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Reboots and Re-imaginings – Wolverine and the X-Men: In which we learn that animators don’t know how comas work.

Thursday’s Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

First aired:23rd January 2009

Voice Cast:

Steve Blum  –  Logan/Wolverine

Jim Ward  –  Charles Xavier/Professor X

Nolan North  –  Scott Summers/Cyclops

Fred Tatasciore  –  Dr Henry McCoy/Beast

Danielle Judovits   –   Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat

Yuri Lowenthal  –   Bobby Drake/Iceman

Liam O’Brien   –   Warren Worthington III/ Angel

Richard Doyle  –   Senator Robert Kelly

Kieran van den Blink –  Rogue

Roger Craig Smith –  Forge

Kari Wahlgreen –  Emma Frost

Michael Ironside  – Colonel Moss

Gwendoline Yeo  – Neena Thurman/Domino

Mark Hildreth  –  Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Tom Kane  –  Erik Lenscherr/Magneto

Reboot Specifics:

What and When was the Originial? X-Men: The Animated Series (1992)

What did they keep? The team name and several of the main characters.

What did they change? The focus of the show and many of the cast as well as a…

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Baywatch: In which we learn about different flavours of cheese and crazy-eyes.

A slice of cheese from Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired: 23rd April 1989

Cast (Main):

David Hasselhoff – Mitch Buchannon

Parker Stevenson – Craig Pomeroy

Shawn Weatherley – Jill Riley

Billy Warlock – Eddie Kramer

Erika Eleniak – Shauni McClain

Gina Hecht – Gina Pomeroy

Peter Phelps – Trevor Cole

Brandon Call – Holbie Buchannon

Monte Markham – Captain Don Thorpe

Madchen Amick – LaurieHarris

Synopsis: Malibu pier and Mitch Buchannon is canoeing with his son Holbie, racing against Mitch’s colleague Jill Riley. On the freeway, lawyer Craig Pomeroy is heading for the same beach, choosing his part time job of lifeguard over the law and not for the first time based on the conversation he has with his wife by car-phone. Rookie lifeguards Shauni and Eddie bump into one another. Shauni is happy to see a familiar face on her first day as a lifeguard, Eddie is less enthused.

Mitch and Holbie talk about the custody…

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Smallville: In which we learn when to give a child the ‘you’re an alien we found in a field’ talk. (Done)

Thursdays Pilot Era Post going up up and away

Pilot Era

First aired: 31st December 2001


Tom Welling – Clark Kent

Annette O’Toole – Martha Kent

John Schneider – Johnathan Kent

Kristen Kreuk  – Lana Lang

Allison Mack – Chloe Sullivan

Sam Jones III- Pete Ross

Eric Johnson- Whitney Fordham

Michael Rosebaum – Lex Luthor

John Glover- Lionel Luthor

Synopsis: Smallville, Kansas. CEO Lionel Luther is in a helicopter with his frightened son Lex. Lionel admonishes his son for his showing of fear before they land an meet with the Ross family to discuss a land deal. In the centre of town, Johnathan and Martha kent visit Nell’s flower shop and say hello to her niece Lana Lang. All in all, it’s a nice small town sort of day. Then a massive meteor shower hits the town.

Lionel’s helicopter is grounded, Lex runs from the wreckage into a cornfield, finding a teenager tied to a post like a scarecrow wearing only…

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Burn Notice: In which we learn that Michael wanted to be a TV presenter.

Midweek Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired: 28th June 2007


Jeffrey Donovan – Michael Weston

Gabrielle Anwar- Fiona Glennane

Burce Campbell – Sam Axe

Sharon Gless – Madeline Weston

David Zayas – Javier

Ray Wise  – Mr Pyne

Paul Tei  – Barry

George Tasudis –Oleg

Arturo Rossi – Sugar 

Chance Kelly – Vincent

Synopsis: Warri, Nigeria. Michael Weston is standing on a corner and is picked up and taken to a meeting, a gun kept on him the whole time. He is there to meet Boris, whom he plans to pay off in order to protect an oil pipeline, until he calls in the payment details and then it all goes wrong. You see as we get in the ubiquitous voice over narration, Michael Weston is a US intelligence operative, doing all kinds of covert work all over the world, or at least he was, as he learns in the phone call, he’s…

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Unforgettable: In which we learn that might the be the dirtiest thing I’ve ever heard.

Almost forgot, a Pilot Era Post for a Thursday

Pilot Era

First aired:20th September 2011

Cast (Main):

Poppy Montgomery  –  Carrie Wells

Dylan Walsh  –  Al Burns

Michael Gaston  –  Michael Costello

Daya Vaidya  –  Nina Inara

Kevin Rankin   –   Roe Saunders

Cast (Guest):

Deanna Dunagan –  Alice Wells

Sofia Jean Gomez  – Catherine Grant

Roxanne Hope Radja  – Wendy Wilson

Brian O’Neill  –  Frank Harbert

Clem Cheung  –  Mr Lin

Synopsis: Carrie Wells is helping out at a care home, showcasing her perfect memory, whilst tending to a woman who doesn’t know her, that is clearly her own mother. That night, she uses this perfect memory (a symptom of the condition hyperthymesia) to play cards at an illegal casino, then gets away from the casino’s owner Mr Lin, who takes umbridge at her success. She goes home alone and nostalgically gazes at some old postcards until finally she sleeps…

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The Blacklist: In which we learn to root for the ‘bad guy’. (Done)

A Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

First aired: 4th October 2013


James Spader – Raymond Reddington

Megan Boone – Elizabeth Keen

Ryan Eggold – Tom Keen

Harry Lennix – Dept Director Harold Cooper

Diego Klattenhoff – Donald Ressler

Synopsis: Outside the Washington DC Office of the FBI, a man in a hat and suit walks in and asks Deputy Director Harold Cooper. The then walks to the centre of the lobby and surrenders to the army of federal agents that now surround him.

This man is Raymond Reddington, a former Naval Intelligence officer who disappeared in 1990 with a large amount of classified information and then became the underworld figure known as the ‘Concierge of Crime’. He tells Cooper of a known kidnapper called Zamani, long thought dead, who arrived in DC that day to kidnap the daughter of a prominent army officer. Reddington offers to help, but will only speak to Elizabeth Keen. No…

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Dino Trux: In which we learn a bit about socialism.

Thursday’s Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era

First aired: 14th August 2015

Cast: (Voice) 

Andrew Francis – Ty Rux

Richard Ian Cox- Revvit

Ashleigh Ball – Skye

Mat Hill – Ton Ton

Brian Drummond – Dozer

Paul Dobson  – D-Structs

Synopsis: In a prehistoric world of large dinotrux and smaller reptools, we first meet Ty a red T-Truck who wakes, leaves his cave and digs for ore, the main source of food for the creatures in this world. Then a nearby volcano erupts. The trux evacuate, with Ty helping to save a baby Ankylodump before he is hit by a stray rock, damaging his right set of tire-treads. All the other species leave in their groups, but the solitary Ty is left behind with no one there to help him out. He finds a new area in a crater and seeks to move in, but the locals are less than keen on him being there. A reptool called…

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Penny Dreadful, in which we learn that you really should ask questions at a job interview

Another Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era

First aired: 10th February 2007


Timothy Dalton – Sir Malcolm Murray

Eva Green – Vanessa Ives

Josh Hartnett – Ethan Chandler

Harry Treadaway – Victor Frankenstein

Simon Russell Beale – Ferdinand Lyle

Olivia Llewellyn – Mina Harker

Danny Sapani – Sembene

Synopsis: A woman wakes up in bed and gets up carefully avoiding waking her daughter and walks through the house, with only a lamp for light to go to the toilet. Something pulls her outside. The child wakes and walks through the house and opens a door and screams at what she sees.

In an empty room, a green clad woman frantically prays in latin, desperate for answers or some kind of ending. She appears to go into a seizure as a voice speaks to her. The next day, an American sharpshooter charms a crowd in general and in later a young lady from that crowd is charmed…

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Spin Off Special: Torchwood: In which we learn Dr Harper should on the sex offenders register.

Well it seems silly to leave this one till next week now.

Pilot Era

First aired:22nd October 2006


John Barrowman   –   Captain Jack Harkness

Eve Myles   –   Gwen Cooper

Burn Gorman  – Doctor Owen Harper

Noako Mori  –  Toshiko Sato

Indira Varma  –  Suzie Costello

Kai Williams   –   Rhys Williams

Gareth Davies-Lloyd  –  Ianto Jones

Tom Price  –   PC Andy

Spin Off Specifics:

Where did is spin-off from? Doctor Who

When did it spin-off from? This season ran alongside Doctor Who’s season 3.

What is different? Rather than being set anywhere and anytime, this show focuses on present day Cardiff.

Was it necessary? Not really but the name Torchwood was all over season 2 of the new Doctor Who and people did seem to like the Captain Jack character.

How did it compare? Very different in both tone and premise, there’s little places to compare it.

Plot:Cardiff, there’s…

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Reboots and Reimaginings – Doctor Who: In which we learn lots of planets have a North.

Just Posting one for Thursday

Pilot Era

First aired:17th March 2005


Christopher Eccleston – The Doctor

Billie Piper – Rose Tyler

Camille Coduri – Jackie Tyler

Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith

Mark Benton – Clive

Nicholas Briggs – Voice of the Nestene

Reboot Specifics:

What and When was the Originial? Doctor Who (1963)

What did they keep? The name of the main character and the TARDIS.

What did they change? The main character has had some changes, but that wasn’t a new idea for this show.

Are here nods to the past? The villain is the same one from Spearhead from Space back in the 1970’s.

Does it stand on it’s own two feet or does it need the connection to the original? It is very much it’s own show, but it still connects to it’s past.

Plot: The planet Earth, the UK, London, the Powell Estate and an alarm clock goes off. Shop worker…

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