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Trivial Calender June 19th

Quiz Time and it’s Thanos related.


You know what, am sick of this. The infinity gauntlet as it was originally done was just the glove that Thanos was wearing as he got the final gems. The whole special glove thing is just silly, if you give it any thought.

Answers another time

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Trivial Calender June 18th


Never been a big one for Doctor Strange as hero in his own right (despite how much I enjoyed the recent Doctor Strange film) but those early stories exploded with wonder, bizarre ideas and a set of psychedelic visuals that nothing else on the printed page matched. Ditko is often lauded for his work on Amazing Spider-Man, but it’s his work on Doctor Strange that deserves the most credit, because it was revolutionary and still is.

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Last Weeks Comics: 1

Trying something, maybe it’ll take.

Spoilers, since these are quite recent.



Domino 3

Marvel Comics: Written by Gail Simone with art by David Balderon and Anthony Piper


Continuing the war between Domino and the mysterious Topaz.

What I liked: Gail Simone is always worth reading and here she fleshes out Domino very well. She showcases new depth to the character, without contradicting anything that came before.

What I didn’t: Just not a fan of Diamondback, that’s the only negative that I have.

Overall 4/5

Exiles 4


Marvel: Written by Saladin Ahmed and pencilled by Javier Rodrigues


The cross-reality motley crew end up in the pirate era, bumping into the Thing from the Silver Age story in Fantastic Four 5, only this Thing stayed as Blackbeard the Pirate and now wages war on the slave trade alongside other Marvel analogues.

What I liked: Again this is a fun issue, swashbuckling, romance, high spirits and a look at an old FF story with a Thing that is very much at home here. There’s a lot to enjoy.

What I didn’t: Really not taking to the ‘Wolvie’ character, or to be honest Iron Lad either. It’s taken a while to get back to the plot, which has given the series some disjointed pacing.

Overall 3/5

Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk 2


Marvel Comics: Written by Chris Simms and Chad Bowers with Gang Huyk Limon on Art.


Shameless add-on mini to a lacklustre event. Darkhawk heads into space and it goes badly.

What I liked: Simms and Bowers do their best with what they have been given, which isn’t much. The art is decent and it’s positive that after the false start reboot from War of Kings that Darkhawk is getting another (fourth?) chance.

What I didn’t: It’s all a bit mediocre and after a strong start I don’t really care much for the Fraternity of Raptor’s concept and it’s inclusion in this mess of an event isn’t filling me with hope.

Overall 3/5

Man of Steel 3


DC Comics: Written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencils by Ryan Sook:


30 years ago, DC got one of Marvel’s biggest creators across to reboot Superman in a series called Man of Steel. 30 years ago? Or last month? The Fortress of Solitude is destroyed, buildins are being torched in Metropolis and the man who destroyed Krypton is heading towards Earth.

What I liked: This comic plays to Bendis’s strengths of character and dialogue. The new concepts are handled in a way that doesn’t make me feel like the old fan railing against the new stuff.

What I didn’t: The rotating art team thing is destroying any consistent visual sense of the story, which is a little jarring and doesn’t allow for the formation of a creative partnership that can turn a good title into a great one.

Overall 4/5

Thor 1

Marvel Comics: Written by Jason Aaron with art by Mike Del Mundo and Christian Ward.


Asgard is in ruins, it’s treasures scattered across the 9 realms and there’s a war between those realms waging ever more fierce, we’re going to need a lot of hammers.

What I liked: Jason Aaron starts off another new era for Thor and brings Odinson back to the lead role. There’s intrigue, family squabbles and I feel there’s an epic coming along here.

What I didn’t: The art isn’t doing it for me and though this is an issue 1, I do feel quite lost, but these are small problems in the grand scheme.

Overall 3/5

Witchblade 6

Iage comics: Written by Caintlin Kitteridge with art by Roberta Ingranta


Alex’s battle with her demons both inner and  outer come to a head as this first arc comes to an end.

What I liked: This new non-t&a version of Witchblade is interesting, there’s a horror element to it and it feels like the netflix show that your friends keep telling you to watch. The dialogue is punchy and the art is cartoony, but with good story progression and it’s own distinctive look.

What I didn’t: It’s slow paced and it feels like very little has actually happened and the visuals don’t really live up to the story that could be being told here. It’s something of a damp squib, where it should be dynamite.

Overall 2/5

X-Men Blue 29

Marvel Comics: Written by Cullen Bunn and pencilled by Nathan Stockman


The Blue team return to Earth and try to find Jimmy Hudson, now possessed by one of the Poisons.

What I liked: The art was good, the background characters feeling more real than in other comics in this run. It’s nice having the title characters back in the title and there was a good final page reveal.

Not having read the last Venom related mini-series I was a bit lost, feeling like I had missed an issue and wasn’t pleased to see  symbiote related shenannigans still infesting this book.

Overall 3 out of 5

Comic of the Week: Hawkman 1

DC Comics, written by Robert Venditti with pencils by Bryan Hitch


In the aftermath of METAL, Carter Hall tries to find all the clues to his past, all of it, all the lives he has lived that he knows about and the plethora that he doesn’t.

What I liked: Part Vultan from Flash Gordon, part Highlander, part Conan and part Indiana Jones, I have always had something of a soft spot for Hawkman. A good first issue will give you some background on the character, some insight on the new direction and whet your appetite for this new series and in this, Hawkman 1 delivers. Venditti has a handle on this version on Carter, world weary, cultured and always searching. This is a man ready to dig and gently open a mystery, just as easily as he will pick up a mace and attack with the force of a tank. It’s matched well by a seasoned and polished Bryan Hitch, who offers wide-screen action set against beautiful backdrops and quiet character moments. This is not a Hawkman I have read before, but it is one that I want to read more about. The idea that this series will look at Hawkmen from dozens of times and worlds is fascinating and makes me want to read the next issue right now. That is another thing a first issue should do, it should make you impatient.

What I didn’t: Not a damn thing.

Overall 5/5

DC Races back into my good graces with some excellent comics this month and am curious to see what next week brings.

I don’t know if I will do more like this soon, but it was nice writing about comics again.







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Trivial Calender June 15th

The weekend starts with creators and it’s a another recent one.

The successor to Brian Michael Bendis’ throne as Marvel’s star writer, Aaron has a huge body of work already done and his Thor run can be considered alongside Simonson’s in accla and quality.

One of my favourite works of his was the Thanos Rising series from a few years back, which is something of an overlooked gem.

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Trivial Calender June 14th

The Speed Force is a bit of a necessary retcon, a way to explain the amount of running the Flash does, but not have him eating 30 times his body weight in food.

It’s also led to some great stories and thats what a good retcon should do, add to the mythos without changing too much.

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Trivial Calender June 11th

When a comic with 4 words can be referred to simply by one of them, that tells you how iconic it is. Crisis is a comic I came to years after this, but it had an impact.

But this is the thing, Crisis wasn’t the first of the event comics of it’s kind. It’s the best of that era, by a long way. But it wasn’t the first. The first was the original Secret Wars. Crisis followed that idea and exploded it. Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 is something of a powerhouse of a first issue with a collection of heroes from different times and worlds and places them at the centre of universe shaking events, none of these are the heroes you would expect. This was beautifully drawn and written exceptionally well for the time.

Kind of makes me want to re-read the hardback of it I got recently.

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Trivial Calender June 9th/10th

Quotes for the weekend and there’s a lot of truth to this.

Jodi Picoult is mostly a prose (well proper) writer, but did a brief but interesting run on Wonder Woman in the post Infinite Crisis pre-Flashpoint era.

She’s right though, whether from loneliness, sadness, or poverty, creators and fans of super heroes are often in need of rescue. I was, won’t deny that.