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