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My Marvel Life Presents : Fabulous First Issue – Man of Steel 1

First day of the week and it’s another Fabulous First Issue


Fabulous First Issue – Man of Steel



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Podcast a-go-go2 

My history with podcasts is almost inexorably linked to my battle with depression over the past 6 years.

But one podcast predates it, the excellent House to Astonish. Two men in Scotland talk comics with insight, humour and more than a little snark. They’ve been at it for ten years and this is the anniversary episode. I finished listening to it today and knew it was one to share.
[House to Astonish] Episode 168 – House to As10ish with Al Kennedy and Paul O’Brien via @PodcastAddict

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Podcast a-go-go

As I wrote in a previous post, my affection for Star Trek goes quite a way quite back. The Next Generation was where I really grew to love Trek and one of my favourite podcasters has recently done an episode of his excellent Palace of Glittering Delights all about TNG and it really is worth a listen. TNG was never a perfect show, but with over 180 episodes and 4 movies, there was some great stuff and he looks at 10 he enjoyed. I have an order I listen to podcasts in, being so behind on my subscriptions, but Palace always jumps the queue.
[Palace of Glittering Delights] 101 – Top Ten (ish) Treks II via @PodcastAddict

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New Website

As you know internet people, am a lazy man. So have avoided doing anything with my blogs to make them easier to read or find. This year has started as the year I get shit done. So have created the blog’s new domain.

So instead of it’s now at and there will be links to all my blogs all in one place.