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What I have Enjoyed Wednesday 2

Hello there internet people.

After a disastrous end to last week and last couple of days doing it’s best to match it, I’ve found it very difficult. I’ve struggled to sleep properly, to maintain a positive mindset and my temperament has been strained.

So what to do? Rail about work, complain about the start of the school year? Or grumble about how tough I am finding it at the moment? Nah, that’s not really going to help, so I am going to get positive all over this shit.

So positives:

My boy SuperSam turned 8, I have been a dad for 8 years. It’s been a bit of wild ride, full of tears, joys and memories to treasure.

My writing project on TV programs (More on that story later) continues apace and am at this point, 25% done before I have published a single post. Which is positive.

Speaking of writing. I have gone back to My Marvel Life and have two post published in the same week. I have also reopened Page of Apocalypse and am going back to have a new post on each one per week. I am enjoying doing that again and am enjoying it.

Whilst things have been tense, I have had as always in my corner the MIGHTY Rosie. My favourite person, my best friend and the person who can make me laugh, even if, especially if I don’t want to. Just last night, she found loads of YouTube videos of Never Mind the Buzzcocks and we both spent an hour or more laughing our heads off, it was certainly needed and reminded us both how good that show was.

In more geeky circles, have finished re-reading the History of Marvel Comics by Sean Howe which was both interesting and slightly depressing. You want to know how the sausage is made, right up until you find out how the sausage is made.

Have just finished the first season of Vampire Diaries, which is something of an overlooked gem, in that it is better than it has any right to be, its not high art, but better than I expected.

I am also at the start of season 3 of the excellent Community, which has led to a lot of laughs and quoting. “Troy and Abed in the morning!” and so on.

Outside of all that, spent the evening at the prom, all grass and river-side views with the family and it was lovely.

The point of all this? No matter how your day , your week, your month or even your year is going, you can always turn it around. We are mightier than the things that beset us. In the shittiest of days, I have found reasons to smile and so reasons to keep going.

There’s a better day than this, we just have to go seize it.

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Feelings on a Friday 38: Weathering the continuing Storm

Hello there internet people.

Been a while since I wrote one of the posts, it was last year in fact. The year has been a long slog of increasingly frustrating circumstances, punctuated by lovely moments and reasons for hope. It has been one of the hardest years work-wise in a long time and I will be honest, it’s been rough.

Outside of work, there’s been medical worries across the family, our recent addition to the family unit (Wilma the WTF Dog) has had a rough go of it, to the extent that the vets know us by sight now. The vets however have been lovely, so there’s that. Our recent trials seem to be levelling off, only fueling the belief that more shit is coming down the pipeline. What next?!? Has been the family response to almost all news we have received. It’s been a rough year and we’re not done yet.

So why post now? What prompts this little bit of time-wastage? Well I’ll tell you. I’m still here. With trips to A&E for both boy and dog as well as the MIGHTY Rosie and a dozen other things besides, I have stayed upright. There is a version of me, from not too long ago that would have buckled under all this. There’s a me that would have retreated into myself, or reacted very differently. There is that version of me, but I am not that version. At least not anymore.

I have weathered much of the storm of this year and it has been and continues to be hard. I have had moments of worry and stress that have moved towards the anxiety and panic attacks of old, but I have done alright. My son was at A&E (SuperSam is fine, but not the best day I can remember) and I was able to cope. There was a crisis with the dog (again, long story short she is also okay) but I was not only able to cope, but be the calm voice that kept my boy from freaking out. Both times I had used the phrase “It’s not okay now, but it is going to be okay.” That’s a bit of a platitude and those that know me know where I get that habit. But it was truly what I believed and truly what ended up being factual.

It’s not okay right now, but it is going to be okay.

I think I just became and optimist. When did that happen?

Maybe it was at the point where I stopped trying to survive and tried to live. Surviving isn’t enough, you have to live and that it what I want. I want to think well of myself, live in a nice place, do nice things with my family and write for pleasure, not to clear the demons out of my head. I want these things for me, I want them for the people I love, hell I suppose I want them for everyone. So how do I get them? What steps to I need to take?

I don’t know all those steps, I suppose like most people, I make things up as I go along. Fortunately for me, the MIGHTY Rosie and I are King and Queen of plan B.

This year has been hard on multiple levels and the strife isn’t over yet, but I will not give up, nor will I lose hope.

It’s going to be okay. For many of us it isn’t, but it will be. It will be better than this, we might just have to fight tooth and nail to get there.

I have been fighting for 5 years and more and I am done yet.

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Champions of S.H.I.E.L.D. part 5

There are spoilers, since the series hasn’t finished that long ago here in Blighty.























Agent Phil Coulson – Clark Gregg

Agent Melinda May –  Ming Na Wen

Agent Leopold Fitz   – Ian De Caestecker

Agent Gemma Simmons–  Elizabeth Henstridge

Daisy ‘Quake’ Johnson  –  Chloe Bennett

Alfonso ‘Mack’ MacKenzie –Henry Simmons

Elena ‘Yo-Yo’ Rodrigues – Natalia Cordova

Zeke Shaw                      – Jeff Ward

Recurring Cast:

Grant Ward –Catherine Dent

Glen Talbot – Adrian Pasdar

Enoch         –  Joel Stoffer

Cassius       –  Dominic Rains

Ruby Hale   –  Dove Cameron

Overview: Having done the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D. in season one, it’s resurrection in two, the Inhumans in three, magic, robots and Hydra in four, there wasn’t much that the show hadn’t looked at in the Marvel Universe, with two exceptions, space and the future, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when they did it in season five. Back to being a rag-tag group of scrappy underdogs, the team found themselves in a space-station run by the oppressive Kree, who were mining the place for Inhumans to be used as weapons or slaves. The team arrives on the station thanks to one of the monoliths, last used in season three to transport people to Maveth. This one seemed only to take people 70 years into the future and it’s not a rosy one. Earth was destroyed shortly after they left and they are in an old S.H.I.E.L.D. lighthouse facility, which was part of the remains of Earth’s carcass. So we are dealing with ideas of predestination, paradox, aliens and the aftermath of the Framework and it’s lingering effects.

Initial Status Quo: Episodes 1-10 The team are in the future, the Kree are in charge, Inhumans are currency and the only hope for the team is the help of Zeke (a local to that time who is cynical to the point of sci-fi trope) and the less than coherent visions of Robin, an old woman where the team are and a little girl in the past. The team have to do whatever good they can, as well as find some way to return to their own time and maybe, prevent the destruction of the Earth.

Twist: They soon learn that not only is S.H.I.E.L.D. blamed for the Earth’s fate, but in the time they are in they had already returned home and failed to prevent it, they are in a time-loop, proved by YoYo’s existence in the future, killed and resurrected by the Kree with her arms missing and her life filled with pain and regret. They get home, now once more fugitives in an old S.H.I.E.L.D. base (the same Lighthouse from the future) determined to prevent the future they witnessed

Second Status Quo: Episodes 11-20 The team return with Zeke and start to piece together how the Earth is broken up and deal with a gravitational anomaly in the basement.

Twist 2: After hosting the Ghost Rider, Coulson is dying and the day the team come back, YoYo is maimed, losing her arms, just like her future self had done and the team have to do with the last remnants of Hydra, as well as a Coalition of alien races, including the Kree.

Twist 3: Zeke Shaw is the Grandson of Fitz and Simmons, who are married as they return.

Finale: Episodes 21-22 The team reach the point where the Earth is lost, but it’s not S.H.I.E.L.D. that will do it, it’s Graviton, the mix of the Gravitonium from season one and Glenn Talbot, who is ready to power up and save the world from the threat that the Coalition fears, the mad Titan Thanos. But Thanos isn’t the problem, Graviton is and the team has to face their former friend to literally save the world, knowing that every time this has been done, they have failed and not all of them make it out alive.

Overall: This is where you could end the series, everyone gets an arc, from Coulson accepting his fate, to everyone else trying to save him. Melinda goes from being the coldest of warriors to embracing her love for Coulson and the idea that in the future she would be Robin’s mum. Simmons and Mack only become more themselves, while YoYo strays and Fitz comes to the realisation that he is still the villain he was in the Framework, not the hero that Simmons sees him as. Even Quake and Zeke go from hostile to friends as Zeke realises he loves her, almost as much as he loves living in the green and pleasant land that is the past. It’s the strongest the series has been in regards to characterisation and still keeps the action and sci-fi flavour strong with returns from the Absorbing Man, Deathlok and Lance Hunter as well as new characters like the Kree, the Remoraks, Enoch and Noah and Flint. If this is where the series ended, that would have been a strong way to go, but it looks like ratings were strong enough to give it one more go, but we don’t get a teaser for the new series. The second life of Philip J Coulson was a five year romp through the side streets of the Marvel Universe and am glad this seeming end of his personal journey was so much fun to walk through.

Stand out Episodes:

Orientation: A cynical and almost beaten team (less Fitz) arrive in a desolate future, the odds are against them and there are many unknown dangers.

Rewind: We learn what happened to Fitz as he and Lance Hunter attempt a prison break and 75 year rescue mission.

The Real Deal: Coulson faces the idea that the whole series is just his mind coping with his death at the hands of Loki as he lies bleeding on the operating table. It’s believe that, or believe all the stuff that’s happened to him since then. Then Deathlok arrives and the series gets to episode 100.

Rise and Shine: General Hale’s life is shown to us as she realises that she isn’t going to be able to save the world on her own.

The End: Graviton is ready to save the world, he might just destroy the whole planet to do it as the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. make a desperate attempt to stop him and save lives, not all of them make it out of there alive.

Next Time: I have no idea, the only original cast members left are Simmons and Quake and who knows what the deal with S.H.I.E.L.D. is anymore.


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House Keeping

Just to say that might be a bigger than usual gap before my next post.

I don’t know what I am going to do with the blog, for a number of reasons. It’s not going, but there are going to be a few changes.

The first is that the Trivial Calender posts may go the way of the dodo. The idea of daily posts was mainly to give me something to write every day. This was a mental health decision and when I made it in December, it was a good one. Now it’s become a chore for me to do and for the few who see it to read, so I’m going to try a little something else with that.

Am on Instagram as @keith_munky76 , which is where I’ll be putting the daily stuff.

As  for everything else, I will be doing something of a clear out at some point, but will give it a week or so before I do anything.

In the meantime any suggestions are always welcome.

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Last Week’s Comics 6

Settle in boys and girls, this was a bigger week.
















Avengers 5

Marvel comics: Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness

Loki teaches history as the Avengers get ready for a celestial smackdown.

What I liked: More action, exciting visuals and a knock down, drag out on the way.

What I didn’t: Nothing, this is solid old school Avenger-ing

Overall: Now  this is more like it 4/5

Cable 159

Marvel comics: Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson on words, German Peralta on art

The origin of Metus concludes as we learn the secret Cable has kept since he was a child.

What I liked: The story comes to a satisfying conclusion with a look at Nathan’s early past.

What I didn’t: Choppy art and mismatched pacing killing my interest in this story.

Overall: I have heard that this title is on it’s way out, not surprised or saddened by that. 2/5

Infinity Countdown 5


Marvel comics: Gerry Duggan on words, Aaron Kuder and Mike Hawthorne on art

The countdown reaches it’s end and the Infinity Gems are now in play.

What I liked: That this series has ended.

What I didn’t: That I bought this and the previous countdown issues.

Overall: Tell me what the point of that was? 1/5

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers  29

Boom Studios: Kyle Higgins and Nicole DiNucolo

An army of Rangers descend to battle Darkkon and rescue his prisoners and the morphing grid itself.

What I liked: Solid characterisation as a climatic ending is built towards.

What I didn’t: Still not too much going on, this story is a bit flabby in the middle.

Overall: Solid if a little underwhelming 3/5

Runaways 11

Marvel comics: Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka

Gertie struggles with being in the present as Victor prefers being just a head and Doombot shows respect and compassion.

What I liked: Nice bit of after big story character work, everyone feels a bit more real that in a lot of other comics.

What I didn’t: It’s another action light issue, interested in seeing more stuff happen perhaps?

Overall: This is a series that needs a bit of direction, or at least to show it’s direction to the readers. 3/5

Thor 3

Marvel comics: Jason Aaron and Mike DelMundo

A war, a wedding, a funeral and a surprise guest.

What I liked: Game of Thrones flavoured action and a soap opera level ending.

What I didn’t: It’s still the art, am struggling with it more each issue.

Overall: Fun and action in equal measure 3/5

The WildStorm 15

DC comics: Warren Ellis and Jon Davis

Slayton continues his killing spree as IO and Skywatch ready themselves for open war.

What I liked: Solid episodic issue and tons of old WildStorm easter eggs.

What I didn’t: Still feels like it’s written for the trade.

Overall: Am so glad to see this series and am loving each issue 4/5

X-Men Gold 32

Marvel comics: Marc Guggenheim and Pere Perez

Rachel in a hallucinating state takes on the X-Men, it doesn’t go well.

What I liked: Finally we are getting away from the wedding and finish off the Mesmero subplot with some action.

What I didn’t: Not much, most of my dislikes are minor things.

Overall: Back to a comic worth reading again 4/5

Comic of the Week X-Men Red 6

Marvel comics: Tom Taylor and Carmen Camera

Cassandra Nova continues to gain the upper hand in her war against Jean Grey’s mission of peace.

What I liked: The X-Men are up against it. Hate is the true enemy. The stakes are only getting higher. This is the X-Men as it should be.

What I didn’t: Not a damn thing.

Overall: X-Men comics that feel like X-Men 5/5


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Championing the Overlooked: The Shannara Chronicles

There are few TV programs that I watch alone. Anything kid-friendly I watch with SuperSam and most of the rest with the MIGHTY Rosie. The MIGHTY Rosie is fairly geek-friendly. I often refer to her as being geek-adjacent. There are a few things that turns her cold, one is horror and the other is high-fantasy. When we tried the first episode of this a couple of years ago, my wife wasn’t particularly enthused, so we moved on and found something else. On a night where I couldn’t sleep, I gave the series a second go. Damn I enjoyed it second time round.

Most high fantasy (elves, trolls, magic and stuff) is either set in an age undreamed of, or a parallel world of some kind, Shannarah Chronicles is set somewhere else, the future. Here the elves, gnomes and trolls are off-shoots of  humanity who arose after some sort of ill-defined cataclysm. Throughout the series we often see pieces of architecture and machinery of the old world and it’s not really looked at, becoming more of a backdrop, than a plot point. The world ended, we don’t know how, but that’s not what the story is about and that’s fascinating to me.

The story is about a half elf/half human called Will Ohlmsford who is training to be a healer, just not far enough along to save his mother. He was raised in a human settlement called Shady Vale and leaves, after his mother’s funeral and being given his father’s elf-stones and heads off to make his way in the world. Across the country in the elven city of Arborlon the princess Amberle is trying to be the first girl to join the Chosen, a sect of her people who preserve the mystical tree the Elcrys. The first time the princess touches it, it shows her in visions that demons are trying to return to the Earth. Add in a human thief and the last of the mystical druids and we have ourselves a quest as the disparate players are brought together as war and destiny give them no choice.

It’s not a perfect show, there is a massive lean towards teen melodrama and fan service, but there’s not much like this on TV. The cast is a nice mix of newcomers and a few familiar faces such as Arrow’s Manu Bennett as the druid Allanon and John Rhys Davies as King Evantine who are old hands at making this bizarreness sound plausible. The action sequences are decent enough in a CW kind of way, there are serious stakes and no one in the show is particularly safe. The 2 seasons I did get to see each had their own distinct story, that still fed one into the other and it was particularly sad that this series isn’t getting a 3rd try.

I quite liked the series for what it was, a bit of weekend fluff and am glad I could find it on Netflix.

Ttfn internet people, work beckons.

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Last Week’s Comics 5

Smaller week this time thankfully.














Domino 4

Marvel Comics : written by Gail Simon, art by David Baldeon

Domino studies under Shang Chi, master of kung fu, just not as under him as she wants.

What I liked: Slick story, clever dialogue and a little bit fun.

What I didn’t: Less than enthused by the villain and the pacing.

Overall 3 / 5 Not bad, but waiting for great.


Marvel Comics : written by Saladin Ahmed, pencils by Javier Rodriguez

The Exiles bring their first story to an explosive climax.

What I liked: It was a fun and exciting finale with stakes and heart.

What I didn’t: Less than original, unsure what the series will be from here.

Overall 4/5 Fun comics are good comics.

Hawkman 2

DC Comics: written by Robert Venditti, art by Brian Hitch

Hawkman continues to search for clues to his many histories and the oncoming threat.

What I liked: More history, more Hawkmen and it all looks beautiful.

What I didn’t: Still needs better pacing and more info on this new threat.

X-Men Blue 31

Marvel Comics: written by Cullen Bunny and art by Jorge Molina

The X-Men realise that Magneto might go too far and go after him. Too far? Surely not, him being so reserved and such.

What I liked: Finally some plot and we get the X-Men after Magneto but with a bloodier edge than before.

What I didn’t: Still not loving the art, sorry.

Overall: 4/5 Back on track and highly enjoyable.

Comic of the week: Superman 1

DC Comics: written by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Joe Prado

A return to form as Superman battles monsters, loneliness, temptation and the Phantom Zone

What I liked: From the pages of Man of Steel,we get the next chapter and it’s a good one. Art and words work well together and Bendis does have something to say.

What I didn’t: Again, nothing this was a really good comic.

Overall 5/5 More of this sort of thing please.

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Last Week’s Comics 4

Another good week.

















Astonishing X-Men 13

Marvel Comics: written by Matthew Rosenberg, pencils by Greg Land.

Disgraced Avenger and X-Man Havok tries to do good again, getting involved with Beast’s drama and the Reavers.

What I liked: I liked the team set out on the cover, am also a fan of Havok and it’s all questions at this point.

What I didn’t: Not a fan of Greg Land, none of his faces are consistent or particularly on model and the bashing of Havok is overdone here.

Overall: 3/5 a decent start if nothing else.

Avengers 4

Marvel Comics: written by Jason Aaron and art by Ed McGuiness

Thor and Hulk head to Asgard to find out what Odin knows and find a way to stop the Celestial.

What I liked: More pieces fall into place and story is starting to take shape.

What I didn’t: It still hasn’t had the moment that pulls me into it completely.

Overall: A bit greatest hits, but enjoying the Avengers again.

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider 21

Marvel Comics: written by Peter David with Will Sliney on art.

One Scarlet Spider battles a Mindless One whilst the other takes on Sauron with a child’s life at stake in each battle.

Go Go Power Rangers 11

Boom studios: Written by Ryan Parrott, illustrated by Dan Mora.

with be

Future Kimberly battles the team and the threat of Darkkon grows ever greater.

What I liked: Familiar characters with better writing and a crossover in two different eras as tight as any the big two are doing.

What I didn’t: Still no end to Shattered Grid in sight, some part xx of xx would have been nice.

Overall: 3/5 Still better than a power rangers series has any business being.

Infinity Countdown Champions: 2

Marvel Comics: written by Jim Zub with art by Emilio Laiso

The Champions battle for the Chitauri against the Chitauri.

What I liked: High action and quippy writing.

What I didn’t: It feels a little soulless and unnecessary to the overall event.

Overall: 2 out of 5, still a little disappointing.

Justice League 3

DC Comics: Written by Scott Snyder with art by Jorge Jimenez

The Justice League faces the Ultraviolet Lantern as the scale of the problem increases dramatically.

What I liked: More background on Sinestro and some Source Wall shenanigans.

What I didn’t: It’s rising action, but after all the exposition I am still not feeling the tension.

Overall: I want to like this better than I do 2/5.

X-Men Gold 31

Marvel Comics: written by Marc Guggenheim, art by Pere Perez

In the aftermath of the wedding, Mesmero starts manipulating Rachel Summers.

What I liked: That we are not still doing the wedding story.

What I didn’t: Rachel has had too little characterisation for this to work so well.

Overall: 4/5 Optimistic start.

Comic of the Week: Man of Steel 6

DC Comics: written by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Jason Fabok.

The climax to the battle with Rogon Zaar.

What I liked: Solid writing and clean and eye pleasing art by Fabok lead to a story that holds together and makes me eager to see what’s next.

What I didn’t: Nothing

Overall 5/5 Bendis proves some of the haters wrong, including me to be honest.

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For the Love of Comics: The loss of a titan

Found out that Steve Ditko passed away at 90 years of age. One of the trinity of silver age marvel along with the late Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, Ditko was a massive part of comics history. The man who defined the look, feel and much of the plotting of the first few years of Amazing Spider-Man, he was a legend of the time, having a  distinct style which was uniquely his. His work on Spider-Man and Doctor Strange were iconic and much of the characters he came up with, still are used today, with only small cosmetic changes to them.

I don’t have some story to tell, how Spider-Man or Doctor Strange comics changed my life, but I have recently been re-reading some early Spider-Man stories, some even last night and it makes his loss somewhat sadder. To his friends or family, he’s gone, but for the millions of comic fans who adored his work, his legacy is immortal.

Good journey Mr Ditko and thankyou for all you gave to us.


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Last Week’s Comics 3

3 for 3 internet people. Kind of enjoying this.


Cyberforce 4

Image Comics: Written by Bryan Hill & Matt Hawkins with art by Artilo Rojo

The Aphrodite from the future alongside Killjoy, attacks Stryker, his daughter and the present day Aphrodite.

What I liked: It’s beautiful to look at and there are some lovely father daughter moments here too.

What I didn’t: There isn’t anything really new here, or in fact any fun.

Overall: 2 out of 5, I think I’ve just dropped this comic.

Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk 3

Marvel Comics: Written by Chris Sims & Chad Bowers with art by Gang Lim

Darkhawk learns more about his true power and pulls himself back towards life to take the fight to Talonar.

What I liked: This was the end of act 2, with the hero ready to take the bad guy down, it felt triumphant and I am genuinely looking forward to the end of this mini, for good reasons.

What I didn’t: It feels a bit trite and trope heavy here and the art remains lacklustre.

Overall: 3 out of 5

Man of Steel 5

DC Comics: Written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencils by Adam Hughes

Rogol Zaar and Superman battle, inter-cut with family drama and secondary characters, before Earth faces the same fate as Krypton.

What I liked: Bendis does seem have found his voice for Superman. He’s strong, but thoughtful, preferring to reason, but ready and able to fight when needed. It feels like Superman, I am ready for the Bendis era, if this is what we are going to get.

What I didn’t: Jason Fabok and Alex Sinclair on inks aren’t a great fit for Hughes and the colours and shading make the unsightliness worse.

Overall: 4 out of 5

Multiple Man 1

Marvel Comics: Written by Matt Rosenberg with art by Andy MacDonald

There’s a surviving dupe of Jamie Madroz, but he’s dying. But it’s Multiple Man, so it’s a little more complicated than that.

What I liked: Zany, manic and fun writing in a story that by design makes little sense. It kind of feels like coming home.

What I didn’t: Well it’s not Peter David, so them is some big-assed shoes to fill.

Overall: 4 out of 5.

Thor 2

Marvel Comics: Written by Jason Aaron, art by Mike DelMundo

Thor and Loki arrive in Niffleheim, maeeting with Tyr, Karnilla, Balder the Brave and Skurge. As they are all there, the battle for Hel’s throne heats up.

What I liked: A bit of a breather here as the sons of Odin catch up. Some history is looked at, Thori the hound goes a murdering, Skurge moons over the Enchantress and Thor gets back to being a fantastic heroic epic. I really liked this.

What I didn’t:  Still not loving Mike DelMundo’s art and I miss Mjolnir.

Overall: 4/5

I was on the fence, but am sticking with this title now.

X-Men Blue 30

Marvel Comics: Written by Cullen Bunn, art by Nathan Stockman

The sons of Wolverine clash as I realise that I probably should have read Venomised.

What I liked: Someone is trying to do something with Daken and I am enjoying the X-Men Blue team being back in the title more. It’s a lot of talking, but it seems to be going somewhere.

What I didn’t: To be honest, felt a bit lost without reading the Venomised series, so did get a WTF is happening feeling about the comic.

Overall: 3/5

C’mon X-Men Blue, you’re betting than this.

Comic of the Week: Marvel Two in One 7

Marvel Comics: Written by Chip Zdarsky, art by Ramon Perez

Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, Rachina and Victor Von Doom arrive on a new Battleworld, where bizarre battles and harsh truths abound.

What I liked: Am enjoying the dialogue, the banter and the sense of fun that permeates this book. It feels in the spirit of the Two in One of old and something of primer for a returning Fantastic Four.

What I didn’t: I think I have lost out missing the recent Annual.

Overall: 5 out of 5

Solid, well written fun.