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Talking on a Terrible Tuesday

Hey there internet people.

My son’s 6th birthday was saturday just gone, but not his birthday, that was weeks ago. When everyone is well, the worst part of the parenting experience isn’t the lack of  sleep, the inability to do what you want whenever or any of that. It’s other parents and when you sort a party out for your boy, you have to invite his friends, hence parents. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, it’s stressful, but when it works, you’re a champion.


Saturday, my wife (The MIGHTY Rosie) and I were champions, we did a morning party in Spring city, which is a trampoline and air bag place, where kids bounce around for an hour. Still a bit too heavy for it, I gave me ticket to my sister in law, who went from her early 30’s to 7 in less than  a second. Everyone had loads of fun, the other parents were nice, then kept to themselves, while I spent time with the in-laws. My parents even took the boy for the afternoon and the evening, leaving me and the Mrs, to enjoy a very lazy saturday and the first sleep in on a sunday for both of us in years.

I have put some of my course writing from my night school thing on wattpadd, which is an act of some bravery for me and after a really chilled weekend, am ready for the week. Which came as a surprise for everyone involved.

So after a monday morning, where I smiled through gritted teeth, I looked at the internet, to catch up on the social media, which I have always seen as a positive. Today it doesn’t feel that way. The three things I keep seeing more and more keep bringing me down. I’m going to put something of my thoughts down, so I can get this stuff out of my head.

I am going to preface this with the fact that this is opinion and anyone is free to disagree.

1: Jeremy Corbyn: Leader of the opposition party

It is amazing how often the same point keeps being made in the press. ‘Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable’. It’s one of those weird saying it enough and it becomes true sort of things. But is it true? If it is, does that matter? When I was younger electable simply met, people would vote for them. I make that distinction because people have voted for him. He won the leadership election, saw off a leadership challenge, then another by winning another leadership election, both times bringing in new members. When the media say ‘electable’ I get the feeling it means more ‘liked by the media’. He is leader of the opposition, so what he is supposed to do is be the alternative to the government and it’s fiercest critic. He’s doing that, he has to take the government to task and keep the pressure on them. Is it such a horrific idea that a left wing party, has a traditional left wing leader?

2: Donald Trump is a viable candidate for the US Presidency

Re-read that. Go on, I’ll wait. How did that happen? The US President is often referred to as the leader of the free world, because for several reasons, many nations and cultures take their cues from the US. It is a nation of great financial, military and cultural power and as a result, the world watches it carefully. What the US does well it does very well, comics, cheeseburgers, TV & film and they took the idea of democracy and really ran with it and these are not small things. Space travel! So, the US holds a place on the world stage that they have earned, so when they do stuff wrong, it gets noticed. This is wrong.

Now this isn’t an ideological thing, I get right wing politics as an idea and though I disagree with many points, I can intellectually understand how this can be a platform, I didn’t like either Bush, nor Romney or McCain, but they were actual people who seemed like they know what they are doing, seemed like they’d do an okay job one day or the other and how tight the races were made a degree of sense, so please this is not me bashing the more conservative/republican people and their beliefs. My fear regarding Trump is that he is a person that cannot in any way shape or form be honestly thought of as the best man for the job, can he? He’s never held public office, he’s a horror of a man, a businessman with 4 bankruptcies and as many failed marriages. This man is neither qualified, suited or really even competent to be a man entrusted with that much power.

America, have spoken to people from there, have seen your cultural contributions and your cavalry like entries in two world wars turned the tides. You deserve better than this guy, you deserve better leaders, better businessmen and to be honest better republican politicians. Is HRC the ideal candidate? I don’t know, is she trustworthy? I don’t know, but have doubts as many others do, but is she a better option? If any americans read this, I’m sorry if you feel I am knocking your nation, I’m not. If you feel I mock your beliefs, I don’t intend to mock any ideology. But this is a dangerous time and voting to a world leader like that would only make things worse. I know this because our foreign secretary is also someone who I can’t imaging who thought would be suitable in that job.

3: The protests

I keep seeing the Colin Kaepernick protest thing online, more and more as many many people put their 2 cents in. Might as well do it myself. I’m on his side. America is a nation built on rebellion and protest, from their creation as a united states, to almost every major social change, rebellion and protest. The flag that he is ‘disrespecting’ is a cloth, that is it. The only meaning it has is what is placed on it. That’s freedom as near as I can see. As ‘not the right forum’ for this kind of protest, well what is? Isn’t the very idea of protest the idea of making your voice heard when it’s not wanted? Colin protested, because he felt he had something to say and he had a place to say it. The fact you don’t like it, says something. It may not mean what you want it to. People died for that flag, for that freedom, so here’s a thought, maybe he felt he couldn’t sit idle whilst he could act. The amount of fuss over this is ridiculous. The man protested, he is free to. You may not like it, you are also free to. The fact that you don’t doesn’t make the protest wrong.

Will just side step the subject of the protest, or we will be here all day.
Got that off my chest.

Now I have pissed off a lot of people, remember this….

We live in a world of wonders, all we have to do is work out how to live together on it.


Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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