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Attention Aspiring Writers!

An Accident In Space And Time


Since the most wonderful Iain Duncan Smith has decided that I’m not allowed to have a disability or and dignity and has slashed my disability benefits, I am searching for ways to monetise my skillset – which isn’t easy in the writing world, as you are most likely aware.

Therefore, I’m starting out by offering to review and link to your book on my blog. I’ve never tried anything like this before and I know it’s a bit of a gamble when it comes to how often this kind of work might come my way, but eventually I would like to branch out in to proofreading and editing too – but for an actual company, as opposed to these online advertising sites. But… the bottom is usually the best way to start, so here I am giving it a go. Of course, I shall also continue to write my…

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Feelings on a Friday 7: Anger

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This week started off well enough, but yesterday s**t hit the fan in a BIG way.


It doesn’t all relate to me, so will keep the details to myself, but this relates to my mental health and indirectly to my son.

I’m angry.

Furious about the whole thing, but I am not alone.

Every time I start to pick myself back up, s**t like this happens.

This time is different, this time we jumped on this as a family, we talked about it, tried to find solutions, talked to the relevant people and came up with an action plan. My wife (the Mighty Rosie) said as we left the house this morning. “This fight isn’t over.”

“It’s not a fight” I replied,  fight means that the other side has a chance of winning.

I am angry, but for the first time in a while, fire is the fuel of the car, not the driver.

Whatever I have to do to take care of my family, I will do and woe betide anyone who gets in the way of that.

A more aggressive post that usual, but am angry and want that anger out of me.

But because anger is not the biggest part of me, here’s something to giggle at.


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A number of times, have heard the words, or have used them, you are stronger than you think.

And it reminded me of this page from All Star Superman. Due to the upcoming film, there’s a renewed who’s better argument between fanboys and usually leaning towards Batman, for reasons of cool, relatability or some such. For me though, it’s Superman and my argument is this


Would I want a ton of money? Sure. A butler? Ok. But the best part of me would want to be the guy who was there for those who needed him.

Does flying men from Krypton exist? No, but heroes do, my wife is my hero and she does for me daily that same act of heroism. The Mighty Rosie is my hero. She may not fly, but she saves me whenever she is near.


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Reasons To Be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3.

Reason to be cheerful72dpi

A blog I follow had this as the title and thought, y’know that’s a good thing to think about on a monday morning.

So here I am with 3 of mine

1: Despite the fact that I am at work, I feel productive and that the day is moving alone at a fairly decent speed, narrowing the time between me and my loved ones.

2: The sun is out, whilst not warm, just some sunshine makes it a better day. Winter is fading and spring is started to arrive.

3: I have had a really good weekend: My son went to a fancy dress party as the Flash, we watched a film together, after that, dropped him off at his nanny and grandad’s and me and the Mighty Rosie, went to see Ed Byrne at the ACC in Liverpool. Sunday we went swimming, watched more films and after the boy went to bed, me and the wife started to watch House of Cards (yes, late to the party again, I get it) and 5 episodes in are hooked. We had time together, time apart, active stuff and sitting on our arses stuff.

We all need to remember the good things, they make less noise than the bad and can be overlooked, but on a monday especially, we need those reasons to remind us of what really matters, eachother.


Have fun internet people

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Feelings on a Friday 6: Brutal

I had my assessment with the NHS mental health team on Wednesday, where the full extent of my problems were gone through and examined. Imagine having every flaw pointed out as you realise how far you are away from the person you once were. Gut punch after gut punch as my illness was spelled out. I can’t say how hard it was, but I’ve had better days.

Took the next day and a half off work and sorted things out, organised DVDs, sorted and boxed away comics. Which left me with the realisation that the last four months of comics have been relatively un-enjoyable. So maybe with the exception of UK reprints and the DC hardback collections, knock regular comics on the head for the foreseeable future. I also went to the gym last night and was punished accordingly.

When I got back, me and the Mighty Rosie talked, a bit more in depth than we have in a while, that was good and I think we are a bit closer as a result.

Other stuff has gone on and this year is not really going as well as I like, but I am shown something because of this, I have the unconditional love of my son and the love and support of the best woman I could imagine knowing, let alone being with. The depths of her love continue to astound me.

I learned that you never reach rock bottom, not once at least, but bottom out several times and this last week has been one of those. Time to get back up, get my s**t together and fight, not for my family, not for my wife, but for me. I never fight for me, I need to.

We all have demons, those monsters in our heads, screaming and tearing, destroying and drowning us, but we don’t have to fight them alone. I have her at my side fighting with me, the Amazing Rosie, not a person to be f**ked with. I won’t win every battle, but with her, I finally believe I can win the war.


If you have someone in your life, who always has your back, always there for you. Cherish them, love them and if there’s anything more than friendship there, marry the s**t out of them. Smartest decision of my life was “I do.”


Well this got a bit of a downer, so here’s a picture of our son, dressed as the Flash


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Mother’s Day

I want to wish every mum a happy Mother’s day.

Being a mum is a hard job, so I want to say you all deserve more praise.


My wife, the Awesome Rosie, deserves more than one day for how hard she works and how much she loves.


If you know a mum doing her best, working hard for her kids or is just an amazing mum, show her some love. It’s people like that, we need more of in this world.


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Feelings on a friday 5


Friday again

Not the best week, but by no means the worst.

There was a massive cock up at work which was NOT my fault, so that was nice. As stressed as I am, watching my boss, slam stuff onto her desk and huff an puff up a storm, tells me that she’s got it worse at the moment and I am very ok with that.

Today it was snowing, my son went to school as happy as I have ever seen him, while everyone came into the office complaining about the traffic and the weather. I sat down in a good mood after dropping off a happy boy off at school. Admittedly my good mood soon got ruined, but I don’t care it’s friday. Thinking about the snow I am reminded of a phrase I have said to my son a hundred times or more and today was one of those days where I am proven right. “Don’t forget, we live in a world of wonders.”

We all forget it sometimes, but they are there. The tiniest acts of kindness, the gentlest of snow fall and the sunset changing the sky into different colours. Hell the technology we have made in the last century, going from telegrams to the internet. We live in a world of wonders. Who knows what wonders are ahead of us.


If you struggle, move forward. If you’re going through hell, keep going.


You are stronger than you think you are.