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Chuck: In which we learn dancing can be dangerous.

It’s Thursday and another Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

First aired: 7th April 2008


Zachary Levi – Chuck Bartowski

Yvonne Strahovski – Sarah Walker

Adam Baldwin – Maj. John Casey

Sarah Lancaster – Ellie Bartowski

Joshua Gomez – Morgan Grimes

C.S. Lee – Harry Tang

Matt Bomer – Bryce Larkin

Ryan McPartlin – Devon ‘Captain Awesome’ Woodcombe

Vik Sahay – Lester Patel

Scott Krinski – Jeff Barnes

Julia Ling – Anna Wu

Dale Dye – General Stansfield

Tony Todd – CIA Director Graham

Synopsis: Burbank California and Charles ‘Chuck’ Bartowski is desperate to escape the situation he is in, his own birthday party. The party thrown by Chuck’s older sister Ellie who Chuck lives with as well as Ellie’s boyfriend Devon or as Chuck calls him Captain Awesome. Cut to spy Bryce Larkin breaking in to some sortof top secret facility and accessing a computer called the Intersect. The information from this computer is downloaded onto a device…

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Forever: In which we learn to ask, where do his clothes go?

Thursday Lunchtime and it’s a Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era

First aired: 2nd October 2014


Ioan Gruffudd – Dr. Henry Morgan

Alana De La Garza – Det. Jo Martinez

Joel David Moore – Dr. Lucas Wahl

Judd Hirsch – Abe

Lee Tergerson – Hans Koelher

Donnie Keshwaraz – Det. Mike Hanson

MacKenzie Mauzy – Abigail

Synopsis: New York City – A voice over introduces Henry Morgan. He is a long story, but he has plenty of time. He gets into a subway and sits next to a young blonde woman, he is able to determine many things about her by sight alone, including her country of origin, he job and her plans for the evening. This prompts her interest and they share a lovely moment, right up until the subway train crashes and kills everyone on board, including Henry.

Over 200 years earlier, Dr. Henry Morgan prevents a slave from being killed, paying for this good dead with…

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Positive Steps Forward

Back in October I wrote about an appointment I had made regarding my teeth.

I went to a surgical consultation regarding them, this is something I have avoided doing for literally years, increasing my self-consciousness over it as well as my shame and anxiety over it. I had a X-Ray, with some pretty sci-fi looking X-Ray machines and then got the bad news that I had been dreading. Some of them had to put taken out. Some though, not all. One day soon, this neglectful chapter of my life will be behind me and I may end up being able to smile openly.

I’ve been a rollercoaster of emotions over this, but ultimately I am feeling positive about the whole thing, I am not looking forward to surgery, but I am looking forward to dealing with this problem and taking care of it once and for all. Then I’ll do the regular check ups, free from most of my fear, like most people do. This has doubled down on the importance of self care for me. I have shaved this morning and there’s even moisturiser on my face, but my body isn’t a temple, a lack of faith shouldn’t leave it in disrepair. It’s a positive reminder that fear can be challenged and defeated.

It’s a personal victory in a 2020 that has seen few of them, coming from decisions made in 2019, a year with even less victories.

I couldn’t do this without the support of the MIGHTY Rosie, or my son SuperSam who have lent me the strength to do these things.

This is not the story of my fall, it is the tale of my triumph.

Love to you all internet people.


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D-Cember 24th

30 Day Challenge Question 24: Favourite cartoon adaptation

Superman the Animated Series was the follow up to the epoch-making Batman series and using the same animation style expanded the world into a more Sci-Fi direction. It had a great cast and some great stories.

It even showcased the Fourth World, bringing it to a new audience.

Super Sam’s answer

Taking the mantle from Justice League, this show had a massive cast and some brilliant stories. SuperSam and I are currently watching through it. When I asked for his reason, he just told me it was awesome, what else did he have to say.

Other stuff

Christmas Eve is here and I am out of here for a day or so.

Have a great Christmas time internet people. And if Christmas isn’t your thing, then have fun whatever you do or whatever you celebrate.

My love to you all.

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House: In which we don’t learn where that accent is from

And the final Pilot Era Post of 2019

Pilot Era

First aired: 16th September 1970


Hugh Laurie – Dr. Gregory House

Lisa Edelstein – Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Robert Sean Leonard – Dr. James Wilson

Omar Epps – Dr. Eric Foreman

Jennifer Morrison – Dr. Allison Cameron

Jesse Spencer – Dr. Robert Chase

Robin Tunney – Rebecca Adler

Andrew Arlie – Orange Man.

Synopsis: Rebecca Alder is running, trying not to be late for the elementary school class that she is teaching. She’s coming off a new boyfriend high and as she is teaching, she begins talking gibberish and she collapses.

Months pass and the case gets to Dr Wilson, an oncologist at Princeton Plainsboro hospital in New Jersey. He passes Rebecca off as his cousin, directing the case to the head of diagnositic medicine his friend Dr. Gregory House, an acerbic and openly hostile man hobbling around the hospital on a can, avoiding patients. He convinces House to look…

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Witches of East End: In which we learn, well I don’t know I learned anything here

Thursday and it’s time for the penultimate Pilot Era post of 2019

Pilot Era

First aired: 6th October 2013


Julia Ormond – Joanna Beauchamp

Jenna Dewan-Tatum – Freya Beauchamp

Rachel Boston – Ingrid Beauchamp

Madchen Amick  – Wendy Beauchamp

Virginia Madsen – Penelope Gardiner

Eric Winter- Dr Dashiel ‘Dash’ Gardiner

Daniel di Tomasso- Killian Gardiner

Jason George – Det. Adam Noble

Neil  Hopkins- Doug

Synopsis: At a  mansion, there is a party. In the grounds nearby, a woman carves a symbol into the ground, a couple walking their dog walk, see the woman whom they identify as Joanna Beauchamp, whose face changes and then there is screaming. Not too far away at a house, sisters Freya and Ingrid are getting ready for the party for Freya’s engagement to Dash Gardiner. They arrive late, along with their mother Joanna Beauchamp.

At the party, Dash’s mother insults Freya, Joanna and Dash talk about art and Ingrid gets awkward around off duty detective Adam Noble, both…

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Lethal Weapon: In which we learn nothing c**k-blocks like a baby (Done)

It’s Thursday, it’s Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired:21st September 2016

Cast (Cops):

Daymon Wayans  –  Det Roger Mayfield Murtaugh

Clayne Crawford  –  Det Martin Riggs

Jordanna Brewster  –  Maureen Cahill

Kevin Rahm  –  Captain Brooks Avery

Johnathan Hernandez   –   Bernard Scorcese

Cast (Other):

Keesha Sharp –  Trish Murtaugh

Chandler Kinney  – Rhianna Murtagh

Dante Brown  – Roger Murtaugh Jnr

Floriana Lima  –  Miranda Riggs

Tony Plana  –  Ronnie Delgado

Synopsis: El Paso Texas: two local cops are chasing armed suspects. One of them Martin Riggs is called by his pregnant wife Miranda and is informed that she is heading to the hospital as she is in labour. Riggs stops his high speed pursuit and parks his truck, then he pulls out a rifle and makes an amazing shot, crashing the suspects’ car. He gets to the hospital, flowers and teddy bear in hand, only to…

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Chicago Fire: In which we learn to listen to the women in our lives.

It is another Pilot Era post

Pilot Era


First aired:24th October 2014


Jesse Spencer  –  Lt Matt Casey: Truck 81

Taylor Kinney  –  Lt Kelly Severide: Rescue Squad

Monica Raymund  –  EMT Gabriela Dawson: Ambulance 61

Lauren German  –  EMT Leslie Shay: Ambulance 61

Charlie Barnett   –   Peter Mills: Truck 81 Candidate

David Eigenberg  – Christopher Hermann: Truck 81

Corey Sorenson  – Andy Darden: Truck 81

Teri Reeves  –  Hallie Thomas

Eamonn Walker  – Chief Wallace Bowden

Mo Gallini  –  Jose Vargas: Truck 81

Joe Minoso –   Joe Cruz: Truck 81

Yuri Sardarov  –  Brian ‘Otis’ Zyonececkheryl: Truck 81

Christian Stolte –  Randall ‘Mouch’ McHolland: Truck 81

Synopsis: Chicago: Two fire trucks (Truck 81 and Rescue Squad 3) are responding to a house fire. There’s someone in the attic, so Matt Casey and Andy Darden go in, a vent is needed, but rescue squad…

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Elementary: In which we learn that people keep rice in their fridge for some reason.

It’s a Thursday and it’s Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired:2rd October 2012


Johnny Lee Miller  –  Sherlock Holmes

Lucy Liu  –  Joan Watson

Aidan Quinn –  Captain Thomas Gregson

Dallas Thomas  –  Doctor Richard Mantlo

Manny Perez   –   Detective Javier Abreu

Synopsis: A glass shatters, a  woman is being attacked in her own home. We don’t see the end of this confrontation, but we know that this does not have a happy ending.

Manhattan, 7am and former surgeon Joan Watson wakes up and goes for a run. Once done, she starts looking for her newest client, who has escaped from rehab. She’s been hired by his father to be a sober companion, to aid in his post rehab intergration back into soceity and maintain his sobriety) and when she goes to his home address, she finds a young woman leaving, after what seems to be an intimate rendevous. Left inside getting dressed…

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