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Feelings on a Friday 16a: I need this blog to a bit more silly and a lot more geeky

Happy humpday internet people.

Having ranted like a troll yesterday, wanted to be a more light-hearted munky today. Saw this on twitter and have decided to put this on here, because it’s my blog and I felt like it.


I am aware that it says 30 day, but once I looked, started answering the question.

1: First Superhero you saw.

First I remember were the X-Men

2: Fave Superhero show.

Justice League Unlimited

3: Fave Superhero Movie.

I go back and forth, but currently, Deadpool

4:Fave Superhero Movie.

Always been a Marvel guy.

5: Fave Superhero (Male)

Hard to beat Superman

6: Fave Superhero (Female)

Squirrel Girl

7: Fave Superhero Comic

All time? X-Men

Currently? Action Comics

8: Superhero Crush

Powergirl (What? I’m a boob-man)

9: Best Supervillain.

Doctor Doom

10: Fave Superhero couple

Abigail Brand and the Beast

11: Saddest Superhero Scene

Loss of Kitty Pryde (Giant Size Astonising X-Men)

12: Superhero I am most similar too

Sadly Cyclops

13: Fave Superhero Power


14: Fave Sidekick

Kid Flash

15: Fave Superpower

Shapeshifting: Imagine the possibilities

16: Fave Superhero Team

The original Guardians of the Galaxy

17: Most Epic Fight Scene


The last stand at Gjallerbru

18: Fave Male Supporting Character

To Quote Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men “Super Doctor Astronaut, Peter Corbeau!”

19: Fave Female Supporting Character

The most recent versions of Lois Lane & Lana Lang share this spot

20: Fave Villain Team

Injustice League/Legion of Doom

21:  Fave Armour/Gear/Weapon

Captain America’s shield

22: Most Shocking Super Hero Moment

Sharon Carter learning that she shot and killed Captain America (Captain America #25)

23: Superhero’s Story you Wish had Continued

Solo hero: Rich (Nova) Rider

Team: Guardians of the Galaxy

24: Superhero who should have stayed Dead

This won’t go down well with the Mighty Rosie, but Olliver (Green Arrow) Queen

25: Least Fave Superhero

Batman (Yeah, I said it!)

26:  Least Fave Quote

“I am the best there is at what I do….”

27: Comic, live action or Animation


28: Superhero movie/Show that you want to see, but haven’t

Ideal world, 70’s set Heroes for Hire series, including Power Man, Iron Fist, Collen Wing & Misty Knight, I see it as a very buddy cop action/comedy sort of thing, won’t happy now, but I can dream.

29: Most Badass scene from an Hero 

Astonishing X-Men 23. To me, my X-Men

30: Most Underappreciated Hero

I think that is a post in and of itself.


Sorry about that, but needed a palette cleanser from all recent introspection.

Feedback, comments, insults and dirty jokes are always appreciated.

Ttfn internet people

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Talking on a Terrible Tuesday

Hey there internet people.

My son’s 6th birthday was saturday just gone, but not his birthday, that was weeks ago. When everyone is well, the worst part of the parenting experience isn’t the lack of  sleep, the inability to do what you want whenever or any of that. It’s other parents and when you sort a party out for your boy, you have to invite his friends, hence parents. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, it’s stressful, but when it works, you’re a champion.


Saturday, my wife (The MIGHTY Rosie) and I were champions, we did a morning party in Spring city, which is a trampoline and air bag place, where kids bounce around for an hour. Still a bit too heavy for it, I gave me ticket to my sister in law, who went from her early 30’s to 7 in less than  a second. Everyone had loads of fun, the other parents were nice, then kept to themselves, while I spent time with the in-laws. My parents even took the boy for the afternoon and the evening, leaving me and the Mrs, to enjoy a very lazy saturday and the first sleep in on a sunday for both of us in years.

I have put some of my course writing from my night school thing on wattpadd, which is an act of some bravery for me and after a really chilled weekend, am ready for the week. Which came as a surprise for everyone involved.

So after a monday morning, where I smiled through gritted teeth, I looked at the internet, to catch up on the social media, which I have always seen as a positive. Today it doesn’t feel that way. The three things I keep seeing more and more keep bringing me down. I’m going to put something of my thoughts down, so I can get this stuff out of my head.

I am going to preface this with the fact that this is opinion and anyone is free to disagree.

1: Jeremy Corbyn: Leader of the opposition party

It is amazing how often the same point keeps being made in the press. ‘Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable’. It’s one of those weird saying it enough and it becomes true sort of things. But is it true? If it is, does that matter? When I was younger electable simply met, people would vote for them. I make that distinction because people have voted for him. He won the leadership election, saw off a leadership challenge, then another by winning another leadership election, both times bringing in new members. When the media say ‘electable’ I get the feeling it means more ‘liked by the media’. He is leader of the opposition, so what he is supposed to do is be the alternative to the government and it’s fiercest critic. He’s doing that, he has to take the government to task and keep the pressure on them. Is it such a horrific idea that a left wing party, has a traditional left wing leader?

2: Donald Trump is a viable candidate for the US Presidency

Re-read that. Go on, I’ll wait. How did that happen? The US President is often referred to as the leader of the free world, because for several reasons, many nations and cultures take their cues from the US. It is a nation of great financial, military and cultural power and as a result, the world watches it carefully. What the US does well it does very well, comics, cheeseburgers, TV & film and they took the idea of democracy and really ran with it and these are not small things. Space travel! So, the US holds a place on the world stage that they have earned, so when they do stuff wrong, it gets noticed. This is wrong.

Now this isn’t an ideological thing, I get right wing politics as an idea and though I disagree with many points, I can intellectually understand how this can be a platform, I didn’t like either Bush, nor Romney or McCain, but they were actual people who seemed like they know what they are doing, seemed like they’d do an okay job one day or the other and how tight the races were made a degree of sense, so please this is not me bashing the more conservative/republican people and their beliefs. My fear regarding Trump is that he is a person that cannot in any way shape or form be honestly thought of as the best man for the job, can he? He’s never held public office, he’s a horror of a man, a businessman with 4 bankruptcies and as many failed marriages. This man is neither qualified, suited or really even competent to be a man entrusted with that much power.

America, have spoken to people from there, have seen your cultural contributions and your cavalry like entries in two world wars turned the tides. You deserve better than this guy, you deserve better leaders, better businessmen and to be honest better republican politicians. Is HRC the ideal candidate? I don’t know, is she trustworthy? I don’t know, but have doubts as many others do, but is she a better option? If any americans read this, I’m sorry if you feel I am knocking your nation, I’m not. If you feel I mock your beliefs, I don’t intend to mock any ideology. But this is a dangerous time and voting to a world leader like that would only make things worse. I know this because our foreign secretary is also someone who I can’t imaging who thought would be suitable in that job.

3: The protests

I keep seeing the Colin Kaepernick protest thing online, more and more as many many people put their 2 cents in. Might as well do it myself. I’m on his side. America is a nation built on rebellion and protest, from their creation as a united states, to almost every major social change, rebellion and protest. The flag that he is ‘disrespecting’ is a cloth, that is it. The only meaning it has is what is placed on it. That’s freedom as near as I can see. As ‘not the right forum’ for this kind of protest, well what is? Isn’t the very idea of protest the idea of making your voice heard when it’s not wanted? Colin protested, because he felt he had something to say and he had a place to say it. The fact you don’t like it, says something. It may not mean what you want it to. People died for that flag, for that freedom, so here’s a thought, maybe he felt he couldn’t sit idle whilst he could act. The amount of fuss over this is ridiculous. The man protested, he is free to. You may not like it, you are also free to. The fact that you don’t doesn’t make the protest wrong.

Will just side step the subject of the protest, or we will be here all day.
Got that off my chest.

Now I have pissed off a lot of people, remember this….

We live in a world of wonders, all we have to do is work out how to live together on it.

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Feelings on a Friday 16b: Validation

Hi ho internet people.

This has been a tough week, few late starts, few late nights, not the fun kind sadly. But I have a smile on my face today. Had a great weekend with the boy, (the Mighty Rosie was away at a company retreat) went out for lunch on saturday, bought him a basketball to go with his new basketball hoop in the back yard (which I recently started to weed again) and we spent a good hour or so, in the sun, playing hoops. The pride he felt when he got one in was palpable and when he got three more in, my heart swelled with pride so much it affected my centre of gravity. We watch Justice League: New Frontier before bed and it was a fun little day. (Why New Frontier? Apart from it’s general awesome-ness, it has super-heroes punching dinosaurs, now who can deny themselves that joy?)

The next morning we had breakfast and went to a  local comic mart, where I got loads of stuff, some of which he got to keep, before meeting up with my wife/his mum (the aforementioned Mighty Rosie) and had a nice chilled out sunday.








Bedtimes were less than wondrous, but this was a great weekend, then my boss was back in on monday and it all turned to shit. I realised that I do in fact like my job, because I had enjoyed the majority of the previous two weeks, but as soon as she came back, my job satisfaction took the week off.

But how do I maintain this positive attitude, is is the 3lb weight loss? Is it the great gym session last night? It is cuddled with my wife watching Commuinty with her? Or the knowldedge that I have to put up with work for only 4 more hours?

Yes, but also, have started a writing course with the local communuity college. Started last week, this week we were given a challenge, eight random pieces of information, lines, characters, obstacles and goals, then six minutes to write something, anything. I did it, because I love to write (hence these incoherent ramblings) so I completed the assignment, no surprise there. But I read it out.

Now for most that’s not a big thing, but with someone with depression, anxiety and a  good three decades lacking self esteem, this was a big thing. It went down well, it really did and I felt something so very strange, I was rewarded for my work, appraised and validated by almost strangers and a teacher. I was happy with it, it wasn’t perfect, but I wanted to share and that was a bigger moment for me than I first thought.

In 6 weeks time, I hit forty. Or maybe 40 hits me. But I had a new experience, a new way of thinking about what I am doing.

When I first started the course, the teacher pointed out, that by taking the course, I identified myself as a writer. This week, we learned of the danger of the single story, that single view of us, or of others.

I have never thought of myself as a writer, I minimise and play down this side of me, it is not the whole of me, but without it, no other view of me is the real thing either.

No one is one thing, no one is that label.

I am Keith (to most)

Munky (to a few)

Daddy (to one)

Husband (to another)

For every single story you see, there’s dozens you don’t and hundreds you can’t imagine.

I may post some of the stuff I write, or link to it (we’re being encouraged to use wattpad to share our work with one another)

That 6 minute story, I shared with the Mighty Rosie, she liked it.

We are more than one thing, we are more than one label.

We are unique and beautiful and magnificent, if we so choose to be.


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The Mighty Rosie


My 8th Wedding Anniversary today. 8 years since she became mine and I became her’s (officially, I was her’s long before that)

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster, ups, downs and dramatic moments and yet, it’s been the best time of my life, bar none.

She is my northern star, whenever I see her, I know where home is, she is also my sun, the center of my world and the source of light and life for me. She is my best friend, my double act partner and my staunchest defender. I say things like I can’t imagine my life without her, but the sad fact is, I’m an imaginative guy, so I have a good idea. I would be miserable, broken, alone, bereft of love and purpose. An easy phrase for a geek like me, would be that she is my Lois Lane (easy to say, she’s a ball buster of a person, honest and strong, there are worse comparisons) but really if we play the Superman card, she’s the yellow sun. Without her, am just some bloke in glasses, with her, I sometimes feel I can do anything.

We struggle with our weight, health (mental and otherwise) and other numerous issues, but we do so together, we battle for one another and for our family and our future.

But beyond all that, there is the stuff that is just her, she’s funny, making me laugh when I don’t want to. She’s dirty minded and can make anything into some kind of filthy joke. We share many senses of humour, enjoy many of the same things and she is the most fun person to be around I know. She’s also loyal to a fault, stronger than she has ever believed and is a survivor, pure and simple. She’s the person you’d call to help you get rid of a body and would only ask what it was about after you were both done and on the way home. She’s my best friend and I would not be alone in that thinking.

She is my world, my moon and stars, the love of my life and mother of my son.

Rosie, if you read this, I love you, always and forever.

Anyone else, if you have a person in your life like this, tell them, never feel that it ‘goes without saying’ because the good truths need saying just as much as the harsh ones, maybe in this day and age, a little more.



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Feelings on a Friday 15: Back on my feet

Hello internet people

Friday is here and the weekend looms.

Y’know what, after a few mixed weeks, I feel that things are beginning to pick up.

Family-wise, things have just got interesting, my brother’s wife is expecting, giving my mother and father their 2nd grandchild. While I hover between being happy for the pair (knowing how much parenthood has enhanced my life) and mildly indifferent, my brother has been mostly absent from my life since my battle with depression began three years ago. The thing of it is, it brought up a load of baggage of feeling over-looked by a more lively sibling years earlier. Damage is done with me, my fear is that my son’s doting grandmother, will over-look him for this new grandchild. Maybe that’s irrational, maybe that’s nonsense, but I no longer bottle up this s**t. So after years of not telling people what I think or feel, I told this to my mother. I was heard, I guess, but it was more important for me in some ways.

My son is getting back to school and getting back into routine has helped, he’s still being ‘challenging’, but nothing that can’t be dealt with and I am enjoying my time with him to and from school. I didn’t realise how much I missed it. Me and my wife (the Mighty Rosie) are talking more than ever, being in each other’s corner, makes most battles seem winnable and the rest, worth fighting.

I have finished therapy and started a night-school course on writing and during my gym sessions, I am now jogging, apparently that’s a thing that’s happening. But needs are and all that.

Also got some free comics recently, now that’s a price that I can live with, a small indie publisher called Comix Tribe, who I follow on twitter and facebook. Despite the small-ness of the company and the roughness of the comics, these were 5 very good comics, a couple of them have collections on comixology, so that was a nice bonus. The first one is below.


Not especially kid friendly, but I liked it, might put the rest up to be honest.

That’s all for now peoples, more frivolousness soon.


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Munky Musings on a Miserable Monday 2: Find your Five


It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks I’ll be honest. Crap from all sides, no end of stress in sight, the worst part of it was it made having two days off last week from work, a bad thing. WTF? When did time off become a bad thing? Had some time off with my boy on Wednesday, we did a shop around town and then a trip to the world museum in Liverpool, not to be mistaken for the museum of Liverpool. Back to work on Thursday and a horrible day was had there. What made matters worse was that my water bottle leaked inside my gym back, ruining my phone, card reader and a dozen comics I had in my bag, so that told you what my day was like, the next day I was told I eat too loudly in work, yup, I have that kind of boss.

Have had to replace my phone (again) and it’s a little like a shitty weekend too. I have my last therapy session on Wednesday and that’s a load of mixed feelings right there. Needless to say, it’s been a unusual few days. I’d be forgiven for starting this week with a more morose look on life. But you know what? F**k IT!!

Today is Monday, start of the week, best time for a better attitude to start the week.

So lets do some positives.

My son turned 6 on saturday, I’ve been a dad for 6 years and on the whole, loving it. Despite some friction due to his not listening and tiredness on all sides, it’s been less fun, but got cuddles before I left for work, so that’s a positive.

Started reading the Ultraverse comics from the early 90’s, some decent stuff in there and can’t wait to read a little more.

Started watching Cougar Town again with my wife (the Mighty Rosie) and enjoying that more second time round.

Getting new windows today, that’s a positive also.

Next week am going to start a writing course.

Sometimes, it’s the little bits of things that matter, the big stuff is just there, health, work, extended families and stuff like that. The little stuff are the things that matter most

Challenge, find five things today that were positives, just five, not matter how much of a stretch. Because those five things might be what today is all about.

Here’s mine

New Phone works well

Boss is away, so work is better

Sun is shining

Discovered new podcasts

and the big one … The Mighty Rosie and my son are at home today, so will be able to see them in less than 3 and a half hours.

Find your Five internet people.