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Slimming World Saturday 16: Small Victories

Another week internet people and another weigh in. This time it was just a 1lb loss. That gets the total to 3 stone 5lbs. 47lbs!

It’s been a rough week, stress and worry, so a 1lb loss is a victory. I am moving forward and am only 9lb from my next mini target deadline at the end of May. Some days all you get is the small victories and on those days, you need to celebrate them. 

Always forward.

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Comics and Stuff: Other things I write

Just wanted to put something down about another blog I do 90’s Comics Forever.

Just put something up there for the geekier amongst us.


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Munky Musings on a Miserable Monday 4: I Will Not Stay Down

Monday is here again internet people.

I’m in work (on a break, clearly) and the day is not going well. Under normal circumstances, this would leave me down, or frustrated. Not today, today I am soaring in spirit.

I finished work last week on the Wednesday afternoon. This is the busiest time of the year for me, but I took two days off to spend with my son.

4:58 pm “Stress, stress, deadline!”

5:01 pm “Time to go home!”

5:03 pm “Zero Fucks Given!”

So on the Thursday, had time with my son, got a haircut with him, got some lunch, bought some comics and had some Dad n’Lad time. Then I took him to Spring City. As any who have followed my blog, or know me through another way, know that I have been on a physical well-being kick since new year. One aspect of which is weight-loss and when my son was last at Spring City (which is a trampoline based activity centre) I was over a stone heavier than the maximum to use the trampolines. Thursday, I was two stone under it. So me and the boy went bouncing. It should be illegal how fun that was. Bouncing, tumbling, dodgeball and it was the best hour of that week. After this, I went to gym and enjoyed a somewhat punishing session. On Friday, I spent the day in with my exhausted boy, but not before getting some food in so I could do tea that night. We had fun and I managed to organise my comics, trade and hardbacks, so that I can turn the spare room into somewhere we don’t call the ‘dangerous room’. Seriously for three years that’s what we’ve called it. I even cooked that night, spicy reggae chicken with rice salad, which although had too much lemon juice, was a lot better than my last attempt. That was a good end to the week, but it was not over yet.

Went to slimming world (see and then went swimming. Been going to meetings and weigh-ins over a swimming pool for 3 1/2 months and only now gone swimming afterwards, bonkers. After some gentle prodding from the MIGHTY Rosie, pushed myself in swimming and swam more than I have in  a couple of years and for just one brief second, I got swimming, I understood why people did it so much. Then it was gone, but I want to do it again, swim more, swim further. We’ll be back again at the weekend though. Sunday, was another good day. Well eventually. My son woke me at 4:50am and for reasons I’ll skate over, I couldn’t just go back to sleep, so I started watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D series 4 and 6 episodes in, it’s better than it was last year, I’ll give it that. Then I went to gym, just me and my trainer Ali and when he took a break for a second, with no one else in the gym, I pulled myself up on a bar. Then I did it again. Then moving my arms, I did a more traditional chin up/pull up. Now I am not a physical guy and I have never done stuff like that. But I was seen by Ali and I then did it for him. I did 33 pull ups, getting my chin over the bar. 33! That beats my personal best by…… 33.  I couldn’t believe I did it. I also did jogging for the first time in a year and 50 raised push ups.

That was the point I realised something. My breakdown took so much from me, it has damaged my relationships, it has hampered my work life, it took my trust in myself and my self image. It also took my sense of “Fuck it, why not?” Where I’d try new things, push myself a bit more and yesterday, I felt like I got it back. I’m paying for it now like, in agony today and can barely move my arms, but there it is. Whenever I was asked what I wanted in this recovery, my answer was ‘a better me’ and now I felt like that was there, just for a bit it was there. I want more.

There’s an exercise called the salmon ladder, where you do pull ups and travel up a frame with a bar, doing jumps. There’s also in the gym I use, a ladder like frame for the same thing. I think I had some goals to set here.

I often say that we are more than we feel we are, I can say that today, quite honestly speaking from my own experience. 3 Months ago, none of what happened would have happened I am already becoming a better version of me.

I’m not done yet.

That’s why I can smile today.

Ttfn Internet people

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Slimming World Saturday 15: Phoenix Rising

After the disappointment of last week, me and the MIGHTY Rosie got back on track and ate better and this week it paid off. The 2.5lbs I put on has gone and took another 2 with it. Yup, that’s right 4.5 off in a week.

Am I pleased? Damn right I am, but now is the time to keep this going, one gain was enough, only success will do.

The MIGHTY Rosie also lost 4.5, so wear both doing well.


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Slimming World Saturday 14: Shooting myself in the foot.

Well the streak is over. Poor planning, stress and a pasta bake related disaster and there’s been a gain. The 2lb I lost last week came back and brought half with them. My weigh loss is no longer 3stone and I am gutted. I am also a little angry with myself.

That’s the bad news, the good news is that I am in no way giving up. Whilst this has affected my mood, my determination is unaffected. I can do this, I must do this and I will do this.

My weekend is stronger than this moment.

Next week I will be back to losing weight. Because that is all I intend to lose.

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Episode 34: X-Men 2099 #1

90's Comics Retrial

We’ve put it off long enough. It’s time for host Nathaniel Wayne to take a look at one of the most 90s things to come out of Marvel: the 2099 line. An excuse to get even more outlandish than the company was already doing with far future versions of established characters (and also something called “Ravage” for some reason.) We kick it off with a glimpse at what’s changed for mutantkind in the future… spoiler, it’s not very much.

Listen to Episode 34: X-Men 2099 #1.

You can subscribe to the Council of Geeks Podcast, home of 90s Comics Retrial on iTunes or on Stitcher.


Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by Erica Dreisbach, and you can find more of her work at her website right here.

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Talking on a Terrible Tuesday 6 – Slowly moving forward

Won’t lie internet people, am feeling down today.

Woke up not great, got ready, did some dad stuff and then was about to go to work. Then I realised that I didn’t want to, really didn’t want to.

Then I remembered something I used to think when I felt like this, I don’t have to want to go to work, I just have to go. It’s a shitty time at work early to mid April. Tax year ends and the new one starts and my job gets a whole lot more complicated. Add to that some less than fantastic clients and tonnes of technical difficulties and that’s not really helping. The fact is, I know that I don’t need to be down, but I am. That’s how low moods work isn’t it? No reason, but it’s there nonetheless. In the past I would’ve carried this with me for a few days, or let it beat me up by making it somehow my own fault. (I’m good at that.) But that’s not the case, this time what I am going to do is acknowledge this feeling, then move beyond it.

So it’s time to once again find my 5:

5 Reasons to be cheerful

1: Got a my marvel life post done, am at 1985 now. Not a big thing, but after this morning an attempt at completing something was needed.

2: On Sunday, was out with my mate Josh and we were in a shop where some kid with an america accent was throwing the mother and father of all tantrums, (the kid was like 11 or something) over a X-Box360 game. This went on whilst I was in a queue and a long time after. I even said “tonight, I’m going to give me son a big hug” because as he is sometimes less than his better self, he hasn’t pulled that shit with me in public.

3: My wife (The MIGHTY Rosie) had a good weight loss last week and we are both on track for more, we even started a 5 day plank challenge. The plank is when you start a push up, then stop and hold still for a long as you can, effectively holding up your own body weight.

4: After a half hour client meeting, I was seeing the client out and she asked if I had lost weight and told me that I looked fantastic. Yeah, those words. How do you even respond to that? I said thankyou, but kinda made my lunchtime to be honest.

5: I have only 4 days in work this week, then a four day weekend, then two more days and then another 4 day weekend. As stressful as work is going to be this week, have some downtime coming.

This 5 will pick my afternoon up. Just writing this down has done something.

Just remember, you have survived all of your bad days so far, if this is one of them, you’ll survive this too. We are stronger than we feel we are and we’re never as alone as we fear.

Stay strong internet people