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Scorpion: In which we learn that you shouldn’t call Happy “sweetheart”

Another week, another Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era


Elwes Gabel Walter O’Brien

Katherine McPhee Paige Dineen

Eddie Kaye Thomas Toby Curtis

Jadyn Wong Happy Quinn

Ari Stidham Sylvester Dodd

Robert Patrick Cabe Gallo

Riley B. Smith Ralph Dineen

First Aired: 22nd September 2014

Plot: 90’s Ireland and the hacker known as Scorpion has hacked into NASA. American forces led my Federal Agent Cabe Gallo take ‘Scorpion’ into custody, but are surprised to find he is 10 year old Walter O’Brien.

Years later and Walter has acclimated to life in the US. He’s holding down a job, has lost his Irish accent and has no real idea how to deal with people. He, for example, thinks it’s perfectly appropriate to schedule his break up with his girlfriend to coincide with a job sorting out a diner’s WiFi network. In the diner with the owner is waitress Paige Dineen and her young son Ralph, who due to his lack…

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Spin Off Special: Stargate Atlantis, or in another galaxy they speak modern English?

This week’s Pilot Era Post and it’s a spin off

Pilot Era

First aired: 12th October 2004

Cast (Main):

Joe Flannigan Maj. John Sheppard

Tori Higginson Dr Elizabeth Weir

Rachel Luttrell Teyla Emmagan

Rainbow Sun Francks Lt. Aiden Ford

David Hewlett Rodney McKay

Paul McGillion Dr Carson Beckett

Cast (Guest):

Richard Dean Anderson Gen. Jack O’Neill

Michael Shanks Dr. Daniel Jackson

Robert Patrick Col. Marshall Sumner

Andee Frizell Wraith Queen

Spin Off Specifics:

Where did is spin-off from? Stargate SG-1

When did it spin-off from? This season ran alongside SG-1’s season 8.

What is different? Rather than set on Earth and dealing with the Go’auld, this was set in another galaxy in an alien city. Other than that it was a new cast, but very much a stargate show.

Was it necessary? The Lost City plot only really has a point if you are going to go to the Lost city, so there’s a story that can be told.

How did it…

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Warehouse 13: In which we learn where the Ark of the Covenant Ended Up

Another Pilot era post,
Probably should write something specific to this blog at some point.

Pilot Era


Artie Nielson Saul Rubinek

Myka Baron Joanne Kelly

Pete Latimer Eddie McClintock

Mrs. Frederick C C H Pounder

Leena Genelle Williams

First Aired: 7th July 2009

Plot: Secret Service Agent Myka Baron is running security on an event at the Smithsonian that the US President is due to attend. On the final run through of her security protocols, she encounters a curator, working on an ancient bloodstone. He cuts his hand and after Mya leaves, the bloodstone starts glowing. Elsewhere after a one night stand with a waitress working the event, the Secret Service Agent who wrote those protocols, Pete Latimer dresses and heads to the event himself.

At the Smithsonian, Pete talks to Myka who seems to find him quite the irritant, complaining about how the protocols have been changed and he asks that she delay proceedings since he feels something is wrong. Myka is less than…

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Dollhouse: In which we learn what you can be Ok with is flexible with enough money.

Another Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

_20180603_0829302022064776.jpgMain Cast:

Eliza Dushku Echo/Caroline Farrell/Miss Penn

Henry Lennix Boyd Langton

Olivia Williams Adele DeWitt

Tamoh Penikett Paul Ballard

Franz Kanz Topher Brink

Amy Acker Dr. Saunders

Enver Gjokai Anton Lubov

Dichen Lachman Sierra

Reed Diamond Mr Dominic

Guest Cast:

Kurt Caceras Gabriel Crestejo

Haley Alexis Pullo Davina Crestejo

First Aired:13th February 2009

Plot: A young woman named Caroline is in a meeting with Adelle DeWitt, she is being asked to volunteer for something. She’s clearly upset and is blaming herself for something. Miss DeWitt asks for 5 years, reluctantly she agrees.

It’s night-time, at some point later and two people are racing on motorbikes in the street. One of them is Caroline, but really it isn’t. The other is a guy called Matt. They race to his party and after a romantic moment, she is whisked away by Boyd Langton, who offers her a ‘treatment’ and she’s away…

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Lucifer: In which we learn that with Angels its sun’s out, guns out.

Another Pilot Era Post.

Pilot Era

_20180603_083051276838232.jpgFirst Aired:25 January 2016


Tom Ellis                                                    Lucifer Morningstar 

Lauren German                                     Det. Chloe Decker

Kevin Alejandra                                     Det. Daniel Espinoza

D.B. Woodside                                         Amenadiel

Lesley Ann Brandt                                 Mazikeen 

Scarlet Estevez                                      Beatrice ‘Trixie’ Decker

Rachael Harris         …

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Constantine: In which we learn that there are some really shoddy mental hospitals in England

And another Pilot Era post, a day early, so I can go on me jollies

Pilot Era

First Aired: 24th October 2014


Matt Ryan                John Constantine

Lucy Griffiths            Liv Aberdine

Charles Halford        Chas Chandler

Harold Perrineau    Manny

Jeremy Davies         Richie Simpson

Miles Anderson     Dr. Roger Huntoon

Julia Lehman         Talia

Plot: In mental hospital institution in England, voluntary patient John Constantine is struggling. He is a demonologist and exorcist who recently lost a young girl to a demon during an exorcism in Newcastle. He’s having a crisis of faith, whilst the staff at the hospital are trying to convince him that the darker worlds of magic are not real. But it’s not working, because the ghost of an old friend possesses a fellow patient to tell John that this old friend’s daughter is in grave danger. No…

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The A-Team: In which we learn that Hannibal liked dressing in Yellow Face (Done)

Another Pilot Era post.

Also TV series suggestions are welcome.

Pilot Era

First Aired22 July 1983


George Peppard John ‘Hannibal’ Smith

Mr. T Bosco ‘B.A.’ Baracus

Tim Dunigan Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck

Dwight Schultz H.M.Murdock

Melanie Culea Amy Allen

Plot: San Rio Blanco, a small village in Mexico is being repeatedly robbed and terrorised, this time the group is looking for American journalist Al Massey, who is with local Manny Cortez, tries on his own to escape, sparing the town any reprisals, but is caught. In LA, newspaper journalist Amy Amanda Allen is trying to find out what happened to her friend Al but is suspended by her editor, due to her harassing the authorities over the issue. At her wit’s end, she looks into another story her paper isn’t looking into, that being the team of soldiers on the run from the military police after escaping custody after they were arrested for a crime they didn’t commit. These men John’…

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Hot in Cleveland: In which we learn that even the dive bars are nice in Ohio

4th post from Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First Aired: 10 May 1997


Valerie Bertinelli Melanie Moretti

Jane Leeves Joy Scroggs

Wendie Malick Victoria Chase

Betty White Elka Ostrovksy

First Aired: 16th June 2010

Plot: Recently divorced writer Mel is having her midlife crisis and jets off to Paris with her best friends fading soap opera star Victoria and eyebrow sculptor Joy. She’s a bit more down, since they bump into her ex Anders, on his way to a romantic getaway with his new young fiance. They are on a plane from LA to Paris when some kind of technical problem causes the plane to crash-land in nearby Cleveland Ohio. The trio is shaken and seek a post near-death experience drink. In a bar they discover after years or LA men looking past them to younger women, here in Cleveland, men date women their own age and they are being hit on. Overwhelmed by…

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Lucky Number 7 Part 2

Part 1 is here

It took me a while after finishing season one, before I could start watching season two, for reasons that can be considered quite obvious if you know what happened in November. But once I had got back into the swing of things, I was once again hooked. Was this out of appreciation for the quality of the show? Or the cultural rubbernecking of watching a pretty naff production? I genuinely can’t decide, but I have enjoyed this show again.


Roj Blake –  Gareth Thomas

Kerr Avon –  Paul Darrow

Jenna Stannis   – Sally Knyvette

Vila Restal–  Michael Keating

Cally  –  Jan Chappel

Oleg Gan -David Jackson

Zen/ Orac – Peter Tuddenham

Servalan – Jacqueline Pearce

Travis -Brian Croucher

Debuting on 9th Jan 1979 (40 years before I watched it) Redemption opened the season with the builders of the Liberator coming back to retrieve it, giving us new villains in the System. After this it was back to war on the Federation, personified by Supreme Commander Servalan and her attack dog Travis, this time played by a different actor in a very Darren from Bewitched kind of way. We also get new outfits  and Orac gets a more prominent role. To be honest, the whole thing gets a upgrade in terms of writing and in places performances. We get more nuance from the team who waver in their support of Blake, especially when halfway through the season their mission and Blake’s single-minded fanatacism gets Gan killed. Blake has to pick himself back up and the team at times shows signs of cracking apart.

Travis also gets more screen time as he pivots from fugitive to secret weapon to fugitive again and we see his and Blake’s singlemindedness do nothing but harm to them. Blake and Avon also butt heads more as Avon tires of the idealism that threatens to decend into bloody revolution. The season leads us closer to the idea that Blake isn’t the hero that he makes himself out to be and he becomes more and more comfortable with the idea that the Federation isn’t going down without a whole lot of innocent people being killed.

We still have the problems with pacing, lack of decent fight choreography and bizarre directing choices and there’s more than a few racially insensitive moments, but by and large this show stands up better in it’s second season that it ever did in it’s first. The whole thing comes to a head with it’s final episode Star One, which saw the departure of more than one member of the cast.

The season ends on something of a cliff-hanger, with the crew forced to abandon their plan to cripple the Federation, when it becomes apparent that they need it intact to deal with an even greater threat as an external threat looms over the whole galaxy.

Much like the first season, this is a uneven affair. The actors for the most part give it their all, with Paul Darrow trying to out arch everyone and Jacqueline Pearce looking very slender for someone feasting so heavily on the scenery. It’s a better season as the show starts to shape itself into something new and hopefully better.

I enjoyed it better than the first one and am now a lot more invested in it, I’m hoping that’s a good thing?

Season three is next, wish me luck.


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Stargate SG-1: In which we learn that the Egyptian gods liked a bit of bush.

Post 3 from Pilot Era

Pilot Era

stargate.jpg.1379276374763.jpgFirst aired: 21 July 1997


Richard Dean Anderson Col. Jack O’Neill

Michael Shanks Dr. Daniel Jackson

Amanda Tapping Capt. Samantha Carter

Don. S. Davies Gen. George Hammond

Christopher Judge Teal’c

Alexis Cruz Skaara

Peter Williams Apophis

Brent Stait Lois Feretti

Jay Acovone Maj. Charles Kowalsky

Roberts Wisden Col. Samuels

Vaitiare Bandera Sha’re

Plot: The events on the Abydos mission (portrayed in the Stargate movie) have left the Stargate project mothballed and the gate itself is guarded by 6 bored US Air Force soldiers. One day during a poker game, the chevrons on the gate light up and the portal opens with the same water-like surge. Through it comes a sphere which seems to scan the area before and shock-wave from it knocks the soldiers off their feet. Before they can get back on their feet six figures in grey armour with snake helmets emerge, surrounding a seventh, dressed in…

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