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2014 Top 5’s

Well, that was a year.

2014 Was the year I started blogging and being involved in social media and as a result it’s a year worth looking at. I decided to break the year down into 4 specific catergories:




Internet n Stuff

Top 5 Comic Related things for me in 2014.

1: Digital Comics and Back issues.

Through back issues and digital comics, I’ve read comics that I wouldn’t have expected to read.

Nightwing 01 AC 01

FF-600 Catwoman #1 001


From lots of Nu 52 Comics that I got for a sweet deal, to Hickman’s Fantastic Four run and a lot of interesting Vertigo titles, my comic reading is no longer current, but is very much alive and well.

2: Trade Paperbacks.

All New X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy and both together in Trial of Jean Grey as well as Original Sin and others, I’ve done very well in terms of trade paperbacks.


3: Fraggle Rock had a new mini series that I’ve managed to pick up as it comes out, I have a 4 year old boy and would like to see a comic I’d be ok with him reading being produced.


4: Comixology’s 12 Days of Free Comics:

I think that one speaks for itself.

5: Guardians 3000

As a long time Guardians of the Galaxy fan, (See my other blog, Standing Guard) I have enjoyed the new team’s success, but have missed Arnold Drake’s team from 1969 and was thrilled to see this new ongoing title and it is now the only comic I’m getting month by month.



1: The Flash. One of a number of great comic-related, or comic-inspired shows invading the schedules, I am avidly watching each week along with my wife.

2: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: While this may not be a popular view, I do like this program, it’s fun and interesting and it’s great to see the smaller parts of the Marvel Universe get some screen time.

3: The Last Leg: It’s specifically an english thing, but I love this program. Three guys with four legs between em, get together to look at the week and it’s always hilarious.

4: Arrow. It’s always going to be in there, the closest you get to Batman on TV, but so very enjoyable for the differences.

5: Game of Thrones, because you never know what’s going to happen on a show where you’re scared to pick a favourite character.


1: Guardians of the Galaxy.

First Film I saw with my wife and far too long, so good, we went again and then bought the Blu-Ray as  soon as. To anyone who’s seen it, I only need say “Dance off Bro’, you and me.”

2: Penguins.

First film I took my soon to see, the bonus was that it was hilarious.

3: X-Men Days of Future Past:

Got in on Blu-Ray, really enjoyed it on second viewing.

4: Captain America: Winter Soldier. If you have to bring Bucky back, Brubaker’s is the best way.

5: Amazing Spider-Man 2: We all knew how that film would end, but was done so very well.

Internet & Stuff

1: Facebook: Like many before me, I have fallen before the Facebook phenomena and have become addicted to both it and my smartphone.

2: Tokusatsu: Toku is a genre of Japenese TV built on sci fi concepts and special effects and it’s ridiculous, over the top and as a result quite entertaining. Been catching fan subs here and there online and loving them.

3: On Demand TV. I thought Sky + was the mutt’s nuts until things like Amazon Prime and Netflix opened my eyes to streaming TV. Have watched half a dozen new shows using this method alone and the kids TV choices are helpfully epic.

4: Podcasts: Anime freaks, Listen to the Prophets, Palace of Glittering Delights and Rachel & Miles Explain the X-Men are all new additions to my must listen to list. Rachel & Miles deserve special mention, since I listen to that one with my lovely wife.

5: Blogging: As part of my recovery from a thing that happened in 2013, I was encouraged to use writing as a coping mechanism. I was advised to write my thoughts about stuff, or just write things, so I did and 5 dozen posts and more over three blogs and am still rambling. Doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

A Munky on Merseyside:

Standing Guard :

Comics in the 90’s:

These blogs are me opening all my geekiness and pouring it all over these internets.

I don’t know what this particular blog’s future holds, but as I look back on 2014, I like where this blog has brought me.

Ta Ta For Now