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Reaching towards

I have let the blog slide. Whilst everyone else was stuck at home, I have only ever been working harder in the hours I have and when I get home, I can either open my laptop, or spend time with my family, so that’s the reason.

I don’t think that has helped me though, with the constant onslaught of work and the lack of other stuff going on, I can feel things getting on top of me again. There’s been family stuff as well (extended family, not the munkeyhouse so it’s not my story to tell) and it’s left us all tired and beaten down and this is after a year of lockdown.

So what do I do about it? I don’t know, but I am going to start writing again, putting stuff on here and maybe working on the story I have been not writing for a year and get back to stuff that I want to do for me.

I am reaching towards the light again, because right now all around is darkness, but I have been here before and I got back out of it. So, I will get out of it again. I have an appointment for a Covid jab coming and it looks like ComicCons are happening again this year.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel and this year, I don’t think it’s the train this time.

Take care of yourselves internet people, better days are coming.

I will be back.

In the meantime, the trailer for Shang Chi was released and that looks kind of fun.

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My Marvel Life Presents : Fabulous First Issue – X-Factor 1

I think I did the wrong thing here, but here’s another Fabulous First Issue

My Marvel Life

Why I picked this comic:

It’s another one in the history of the X-titles and it was either this or the New Mutants OGN I think this was a better choice. This was the return of the original batch of X-Men who were my introduction to the team, so I will always have a place in my heart for them.

The Comic Itself:

X-Factor 1: November 1985

Third Genesis was written and inked by Bob Layton, pencilled and inked by Jackson Guice Wein with more inks by Josef Rubenstein.

It opens in Anchorage, Alaska with retired X-Man Scott ‘Cyclops’ Summers struggling to adapt to life as husband and father to his wife Madeline Pryor-Summers and their son Nathan Christopher. It’s not going well.

In Colarado Warren ‘Angel’ Worthington III is saying goodbye to his houseguests and fellow ex-X-Men Dr Hank ‘Beast’ McCoy and Bobby ‘Iceman’ Drake who are leaving the…

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My Marvel Life Presents: Fabulous First Issue – Hawkeye 1

Getting back to doing this, it’s Fabulous First Issue

My Marvel Life

Why I picked this comic:

I was given the remit of finding something different from the last issue we looked at. With the silver age melodrama involving a team of super-powered teenagers battling a villain, the furthest from that without going outside of genre was the Matt Fraction/David Aja run on this title.

It’s also really good.

The Comic Itself:

Hawkeye 1: August 2012

Lucky was written by Matt Fraction with art by David Aja with colours by Matt Hollingsworth.

The long-time superhero Clint ‘Hawkeye’ Barton is involved in a battle with his team, the Avengers. He falls from a roof and onto a car. On a team featuring men in tank suits, super-soldiers, mythical gods and others of that ilk, this fall brings into sharp focus how he is just a man, an extremely skilled one, but just a man. Six weeks later, he is out of hospital and…

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Pilot Era: In which we learn that I am done

And with that Pilot Era is done and dusted.

Pilot Era

I think we are done here.

I enjoyed putting the blog together, watching the shows and the conversations that came from it, but priorities change and I have had less and less time for this blog as it went along. It’s time to draw a line under it and move on. Thanks to anyone who read any of this. It was a lot of fun, but it’s time to call it a day.

Ttfn people, look after each other.

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Well that was a little worrying.

Well it’s been a week internet people.

After a pretty good weekend, full of lounging around, cuddles and laughter, I started the working week. I managed to get to 9:14 before I regretted it. Tuesday wasn’t much better, with all this furlough pay business making my day more than a little problematic before I stopped being able to process reports around 2:45pm. I spent Wednesday morning sorting that out and went home for lunch. I had french toast (bread dipped in whisked egg with a little mustard and black pepper)  and despite the back pain, which is a lovely new addition to my day, made it back to the office.

Then s**t got weird.

I had some kind of allergic reaction. It started with intense indigestion, then every inch of my body was itching, my throat closed up, I couldn’t swallow. My body produced more mucus in that hour, than it had all year. I spent the best part of an hour lying fetal, spluttering. After some off the shelf anti-histamines and water, my reaction calmed down.

I don’t know why I reacted like that, I am not allergic to eggs, mustard or black pepper, so it was a mystery. It was also a terrifying moment in the midst of a terrifying time.

Still I handled it and all returned to ‘normal’ but that was something of a scare.

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My Marvel Life Presents -Fabulous First Issue: X-Men 1

It’s another Fabulous First Issue

My Marvel Life

Why I picked this comic:

It was the first comic I remember reading. It was the first property that I got into when I got into collecting back in 1991 and it’s the franchise that I go back to when my I go back into buying new monthly comics, when the MIGHTY Rosie put the idea for this blog forward, I knew that no matter what, the X-Men would have a place in it and why the hell not start right at the very beginning.

Shoud I have done this?

The Comic Itself:

X-Men 1: September 1963

X-Men was written by Stan Lee and pencilled by Jack Kirby with inks by Chic Stone.

In a private school in Westchester, New York Professor Charles Xavier summons the four students he has, that are training to be super heroes. In  walks Slim ‘Cyclops’ Summers, Hank ‘Beast’ McCoy and Bobby ‘Iceman’ Drake. Flying…

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My Marvel Life Presents: Fabulous First Issue – Justice League

Another fabulous first issue

My Marvel Life

Why I picked this comic:

I am not, in anyway shape or form a fan of the Nu52. If there was any silver linings it came in the form of the Justice League series, written by fan turned pro Geoff Johns and originally pencilled by 90’s wunderkind Jim Lee it was DC’s new flashy opening comic and acting as  a jumping on point, we well as for many a jumping off point. It was an issue 1 in the truest sense of the word and after a number of Marvel options, I felt that a DC issue was a good idea.

Was it a good idea though?

The Comic Itself: 

Justice League 1: August 2011

Justice League Part 1 was written by Geoff Johns and had pencils by Jim Lee who was inked by Scott Williams.

5 Years ago and the world is only now learning of the existence of…

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Everybody needs a little bit of this

After walking the dog in the rain, me and SuperSam checked out a blog that I follow.

Cassandra Hebert

This is simply a collection of cute animal pics, but in times of international strife, pandemics and uncertainty it is nice to have something that is just nice. Just check it out, if you don’t see something that makes you go Awwww then it may not be for you. I went awww as did SuperSam.

I am usually writing something geeky, but this felt that something worth sharing this morning.

Take care everyone, stay safe.