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Cougar Town: In which we learn that 40 is the new 20, but crazy is timeless.

Week 2 of my new blog

Pilot Era

First aired: 23rd September 2009


Courtney Cox Jules Kiki Cobb

Christa Miller Ellie Torres

Busy Phillipps Laurie Keller

Dan Byrd Travis Cobb

Brian Van Holt Bobby Cobb

Ian Gomez Andy Torres

Josh Hopkins Grayson Ellis

Plot: Jules Cobb is a recently divorced 40 year old estate agent. The episode starts with her watching the local high school football team (the Cougars) with her 20 something friend/assistant Laurie and her 17 year old son Travis. Jules is lonely and wants to get back out there, eyeing up younger men, while her son eyerolls. She goes home and the next morning vents to her next door neighbour/best friend Ellie before watching her neighbour across the way (also 40 something and recently divorced) Grayson as he waltzes his latest college-aged conquest to her cab ride home. There’s some banter between the two and a quick visit from her former golf pro…

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The Journey Begins: In which we learn that I have watched a LOT of TV, seriously a LOT!

This is a new site I have been doing, quite curious to see how it goes.

Pilot Era

I am and always have been a comic fan, I am currently writing 2 or 3 blogs which state that fact quite eloquently. But as a man who was born into a nation with 3 channels that has watched it grow into 300+, I am just as much a TV guy. I have watched a lot of TV in my life and I have enjoyed that almost as much. Finding that hidden gem, or that series that you get and few others do, that sharing of something you love with someone and watching them get it, or howl with laughter as a sense of humour you thought was foreign to everyone but you, is something that you share. I like that, TV is something you can share with someone. With busy lives, lots to do and a son to raise, often there’s little that the MIGHTY Rosie and I can…

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