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Trivial Calender July 9th – 15th

Having re-read this comic a few times, plus the full story from Superman 1, I found it a better read than much of the Silver Age output from 20 years later, truly an idea ahead of it’s time.

One of the many changes from the comics, the movies made the creation of Ultron a collaboration led by Tony Stark. It made sense being a movie, but the comics had a stranger and darker origin than that and to be honest both work for me.

We all have our favourite version of Batman, but this is my sons, which I always hold as up as an argument in favour of Batman.

I’m leaving this one, there’ll be a rant otherwise.

From his amazing work on Marvels and Kingdom Come, to his covers and pin up work Alex Ross is can make the most Silver Age of costume designs work. But his best work in my opinion was his covers to the post Infinite Crisis Justice Society Series.

This idea was explored more in the Dynamite series Kirby Genesis from about 10 years ago.

See you next time internet people.

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Last Week’s Comics 5

Smaller week this time thankfully.














Domino 4

Marvel Comics : written by Gail Simon, art by David Baldeon

Domino studies under Shang Chi, master of kung fu, just not as under him as she wants.

What I liked: Slick story, clever dialogue and a little bit fun.

What I didn’t: Less than enthused by the villain and the pacing.

Overall 3 / 5 Not bad, but waiting for great.


Marvel Comics : written by Saladin Ahmed, pencils by Javier Rodriguez

The Exiles bring their first story to an explosive climax.

What I liked: It was a fun and exciting finale with stakes and heart.

What I didn’t: Less than original, unsure what the series will be from here.

Overall 4/5 Fun comics are good comics.

Hawkman 2

DC Comics: written by Robert Venditti, art by Brian Hitch

Hawkman continues to search for clues to his many histories and the oncoming threat.

What I liked: More history, more Hawkmen and it all looks beautiful.

What I didn’t: Still needs better pacing and more info on this new threat.

X-Men Blue 31

Marvel Comics: written by Cullen Bunny and art by Jorge Molina

The X-Men realise that Magneto might go too far and go after him. Too far? Surely not, him being so reserved and such.

What I liked: Finally some plot and we get the X-Men after Magneto but with a bloodier edge than before.

What I didn’t: Still not loving the art, sorry.

Overall: 4/5 Back on track and highly enjoyable.

Comic of the week: Superman 1

DC Comics: written by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Joe Prado

A return to form as Superman battles monsters, loneliness, temptation and the Phantom Zone

What I liked: From the pages of Man of Steel,we get the next chapter and it’s a good one. Art and words work well together and Bendis does have something to say.

What I didn’t: Again, nothing this was a really good comic.

Overall 5/5 More of this sort of thing please.

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Last Week’s Comics 4

Another good week.

















Astonishing X-Men 13

Marvel Comics: written by Matthew Rosenberg, pencils by Greg Land.

Disgraced Avenger and X-Man Havok tries to do good again, getting involved with Beast’s drama and the Reavers.

What I liked: I liked the team set out on the cover, am also a fan of Havok and it’s all questions at this point.

What I didn’t: Not a fan of Greg Land, none of his faces are consistent or particularly on model and the bashing of Havok is overdone here.

Overall: 3/5 a decent start if nothing else.

Avengers 4

Marvel Comics: written by Jason Aaron and art by Ed McGuiness

Thor and Hulk head to Asgard to find out what Odin knows and find a way to stop the Celestial.

What I liked: More pieces fall into place and story is starting to take shape.

What I didn’t: It still hasn’t had the moment that pulls me into it completely.

Overall: A bit greatest hits, but enjoying the Avengers again.

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider 21

Marvel Comics: written by Peter David with Will Sliney on art.

One Scarlet Spider battles a Mindless One whilst the other takes on Sauron with a child’s life at stake in each battle.

Go Go Power Rangers 11

Boom studios: Written by Ryan Parrott, illustrated by Dan Mora.

with be

Future Kimberly battles the team and the threat of Darkkon grows ever greater.

What I liked: Familiar characters with better writing and a crossover in two different eras as tight as any the big two are doing.

What I didn’t: Still no end to Shattered Grid in sight, some part xx of xx would have been nice.

Overall: 3/5 Still better than a power rangers series has any business being.

Infinity Countdown Champions: 2

Marvel Comics: written by Jim Zub with art by Emilio Laiso

The Champions battle for the Chitauri against the Chitauri.

What I liked: High action and quippy writing.

What I didn’t: It feels a little soulless and unnecessary to the overall event.

Overall: 2 out of 5, still a little disappointing.

Justice League 3

DC Comics: Written by Scott Snyder with art by Jorge Jimenez

The Justice League faces the Ultraviolet Lantern as the scale of the problem increases dramatically.

What I liked: More background on Sinestro and some Source Wall shenanigans.

What I didn’t: It’s rising action, but after all the exposition I am still not feeling the tension.

Overall: I want to like this better than I do 2/5.

X-Men Gold 31

Marvel Comics: written by Marc Guggenheim, art by Pere Perez

In the aftermath of the wedding, Mesmero starts manipulating Rachel Summers.

What I liked: That we are not still doing the wedding story.

What I didn’t: Rachel has had too little characterisation for this to work so well.

Overall: 4/5 Optimistic start.

Comic of the Week: Man of Steel 6

DC Comics: written by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Jason Fabok.

The climax to the battle with Rogon Zaar.

What I liked: Solid writing and clean and eye pleasing art by Fabok lead to a story that holds together and makes me eager to see what’s next.

What I didn’t: Nothing

Overall 5/5 Bendis proves some of the haters wrong, including me to be honest.

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Trivial Calender 2nd – 9th July

Another bulk post, might end up being the status quo.

Perfectly true and right in every way, but wrong comic, it was Action Comics 252. The MIGHTY Rosie warned me that I would spend my time finding the mistakes.

Really the Squadron is based on the Squadron Sinister, who were old Avengers villains, who were based on one of the teams on this list.

Answer is the Justice League, there are analogues for all of them.

I have one question about Cerebro, which is how a geneticist got his hands on it. Cerebro simply reminds me that Professor X is as dodgy as f**k.

The only comment I have is that Mogo is a Green Lantern and not an ape.

Answer is Bat-Cow, because why not.

The place I first saw Amanda Conner’s work was the Harley Quinn and Power Girl series that was chock full of fun and comedy and much of it was in the art. I really should re-read that series.

And finally the weekend.

Simon and Kirkby’s Captain America was fascinating and had an energy that went beyond what anyone else had been doing.

Well now I am up to date, see you guys again.

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Trivial Calener 25th June – 1st July

Going to do some bulk ones, because life doesn’t always let you keep a schedule.

It was a headline grabbing move, during that period where stories about aliens, magic rings and costumed heroics had to be relevant to real life. Denny O’Neil was better at it than most and his story showing the descent of Roy Harper into the life of an addict was bold and interesting and led to many years of great story-lines, long after O’Neil left the title and the character of Speedy behind.

I have written before about my fondness for Valiant Comics and it’s an imprint I want to get back to, the whole super hero universe trappings, but with so very few characters you can call super heroes was a fascinating place that has recently seen a reboot and a web series, having watched a couple of episodes, I will admit it’s worth watching.

Answer: Psiots apparently. Not as catchy clearly.

Well I am not going to point out again my dislike for Jimmy Olsen, but I recently watched Batman vs Superman recently and enjoyed seeing him shot through the head again.

I sometimes forget that this story happened. I also remember Muhammad Ali showing up in an Iron Man comic somewhere too.

Answer was Superman. It is a fun comic with great art.

Many see the best final Superman story to be Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, but All Star Superman is by far a more fitting swan song to the Man of Steel. Whilst being very much a Vertigo writer in his sensibilities, Grant Morrison is also a huge fan of super heroes, he’s not illusions about them, but loves them none the less. His name on a comic is halfway to getting me to read it no matter what. I have a signed copy of his book Supergods in my study as we speak, a gift from SuperSam and the MIGHTY Rosie, which I have read three times already and his Seven Soldiers of Victory series should be the Gold standard for mini events of it’s kind, it’s that good.

Many actors have done a good job as Superman, more have done well as Lex Luthor, but lets be honest, the actor you associate with Zod is Terence Stamp. “You will bow down before me Jor-El. You and someday, your heirs!!!” Yes he is chewing on scenery, but damn it if that performance doesn’t stick with long after everything else about Superman II leaves your head.

Ttfn Internet people, the weekend awaits.

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For the Love of Comics: The loss of a titan

Found out that Steve Ditko passed away at 90 years of age. One of the trinity of silver age marvel along with the late Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, Ditko was a massive part of comics history. The man who defined the look, feel and much of the plotting of the first few years of Amazing Spider-Man, he was a legend of the time, having a  distinct style which was uniquely his. His work on Spider-Man and Doctor Strange were iconic and much of the characters he came up with, still are used today, with only small cosmetic changes to them.

I don’t have some story to tell, how Spider-Man or Doctor Strange comics changed my life, but I have recently been re-reading some early Spider-Man stories, some even last night and it makes his loss somewhat sadder. To his friends or family, he’s gone, but for the millions of comic fans who adored his work, his legacy is immortal.

Good journey Mr Ditko and thankyou for all you gave to us.


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Last Week’s Comics 3

3 for 3 internet people. Kind of enjoying this.


Cyberforce 4

Image Comics: Written by Bryan Hill & Matt Hawkins with art by Artilo Rojo

The Aphrodite from the future alongside Killjoy, attacks Stryker, his daughter and the present day Aphrodite.

What I liked: It’s beautiful to look at and there are some lovely father daughter moments here too.

What I didn’t: There isn’t anything really new here, or in fact any fun.

Overall: 2 out of 5, I think I’ve just dropped this comic.

Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk 3

Marvel Comics: Written by Chris Sims & Chad Bowers with art by Gang Lim

Darkhawk learns more about his true power and pulls himself back towards life to take the fight to Talonar.

What I liked: This was the end of act 2, with the hero ready to take the bad guy down, it felt triumphant and I am genuinely looking forward to the end of this mini, for good reasons.

What I didn’t: It feels a bit trite and trope heavy here and the art remains lacklustre.

Overall: 3 out of 5

Man of Steel 5

DC Comics: Written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencils by Adam Hughes

Rogol Zaar and Superman battle, inter-cut with family drama and secondary characters, before Earth faces the same fate as Krypton.

What I liked: Bendis does seem have found his voice for Superman. He’s strong, but thoughtful, preferring to reason, but ready and able to fight when needed. It feels like Superman, I am ready for the Bendis era, if this is what we are going to get.

What I didn’t: Jason Fabok and Alex Sinclair on inks aren’t a great fit for Hughes and the colours and shading make the unsightliness worse.

Overall: 4 out of 5

Multiple Man 1

Marvel Comics: Written by Matt Rosenberg with art by Andy MacDonald

There’s a surviving dupe of Jamie Madroz, but he’s dying. But it’s Multiple Man, so it’s a little more complicated than that.

What I liked: Zany, manic and fun writing in a story that by design makes little sense. It kind of feels like coming home.

What I didn’t: Well it’s not Peter David, so them is some big-assed shoes to fill.

Overall: 4 out of 5.

Thor 2

Marvel Comics: Written by Jason Aaron, art by Mike DelMundo

Thor and Loki arrive in Niffleheim, maeeting with Tyr, Karnilla, Balder the Brave and Skurge. As they are all there, the battle for Hel’s throne heats up.

What I liked: A bit of a breather here as the sons of Odin catch up. Some history is looked at, Thori the hound goes a murdering, Skurge moons over the Enchantress and Thor gets back to being a fantastic heroic epic. I really liked this.

What I didn’t:  Still not loving Mike DelMundo’s art and I miss Mjolnir.

Overall: 4/5

I was on the fence, but am sticking with this title now.

X-Men Blue 30

Marvel Comics: Written by Cullen Bunn, art by Nathan Stockman

The sons of Wolverine clash as I realise that I probably should have read Venomised.

What I liked: Someone is trying to do something with Daken and I am enjoying the X-Men Blue team being back in the title more. It’s a lot of talking, but it seems to be going somewhere.

What I didn’t: To be honest, felt a bit lost without reading the Venomised series, so did get a WTF is happening feeling about the comic.

Overall: 3/5

C’mon X-Men Blue, you’re betting than this.

Comic of the Week: Marvel Two in One 7

Marvel Comics: Written by Chip Zdarsky, art by Ramon Perez

Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, Rachina and Victor Von Doom arrive on a new Battleworld, where bizarre battles and harsh truths abound.

What I liked: Am enjoying the dialogue, the banter and the sense of fun that permeates this book. It feels in the spirit of the Two in One of old and something of primer for a returning Fantastic Four.

What I didn’t: I think I have lost out missing the recent Annual.

Overall: 5 out of 5

Solid, well written fun.


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Trivial Calender June 22nd

Creators for a Friday and a legitimate legend.

There is a very short list of creators who are as good writers as artists but Walt Simonson’s one of that lot.

His work on Thor was epic in the extreme. The recent film Thor Ragnarok was a testament to that greatness.

The words Gjallerbru were given such power by him that it stays with you.