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What I have Enjoyed Wednesday 2

Hello there internet people.

After a disastrous end to last week and last couple of days doing it’s best to match it, I’ve found it very difficult. I’ve struggled to sleep properly, to maintain a positive mindset and my temperament has been strained.

So what to do? Rail about work, complain about the start of the school year? Or grumble about how tough I am finding it at the moment? Nah, that’s not really going to help, so I am going to get positive all over this shit.

So positives:

My boy SuperSam turned 8, I have been a dad for 8 years. It’s been a bit of wild ride, full of tears, joys and memories to treasure.

My writing project on TV programs (More on that story later) continues apace and am at this point, 25% done before I have published a single post. Which is positive.

Speaking of writing. I have gone back to My Marvel Life and have two post published in the same week. I have also reopened Page of Apocalypse and am going back to have a new post on each one per week. I am enjoying doing that again and am enjoying it.

Whilst things have been tense, I have had as always in my corner the MIGHTY Rosie. My favourite person, my best friend and the person who can make me laugh, even if, especially if I don’t want to. Just last night, she found loads of YouTube videos of Never Mind the Buzzcocks and we both spent an hour or more laughing our heads off, it was certainly needed and reminded us both how good that show was.

In more geeky circles, have finished re-reading the History of Marvel Comics by Sean Howe which was both interesting and slightly depressing. You want to know how the sausage is made, right up until you find out how the sausage is made.

Have just finished the first season of Vampire Diaries, which is something of an overlooked gem, in that it is better than it has any right to be, its not high art, but better than I expected.

I am also at the start of season 3 of the excellent Community, which has led to a lot of laughs and quoting. “Troy and Abed in the morning!” and so on.

Outside of all that, spent the evening at the prom, all grass and river-side views with the family and it was lovely.

The point of all this? No matter how your day , your week, your month or even your year is going, you can always turn it around. We are mightier than the things that beset us. In the shittiest of days, I have found reasons to smile and so reasons to keep going.

There’s a better day than this, we just have to go seize it.