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Spin Off Special: Torchwood: In which we learn Dr Harper should on the sex offenders register.

Well it seems silly to leave this one till next week now.

Pilot Era

First aired:22nd October 2006


John Barrowman   –   Captain Jack Harkness

Eve Myles   –   Gwen Cooper

Burn Gorman  – Doctor Owen Harper

Noako Mori  –  Toshiko Sato

Indira Varma  –  Suzie Costello

Kai Williams   –   Rhys Williams

Gareth Davies-Lloyd  –  Ianto Jones

Tom Price  –   PC Andy

Spin Off Specifics:

Where did is spin-off from? Doctor Who

When did it spin-off from? This season ran alongside Doctor Who’s season 3.

What is different? Rather than being set anywhere and anytime, this show focuses on present day Cardiff.

Was it necessary? Not really but the name Torchwood was all over season 2 of the new Doctor Who and people did seem to like the Captain Jack character.

How did it compare? Very different in both tone and premise, there’s little places to compare it.

Plot:Cardiff, there’s…

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Reboots and Reimaginings – Doctor Who: In which we learn lots of planets have a North.

Just Posting one for Thursday

Pilot Era

First aired:17th March 2005


Christopher Eccleston – The Doctor

Billie Piper – Rose Tyler

Camille Coduri – Jackie Tyler

Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith

Mark Benton – Clive

Nicholas Briggs – Voice of the Nestene

Reboot Specifics:

What and When was the Originial? Doctor Who (1963)

What did they keep? The name of the main character and the TARDIS.

What did they change? The main character has had some changes, but that wasn’t a new idea for this show.

Are here nods to the past? The villain is the same one from Spearhead from Space back in the 1970’s.

Does it stand on it’s own two feet or does it need the connection to the original? It is very much it’s own show, but it still connects to it’s past.

Plot: The planet Earth, the UK, London, the Powell Estate and an alarm clock goes off. Shop worker…

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Doctor Who: In which we learn that some teachers have a bit too much free time.

Another Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era

First aired: 23rd November 1963


William Russell  – Ian Chesterton

Jacqueline Hill   –Barbara Wright

Carol Anne Ford  – Susan Foreman

William Hartnell  – The Doctor

Synopsis: A policeman walks past Foreman’s Scrapyard on Potter’s Lane in London. In the yard is a blue Police Box. From there we move to the nearby Coal Hill School.

At the school two teachers, science teacher Ian Chesterton and his colleague history teacher Barbara Wright are discussing a mutual student, Susan Foreman. She’s good at both history and science, but has many gaps in more basic knowledge such as current money. She’s a mystery and the pair decide to follow her home and learn more about her. They offer her a lift home, but she refuses, again being mysterious and evasive. They expected this, so lie in wait at the address given when she started school, Potter’s Lane. (So we…

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Highlander: In which we learn how phallic swords really are.

Pressed publish instead of update, so here’s an extra post

Pilot Era

First aired: 3rd October 1992

Cast (Main):

Adrian Paul – Duncan McLeod

Alexandra Vandernoot –Tessa Noel

Stan Kirsch – Richie Ryan

Cast (Guest):

Christopher Lambert – Conner McLeod

Richard Moll –Slan Quince

Wendell Wright – Sgt Powell

Synopsis: After a slightly overlong monologue and a Queen track a teenage boy is breaking into an antique store, while the owner and his girlfriend are enjoying some intimate fun upstairs. Once indoors, he starts looking for somethin to steal. Upstairs, the male part of the couple upstairs senses something is wrong and heads downstairs, wielding a japanese sword.

The thief is witness to another sword wielder come in. The shop owner identifies himself as Duncan McLeod of the clan McLeod, the newcomer calls himself Slan Quince, who points out that he wants Duncan’s head. Before anything else happens, a third sword wielding man arrives, identifying himself as Connor…

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Primeval in which we learn that sometimes there IS a dinosaur outside the window.

Another Pilot Era post for a Thursday

Pilot Era

First aired: 10th February 2007


Douglas Henshall – Dr Nick Cutter

Juliet Aubrey – Helen Cutter

James Murray – Stephen Hart

Lucy Brown – Claudia Brown

Andrew Lee Potts – Connor Temple

Hannah Spearitt – Abby Maitland

Ben Miller – James Lester

Synopsis: In an Asda car park a woman is chased by a prehistoric creature. She outruns it, barely.

Eight years later at Central Metropolitan University, Professor Nick Cutter and his assistant Stephen Hart are accosted by one of Cutter’s over-eager students Connor Temple, who tells Cutter about a ‘monster’ sighting in the local Forest of Dean. He manages to convince the pair to check it out. At a nearby zoo, reptile keeper Abby is sacked by her boss, on her way out, she finds correspondence from a woman whose son found an unknown species of lizard in the same place, Abby decides to go check it out.

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Star Trek: In which we learn that ship’s doctors are dirty old men.

Another Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era

First aired: 19th August 1992


Jeffrey Hunter – Captain Christopher Pike

Susan Oliver – Vina

Leonard Nimoy – Spock

Majel Barrett – Number One

John Hoyt – Doctor Boyce

Peter Duryea – Lt Jose Tyler

Laurel Goodwin –Yeoman Colt

Synopsis: On the bridge of the USS Enterprise, an alert sounds, but the crew has no idea what the oncoming danger is. It turns out that it’s an 18 year old radio signal. Seeing no reason to change their course Pike tells them to maintain course and head to the local spacedock to get some of the injured crew medical attention after their previous mission to the Rigel system. He leaves the bridge and goes to his quarters, soon joined by the ship’s doctor and his friend Dr Boyce. Like admits to being tired and worn out from the responsibility and stressed of starship command and is considering…

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Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23: In which we learn new levels of crazy.

Another Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era

First Aired:24th May 2012


Kristin Ritter                                  Chloe

Dreama Walker                             June Colburn

James Van Der Beek                    Himself

Erik Andre                                   Mark Reynolds

Liza Lapira                                  Robin

Michael Blailock                        Eli Webber

Plot: A woman called Chloe enters an apartment and proceeds to have sex with the man there, including ending up on the birthday cake of her flatmate June.

A week earlier, June has got a new job at…

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Midnight Texas: In which we learn that no matter how strange you are, you’re not the weirdest person you know.

Thursday again and it’s a Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

First aired:24th July 2017


Francois Arnaud – Manfred Bernardo

Dylan Bruce – Bobo Winthrop

Parisia Fitz-Henley – Fiji Cavanagh

Arielle Kebbel – Olivia Charity

Jason Lewis – Joe Strong

Joanne Camp – Xylda

Peter Mensah – Lemuel Bridger

Sarah Ramos – Creek Lovell

Yul Vazquez – Rev. Emilio Sheehan

Bernard Saracino – Chuy Strong

Kellee Stewart – Madonna Reed

Joe Smith – Voice of Mr Snuggles

Plot: A con artist poses as a medium, appearing to contact the dead husband of a wealthy widow. Problem is that Manfred is an actual medium and has the dead husband’s spirit finds his way into him and terrifies the client. That particular threat over, Manfred relaxes, only to get a call from someone called Hightower. Once that ominous call is ended, he is heading out of town with great haste. He heads towards the town called Midnight, at…

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Bones – In which we learn whenever you need help, you flash your boobs.

Another Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

First aired:13th September 2005


Emily Deschanel  –  Dr. Temperance Brennan

David Boreanaz  –  Special Agent Seeley Booth

Michaela Conlin  –  Angela Montenegro

Eric Milegan  –  Zack Addy

T J Thyne   –   Dr. Jack Hodgins

Johnathan Adams  – Dr. Daniel Goodman

Synopsis: A Plane lands in Washington DC, Angela Montenegro looks for the arrivals and is getting nowhere, until she flashes one of the staff, only to find the person she was looking for, her friend and boss Temperance Brennan has already got off the plane and is behind her. They are immediately accosted by a Homeland Security agent, who doesn’t identify himself, leading Brennan to take the man to the floor, before being arrested. Then the FBI show up in the form of Seeley Booth. Booth wants Brennan’s help, but after their last encounter, Brennan wants no part of that and tells him…

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