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Trivial Calender February 19th

Significant issues again.

This is one of several references to the Netflix series and the version of Luke in those series is a good combination of the previous versions of the Hero for Hire. Though for me it’s his friendship with Iron Fist that defines how I see that character. Another highpoint is his appearances in New Avengers during Civil War. New Post ideas there…

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Trivial Calender February 16th

Creators again and this one is a little more recent.

When I got into collecting comics, the first number 1 I got was the X-Men relaunch of 1991. It was dynamic, detailed and grabbed my attention immediately. When Jim Lee started Image, his studio ‘Wildstorm’ produced the most interesting titles and I appreciate most of his impact on the comics industry. Not a fan of Hush though.

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Trivial Calender February 12th

Significant Issues again and it’s a bit of history.

Sometimes a comic comes along and it doesn’t do what the creators intended, but has such an effect it changes comics forever. This is then end of the Bronze age. It was a deconstruction of the concept of Superheroes, using analogues to DC’s recently acquired Charlton characters. The change was so the DC editorial people could reuse them elsewhere, so new characters were created. Thunderbolt became Ozymandias, Captain Atom became Dr Manhattan, Blue Beetle became Nite-Owl, Nightshade became Silk Spectre and the Question became the unforgettable Rorsharch. The idea by writer Alan Moore was to break down the idea of superheroes and when the story had run it’s course and gone out of print, he’d have the rights. Of course it became one of the best comic series of the 80’s, rarely is left out of anyone’s best of lists and as a result has never been out of print. Moore being a victim of his own success.

If you are a comic fan, then you most likely have already read Watchmen, if you haven’t it’s place as a must read graphic novel is well deserved and it does need to be read. It does contain one of my favourite panels of dialogue.

“You don’t understand, I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with ME!”


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Trivial Calender February 9th

Creators again and this was a bit harder to find the right words for…


There are many great creators of the Silver Age, then there’s Don Heck, as good as anyone DC had (except Carmine Infantino), Don suffers against the dynamism of Kirby, or the genre-spanning artistry of Ditko, but he did have a fantastic body of work and some great comics had his name attached to them.