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D-Cember 13th – Unlucky for Some

30 Day Challenge Question 13 – Least Favourite Character

There will be haters here, but it’s Batman

Now bear with me. This is not because I haven’t read good Batman stories (because I have) nor is it because I haven’t enjoyed other media with him in (because once again, I have) and it’s not that there’s anything wrong with the character. But here’s the problem…….. he’s everywhere.

We are oversaturated with Batman, from multiple ongoing series and his omnipresence in anything DC to his near omnipotent portrayal some stories. When used more sparingly, Batman is a cracking character that enhances my stories he is in, but lets be honest, there’s too much.


Super Sam’s answer

Lex Luthor.

He thinks he’s so great, but he isn’t.

That’s as succinct a description of that character as I have ever heard.

Other Stuff

It’s Christmas jumper day here, prizes and discomfort abound, but it does make a tough day feel a little more christmassy.

Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, hope you’re doing okay during this time of year. It can be a bit of a double edged sword for some people.

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Witches of East End: In which we learn, well I don’t know I learned anything here

Thursday and it’s time for the penultimate Pilot Era post of 2019

Pilot Era

First aired: 6th October 2013


Julia Ormond – Joanna Beauchamp

Jenna Dewan-Tatum – Freya Beauchamp

Rachel Boston – Ingrid Beauchamp

Madchen Amick  – Wendy Beauchamp

Virginia Madsen – Penelope Gardiner

Eric Winter- Dr Dashiel ‘Dash’ Gardiner

Daniel di Tomasso- Killian Gardiner

Jason George – Det. Adam Noble

Neil  Hopkins- Doug

Synopsis: At a  mansion, there is a party. In the grounds nearby, a woman carves a symbol into the ground, a couple walking their dog walk, see the woman whom they identify as Joanna Beauchamp, whose face changes and then there is screaming. Not too far away at a house, sisters Freya and Ingrid are getting ready for the party for Freya’s engagement to Dash Gardiner. They arrive late, along with their mother Joanna Beauchamp.

At the party, Dash’s mother insults Freya, Joanna and Dash talk about art and Ingrid gets awkward around off duty detective Adam Noble, both…

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D-Cember 12th – Wait, no sudden moves, he has jewellery

30 Day Challenge Question 12, favourite Weapon

What do you consider a weapon? A tool that you use in battle? Something that can only be used to kill? I went a bit conceptual and went for something a bit 4th world.

A cosmic smartphone. Predating actual smartphones by 30+ years, this could share information, heal bodies, connect people with the Source and even provide instantaneous transportation in and out of anywhere, as well as connecting to all sorts of machines. Mother box was something quite special and I can’t imagine that not being useful.

Super Sam’s answer

Green Lantern ring, because it can do anything.

I have to agree, but it’s a weird idea of a piece of jewellery being a weapon. I have a signet ring and I am not afraid to use it.

Other stuff

I am down to 6.5 more days in work. Cannot wait to be done with this year of work.



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D-Cember 11th – Secret Santa!

30 Day Challenge – Question 11: Favourite Super Power

This is the power that really sort of eclipses all others with it’s scope and versatility.

In the DCU, Superspeed covers running fast, running up walls, across water, through distance, through time, through solid objects many more things that openly laugh in the face of physics and common sense. The Flash could be considered the most powerful character in the DCU and has often been the linchpin in the Justice League saving the day.


Super Sam’s answer –

It’s superspeed, duh?


Other Stuff

It was secret santa day today at work. I handed over a calendar and christmas themed Rubik’s cube to a colleague and a different colleague got me this treasure trove.

Not a bad gift among them, have no idea who picked them, but it’s put a giggle in my morning if nothing else.

Hope you are all okay internet people, see you soon


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D-Cember 10th – Wardrobe

30 Day Challenge Question 10 – Favourite Costume

Valor. He’s been Mon-El, Lar Gand, M’Onel and Valor and has suffered the continuity nightmare that is Legion of Super Heroes’ history. I first encountered him in the 90’s after the Eclipso event and he had a solo series that started off with art by M.D. Bright. His costume was super-heroish, but made from different fabrics. We had tight-fitting black tee-shirt over a red boiler suit and a blue cape. There was also the gold discs holding the cape in place. It was a bit of an inversion of Superman’s colours and yet was his own look. I did like that series that was sacrificed in the name of Zero Hour and enjoyed seeing the guy show up elsewhere.

Super Sam’s answer

Wonder Woman

I didn’t ask anything else…

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D-Cember 9th – A look at the classics

30 Day Challenge Question 9 – Favourite Classic Character

Wasn’t much of a question for me

He’s a boxer in a cat suit, standing alongside a speedster, a Green Lantern, flying people and others with magic/super weapons and even an almost all powerful creature. But he stands alongside them nonetheless. He’s a trainer, a taskmaster and a good man to have in your corner and a bad one to have facing you. I like his blue-collar manner and straight forward way of talking. He gets to know everyone, but he does in it the ring, the place he knows best.


Super Sam’s answer

Hawkgirl, she’s a classic character? Right?


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D-Cember 8th – Look, up in the Sky

30 Day Challenge Question  8 – Favourite Movie

Well, despite my fondness for the 1989 Batman and my history with it.


It’s long, but never too long, it’s exciting, silly at times and lots of fun and at the core of it is Christopher Reeve’s era defining portrayal as both Superman and his disguise of Clark Kent. He made us all believe that a man could fly and when he left the role, he didn’t stop.

Super Sam’s answer

Batman 1966 and the picture below says why


Who can argue with that?


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D-Cember 7th – Creatures

30 Day Challenge

Again this is a topic that eludes my familiarity with the DCU.

A shape-shifting pet of Chameleon Boy, Proty is noteworthy for having sacrificed his life to bring Lightning Lad back from the dead. I like the idea of a shape-shifting pet. It’s a cat, it’s a fish it’s a dog and all sorts of others.

Super Sam’s answer

Titano, the giant ape.

“It’s a giant monkey, why is it a question?”

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D-Cember 6th – Lets get to work

30 Day Challenge: Question 6, favourite organisation

This was a tough one, my familiarity with the DCU is less than with Marvel and so many of the organisations there, Spyral, Checkmate etc are relative unknowns to me. But I enjoy the obviousness of the DEO.

Headed by Mr Bones, an old Infinity Inc villain, it’s basically the FBI for capes and is the kind of group that would exist. If superhumans showed up tomorrow, there’d be some official policy by day 2. I first read about them in the 90’s series Chase and they’ve been a fun background organisation ever since adding something to the DCU, even if that something is bureaucracy.

SuperSam’s Answer

Straight away answered “Green Lantern Corps.”

It’s full of great characters like Kilowog. That was all the reason I needed really.

Other Stuff

Christmas songs being sung before work and Christmas songs on the radio now that I am here. Things are getting Christmassy. Now with the weekend on fast approach and a lot of presents to buy, deccies to put up and a tree to sort out, I foresee a s**tload of stuff to get done this weekend and to be honest, I cannot wait.

Seasons greetings to you all.




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D-Cember 5th – Grim Weather

30 Day Challenge Question 5 – Favourite Team

The team that I most look forward to seeing DC-wise is the Legion of Super Heroes

I first remember seeing them in the background of stuff and they had a new title in the 90’s called Legionnaires, but I started reading at Zero Hour, when the series was rebooted back in 1994. This ground-up rebuilt and reboot was accessible and fun, possessing all kinds of soap-opera goodness and tense action, whilst still being fairly friendly to the new reader. I have since read much of the original, the 5 years later version, the threeboot and the newer version that was released last month. It’s fun super-heroics in the future, I don’t see how that could go wrong? It has a large cast and as a result, everyone can have a favourite.

Super Sam’s answer

This is a one off team from the Justice League episode Legends. It’s the Justice Guild of America

The Streak, Tom Turbine, Green Guardsman, Black Siren and Catman are a clear pastiche on the Justice Society of America, homaging The Flash, Golden Age Superman, Green Lantern, Black Canary and Batman in such an obvious way. Sam enjoyed the characters and how much fun they seemed to be. Best reason I can think of.

Other Stuff

With the initial excitement over Christmas out there, I can feel it ebbing and we’re back to the cold and the grey of winter. It’s dark when you get up and dark when you are coming home. But with the morning walk with the dog showing such glorious skies, it’s worth remembering that if we are looking for the light, we may need to look to ourselves and one another.


Ttfn Internet people, see you tomorrow.