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There’s a general election tomorrow.

I don’t know how to feel about it, being so utterly demoralised regarding the most recent votes I’ve seen the last 2 years. We’ve had the last election here in England, the Brexit vote, and the US election. Politics aside, I can only see it as the wrong result in each vote. Not a vote that I don’t agree with because of personal beliefs or any of that, but the wrong people won. Out of the two evils, the lesser one lost.

And here we are again, an election looms (an election that the person who called it, said wouldn’t exist) and I am no more optimistic than before. But I suppose that I must (if only to get it out of my head) speak my peace.

Vote. Please vote, too many people have died for this right, too many suffer who do not have it and as a citizen in this country you do have a responsibility. I’m sure everyone has their reasons for not, those who feel so disenfranchised from the political process in this country. To those who feel this way, my response is simple. Who’s fault is that?

Here’s the fact that we the people and the political classes have forgotten. They work for us.

That shouldn’t need saying, but there it is. They work for us. They are our servants and they exist solely to represent us and serve that interest. We refer to them as leaders, but in reality there job is to administrate the governing of this country. They are not heads of state (we have a monarchy for that, a figurehead one at that, mostly ceremonial) they are civil servants who we hire, pay for and fire. If they are not listening to you, then vote them out. If young people become heavier voters, they’ll have to list to them, if they don’t why should they? They work for us and it’s time we pointed that out to them and the only way to do that is vote. We get the government we deserve and I’m not pleased with what we’ve deserved so far.

Who to vote for is the choice you make, from one of the big two, to a smaller party, to spoiling your ballot. But the vote itself, needs to be there. We are the power in this country, don’t ever forget that.


Personally I am voting against the conservatives. I’m voting labour because to be honest, I like schools, I like the NHS and I like treating people like people and not pieces of shit. I don’t like war, rewarding failure or kowtowing to rich people who are a wasteful minority who do not add as much as they want us to think they do. This country is just that, not a business. We deserve a better class of government and I’m voting against the amoral creatures we have now, because I still have hope we can as a people do better. It’s not a question of personalities, or Corbyn over May, it’s this.. what’s happening now isn’t working. We need to change things, voting against the sitting government is a way of doing that. Get them to raise their game and do their job properly. Anyone with a job will admit that if we did 2% of the illegal, incompetent or straight up dodgy shit some politicians do, we’d get sacked, wouldn’t we?

Please vote. If you disagree with the rest of what I said (and if you do, thanks for at least giving me a fair shake here) agree with that. We need to vote and in great numbers to deserve and to get a better class of government. People have died to give us that chance and we owe it to them, not to waste that chance.


Okay, rant over

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Administrative S**t

Standing Guard

In the interests of saving space on here, am going to be removing any non-Guardians of the Galaxy posts from Standing Guard. What I’ve been doing recently is sharing stuff from my other blogs to here, rather than add new content, which doubles the space I am using.

If you are following this blog for new content, the two blogs I am using here are Munky on Merseyside (,) for personal stuff and general geekiness and ( ) for My Marvel Life related stuff.

There will be new content here from time to time, but if you’re following this blog, please follow the others for the stuff I have been posting here in the past year.

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Miscellaneous College Writing Part 2

I was given

They said she was wild, like lightning in a bottle..

Then I got 6 minutes…

Wild, a bird on fire.

They said she was wild, like lightning in a bottle, I can see why.

I’m watching her from the bar, this girl I was told about. I get a text from Barry, telling me her name is Gemma. I walk over to her, she isn’t dancing, but her body sways to the music. She hasn’t seen me, not that I am one to notice. My shoes squeak as I walk, unheard by anyone else, but deafening to me. The only sound louder is my heartbeat. Two more steps and my palms begin to sweat. I’ve come in here a couple of times this week now, if she sees me she’ll think I’ve been doing this to watch her. I have, but I don’t want her to know that. Two more steps and my mouth is dry. I’m beginning to panic. this is a panic attack. I’m having a panic attack! I stop, I take my phone out as if I received a message. My head slows, I#m under control, I probably over-reacted. I take a few more steps, she’s even more beautiful up close, she’s dancing now, furious and passionate. Sweat clings to her and her joy is obvious. I’m almost there.

I can’t do this, I run to the toilets, cold water on my face, almost throwing up. I step out. She’s still there, so beautiful and happy. On her shoulder I can see a tattoo of a bird on fire, that’s her in a nutshell. Me? I’m a guy trying to leave a bar without being seen.

I’ll try again tomorrow, 5th time’s the charm right?

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Miscellaneous College Writing Part 1

I was given this line

Of course I believe in Father Christmas.

and then 6 minutes…

this is what I came up with.


“Of course I believe in Father Christmas.” He said adamantly. “Otherwise who delivers the presents the elves make?”

She was stunned by this reply. This was a full grown, working man, all suited and buttoned down, passionately affirming the existence of Santa. “You realise he isn’t real right?”
“And you know that for a fact do you? You can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt?”
“No, of course not. But every grown up knows that.”

“Yet every child knows that to be false, don’t they?”
She stared at him, before it was disbelief, this gave way to amusement, but know she was annoyed. “The toys were from your parents, you have to know that.”
“Some of them were, I’m not stupid! Only some of them were from Father Christmas. How else can you explain wealthier kids getting more toys?” She sat back further into her chair, exasperated.

This had been the weirdest first date she had ever been on.

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Mystery Blogger Tag from Lennon


About ten days or so ago, was tagged by the always entertaining Lennon Carlyle of the excellent Fabulous with Glitches. Her posts have almost always been either entertaining or hilarious. Her writing is honest and fun and am always glad to see that’s she’s posted something. In particular her comedic Mullet Monday and Humpday Shenanigans are particular highlights, several of them I have reblogged. Check her out and Lennon, thanks again for nominating me.

Rules for nominees: 

  • Put the award logo/ picture on your blog 
  • List the rules 
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog 
  • Mention the creator of the award and link their blog too 
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself 
  • You have to nominate 10-20 people 
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog 
  • Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, wierd or funny question (mention) 
  • Share your link to your best post

Thank you to Okoto Enigma for creating this award. I think it’s a fantastic way for all of us to get to know one another and share each others blogs. I love meeting new bloggies and this is a great opportunity to meet new people.
Three Random Facts about me:

1: Although not a physically adventurous individual, this summer I para-sailed and it was as awesome as I hoped and more.

2: The best place I have ever been was a beach in a cove on the coast of Salou in Spain. It was so beautiful and completely devoid of people.

3: I am almost never wearing identical socks. Was that random enough?

Lennon’s Questions were

1.) What’s your favourite concert you’ve ever went to and why is it your favourite?

I’m not big into live music, I fact I feel is a deficiency. Although about ten years ago, had some mates who were in bands and went to see them live to support them.

2.) Have you ever done something shameful but don’t regret it? If so, feel like sharing that deep secret with us?

I feel shame about too many things, so it’s hard to answer that question. Have done some naughty things in my time (haven’t we all?) but I don’t think too many of them are actually shameful.

3.) If you won the lottery what would you do? Where would you live? What would you buy? Would you give some to charity and if so, what would that charity be?

Travel would be the thing I’d do most. I’d buy a load of property and have that as an income stream and use it to travel the world. I’d live just far enough away from a city to enjoy the country a bit. I’d give some to charity, mainly focusing on health issues.

4.) Do you cook? If so, what’s the best thing you cook and can you share the recipe with us possibly? Please????

After years of living on takeaways and meals out, have been encouraged (by my expanding waistline) to get into the kitchen a bit more, did a really nice omelette the other day, so I think this is a question for the future me, not the present me.

5.) Do you have any special plans for 2017 or hopes?

After 3 years of a hell of my minds own making, am planning to make all kinds of changes this year, am losing weight, getting a new tattoo, exercising better, start driving and more. This is the year me and my family start winning. As for hopes, I hope that more people realise that it’s just us here and we need to start treating eachother better.

My nominees are


Now my questions:

1: What makes you laugh? When was the last time you laughed?

2: Where is your favourite place in the world?

3: Who is your favourite fictional character?

4: Do you have a pet? What was your favourite pet ever?

5:  What are you looking forward to?


And with that, I’m am outta here

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For the geek in me, 2016 was awesome! part 3

Rounding off the pop culture trilogy, the best new TV I saw last year.

10: Hunters


I mentioned this tv program in my recent 5 Sci Fi series that aren’t ‘Franchises’ so won’t talk as much about it here.

9: Killjoys


Same for this one if I am honest.

8: Expanse


And this one too.

7: Constantine


This was one of shows that was cut short in it’s prime. Obstensibly an adaptation of DC/Vertigo title Hellblazer, it is the story of part time exorcist, part time mage and full time arsehole John Constantine. John is from Liverpool (Woo Hoo) but lives in America a lot of the time and gets caught up in mystical and demonic activities. Realising that something is coming, he takes a more active hand in dealing with it. We have unkillable men, demons, voodoo priests, clairvoyants, ghosts, angels and tons more besides and takes place in the darker corners of the CW DC TV universe. Matt Ryan nails Constantine as a good, if unscrupulous man, racked with guilt and haunted by his actions, he is a relatable, if not always likeable lead. We have references to First of the Fallen, Doctor Fate, Felix Faust and the Spectre, but this is in no way inaccessible to non-Vertigo fans and even though cut off halfway through season 1, is worth watching on Amazon Prime or getting on DVD/Blu-Ray, a sequel animated series is on the way, but this is where the series shines.

6: Legends of Tomorrow


From the same stable as Arrow and The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow is an ensemble show using characters that have shown up in the two shows before (including Sarah Lance, Ray ‘the Atom’ Palmer, Dr Martin ‘half of Firestorm’ Stein, Jefferson ‘the other half’ Jackson, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Captain Cold and Heatwave) as well as Rip Hunter the Time Master. Rip is played by Arthur Darvil (the dopey guy from season 5 of Doctor Who) and gathers this team of potential legends to battle the evil Vandal Savage across history in his time ship WaveRider. An uneven show, it took time to find it’s feet. But at all points it was a lot of fun.

5: Lucifer


Another one from my 5 sci fi shows post.

4: Jessica Jones


The second of Marvel/Netflix’s collaboration shows, this was by far the biggest risk as it was the most obscure. Jessica Jones was the protagonist of the mature readers Marvel series Alias by Brian Michael Bendis. This is the story of a fallen/failed hero, suffering PTSD from her time under the control of a man she knows only as Killgrave. This series was bold, unflinching in places and at times disturbing. Kristen Ritter played Jones as a mess, but very much an understandable one, while David Tennant was gleefully evil as Killian, yet still had moments of sympathetic depth sprinkled around. Full of action, suspense and choice language, it was proof that Marvel could do really good TV when not tied to network needs.

Speaking of Jessica Jones

3: Luke Cage


I reviewed this on another post, so here’s that

2: iZombie



This wasn’t particularly new to 2016, but it only got to Netflix at that point. This is a glorious find with an interesting and distinct take on the walking undead. Here final year medical student Liv is scratched by a zombie at a party she attended at her fiance’s request. She passes out, waking inside a body bag with a streak of hair turned white (soon joined by the rest of her hair) and a hunger for human brains. This version of zombieism is different in that the zombie retains their human personality and faculties, they’re just pale and hunger for brains. The brains often cause flashes of the brain donor’s life in the zombie’s head. This leads to the zombie temporarily acquiring new personality traits. Liv ends up working in a morgue with no real interest in doing anything other than eating brains, but falls backwards into helping a rookie detective solve cases using what he thinks are psychic vision, but are actually brain related side-effects. The series then follows her rebuilding her life, searching for a cure and allowing the search for justice to help her sleep at night.

It’s well acted, funny, bonkers in places and incredibly accessible. The cast is varied and very good with stand-out work from David Anders as sort of bad-guy zombie Blaine. If you have Netflix, watch it, if you don’t first month is free, just saying.


And finally, though it isn’t Sci-Fi or anything, it has been the most surprising and fun show I have watched this year.

1: Lethal Weapon


Two things before I start

1: I have never really enjoyed the majority of re-makes and re-boots of functioning properties.

2: I have a great fondness for the Lethal Weapon franchise, the first film being a favourite amongst christmas movies for both myself and  the Mighty Rosie.

So you can imagine that I wasn’t inclined to give a TV remake/Damon Wayans Snr vehicle much of a chance. I’m glad I did. Given a weekly format, this series allows more depth to several characters from Clayne Crawford’s tortured Martin Riggs, to the police appointed psychiatrist trying to help him as well as Wayans’ Roger Murtaugh, a veteran cop trying to get back into the swing of things after a heart attack, but far from the ‘too old for this shit’ version of the movies. The lead’s chemistry is entertaining and immediate, with Rog’s exasperation with Riggs’ reckless actions as he acts with little thought and less care. This isn’t some cheap knock-off, but a distillation, being true to the spirit of the action comedy elements of the film, but very much it’s own animal. Definitely worth a try.

So there you have it.

2016 was something of a geek’s dream and there was plenty to take your mind of the stresses of the world, so you can put them into perspective. The TV and movies on these lists were things I shared with friends and loved ones and that’s just the new stuff, not counting new series of TV I was watching last year.

With new films and TV coming, new challenges in my personal life and new battles to be fought, 2017 looks like an interesting year. I think it’s going to be fun and will do all I can to make sure.

Ta Ta for Now internet people.



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For the Geek in me, 2016 was awesome! Part 2

These are the top ten films I saw last year, some weren’t realised in 2016, but that’s when I saw them.

10: Jupiter Ascending


This was a strange little sci-fi movie, with an odd cast in odd roles, but to be honest was highly entertaining. Maid from a large family Jupiter (Mila Klunis) finds out that she is alien royalty and is then caught up in the politics of a human race that has colonised much of the galaxy, not just one planet. It’s action packed, high concept and looks very good. Flawed in places, it’s just nice seeing a fresh story on the big screen.

9: Transformers: Age of Exinction


On the other side of that, we have the 4th Michael Bay-verse Transformers film. To be honest, after the snore-fest of Dark of the Moon, this was something of a relief. We are without a returning Megatron and the bad guys here aren’t Decepticons, but are in fact the human race, who are interested in creating their own Transformers and sell the Autobots out to get that power. Also gone is Shia LeBouf (I think we can all be glad of that) this time we have a going broke Kade (Mark Whalberg) and his daughter and her secret boyfriend. There’s an attempt at plot, great set pieces, villains who are both relatable and others that are moustache twirlers and dinosaurs. It was a good deactivate your brain movie and I always enjoy them.

8:Doctor Strange


The fact this is only got to my #8 tells you how much fun I have had at the cinema this year. Benedict Cumberbatch embodies the arrogant ass that is Dr Stephen Strange, who after a car accident loses everything and travels to the east in search of miracles and last hopes to restore his surgically gifted hands. Instead he becomes an acolyte of the ancient one (Tilda Swinton, once again playing not quite right, but captivating) and learns alongside several other sorcerors. He’s sceptical, but gifted and ends up becoming a decent sorcerer, just in time to face the threat of the Dread Dormammu. Visually stunning, well shot and acted, it follows the marvel movie origin formula and leaves us with a character ready for more adventures. I and my wife (the Mighty Rosie) enjoyed this quite a lot.

7: Star Trek Beyond


Didn’t go to the pictures for this, possibly not a great choice. This was the best of the three Nu Trek films so far in one aspect. It felt like Star Trek. It was character driven, well plotted and just felt like Trek at it’s best. Pine, Quinto and Urban just nail their parts perfectly and the rest of the cast are really enjoyable in their roles. There’s silliness, high octane action, character development and by the end, you want to see another one. Star Trek into Darkness was not good. This however, puts this franchise back on track.

6: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


I wanted to give this a higher position, but I think this is where it needs to be. This was everything we wanted Episode 7 to be. This was Star Wars, but without a lot of the crappy stuff that disney and Lucas have tried to force down everyone’s throat. Rogue one is the story of what happens just before the original Star Wars. The Empire has built the Death Star, this is the response of the nascent Rebel Alliance. We have spaceships, robots, Darth Vader and all the cool stuff that isn’t lightsabers, but for the first time, a sense of actual threat. We don’t know these characters, so we don’t know who will survive, who will betray the others, who will fail. Without the Solos and Skywalkers crowding the screen, we get a well written, exciting story that happens to take place just before the Star Wars trilogy.

5: Suicide Squad (Extended Cut)


Another one where I skipped the cinema for, this was just bags of fun. An all star cast, playing no-star characters. Amanda ‘the Wall’ Waller (played by Viola Davis) and Rick Flagg put together a rag tag group of villains (Deadshot, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Captain Boomerang, Katana and the Enchantress) to combat extra-ordinary threats. Their missions are dangerous, ridiculous and highly entertaining. Everyone nailed the spirit of the characters from the comics, or made them more fun for the movie and Harley Quinn and Killer Croc are particularly entertaining. We also have Batman & the Joker, but they don’t over-power the movie and in the end, we finally get a well made fun DCEU movie.


4: Captain America: Civil War


It starts getting trickier here, 4, 3, and 2 are so close that this ranking doesn’t really matter. This was an Avengers film more than a Captain America one. The main Cap elements are the supporting cast from his films and the connection to Bucky. This film was based loosely on the Civil War comic series from 2006 or so. Loosely is the best way, given the chance I will rant for hours about how I don’t like Mark Millar’s Civil War, the execution is so bad and that takes from the idea. Here the idea is ran with. Rather than paint Iron Man as the villain, this time I see Tony Stark’s point so clearly and it’s reasonable, so is Captain America’s and the dividing line between the team members makes a lot of sense. There’s also a hero v hero battle that makes the price of admission worth it. Everyone does well in this movie and Black Panther and Spider-Man are perfectly portrayed. 5 films that gave is Spider-Man (ish) characters and the real Spider-Man shows up in Captain America. This was tons of fun.


3: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Extended Cut)


There are two ways of looking at the recent portrayals of Superman by Henry Cavill. Either Zack Snyder doesn’t get Superman and this is further evidence of fresh ideas needed…OR he’s playing a long game and a more recognisable Superman is coming. The second idea is furthered through this film about a Batman who’s gone off the rails, a Superman who hasn’t really embraced being Superman and a Lex Luthor who founded Facebook trying to get them to kill eachother, because his dad was an asshole. With the addition of extra footage, we get a more even film, with greater characterisation and more indepth plot. The set pieces are just as awesome, Gal Gadot owns the screen as Wonder Woman and I saw Aquaman on the big screen. Overall I enjoyed this film a lot more than the internet told me I should.


2: X-Men Apocalypse


I am not going to say much about this film, except this film is like the 90’s X-Men comics. It’s outlandish and ridiculous, but a hell of a lot of fun. Cyclops is back on the team, we get a likeable (if still prickly)Jean Grey and less Wolverine. Also the ‘Sweet Dreams’ scene is amazingly funny.


There was no doubt what was going to be the film of this year for me.

It was the beginning of a happy ending.





1: Deadpool.


Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson. Watch any movie he’s been in, any interview he’s done and that character was made for him. Rather than translate and existing story, the makers of this film got the essense of what makes Deadpool work and made a film around that character. We get the odd easter-egg and familiar notes, but this film felt like Deadpool. It looked like Deadpool and above all, it was balls to the wall fun from beginning to end, with action, humour, 4th wall breaking and a charm that many comic book movies are lacking. I highly recommend this film to anyone, even if you have never heard of Deadpool. It doesn’t matter, my sister in law. (the Unstoppable Hev) loved it also and she couldn’t be further from my neck of the woods.


2016 was a shit year for many in the real world, but we got a ton of great movies as well. Just looking back at this stuff, makes me realise that it isn’t as bad as that, because the real world stuff from my own life wasn’t too bad either.


Ttfn internet people

Next Time: TV, cuddles on the couch with the Mighty Rosie was good for two reasons this year.

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For the Geek in me, 2016 was awesome! Part 1

Time for some top tens and positivity for our inner geeks.

These are the top ten comics I read this year. Proving that while the world at large wasn’t much fun, entertainment wise was pretty awesome.

10: Titans


An interesting comic series that follows the story of Wally West and his forgotten team, the original Teen Titans, the art is a little 90’s, but it has been a very compelling tale about a Flash that we have all missed.

9: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


An interesting tie-in comic that adds a very bronze age marvel comics feel to the 90’s kids show. The art is decent enough, but the story is fun, has a few twists and turns and yet is also quite kid friendly. Pricey for what you get, but am thinking that in tpb form, this will read really well.

8: Essential X-Men


An interesting anthology title, part of Panini’s UK reprints, this gives you 3 comics, for the price of one comic and apart from the gap from original release to this reprint, this is a great idea. All New X-Men is in there, showing the original X-Men team trying to cope in the modern world, not doing great. Extraordinary X-Men is Storm trying to save as many mutants as possible and struggling and Uncanny X-Men seems to be a variation on Uncanny X-Force, only with Magneto leading. All headlining books and for a third the price, all worth getting.

7: Superwoman


One of the newer Rebirth characters, this is a fantastic story of what happens when a Superman supporting character becomes a superhero, but with it not being a positive thing. Superwoman’s powers are harming here and will kill her and she’s trying to do the right thing as long as she can. An excellent stand alone series with a strong female lead.

6: Mighty World of Marvel


Another Marvel UK reprint series, this showcases Doctor Strange, Ms Marvel and Black Widow and again the pricing makes it a decent enough proposition. Whatever story isn’t working, turn the page and another will. My favourite title within this, changes month by month.

5: Action Comics


Dan Jurgens writing the pre-Flashpoint Superman? Yes please mate. Superman and Lex Luthor both trying to live up to the legend of the Nu52 Superman, while battling one another, this is a great series, well paced, intelligently written and as per the title action packed. There’s even a Clark Kent running around.

4: Wonder Woman


Greg Rucka returns to fix Wonder Woman. There you go, a one sentence reason to read it. The series is split in two, odd numbers are the current stories of a Wonder Woman trying to work out why her memories are messed up and trying to get home to Themiscyra. The even numbers are Wonder Woman Year One, spelling out the new origin and it’s been fantastic. Diana is naive, but not stupid, peaceful, but ready to kick all kinds of ass. This is the Wonder Woman series that’s been missing for a while and am loving it.

3: Future Quest


This is a fun and light hearted series, establishing a shared universe for all the Hanna Barbera shows from the 1960’s and 1970’s, including Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, the Herculoids, the Impossibles, Frankenstein Jnr, Mightor, the Galaxy Trio and BIRD-MAN!!!!!!! I’m sorry, you do have to shout that bit. It’s silly and fun and comics should be a bit of both sometimes.

2: Superman


I have made no secret that I didn’t like the Nu52 Superman, not because of the new continuity, or that the old stories no longer ‘matter’. It was because this character didn’t act like Superman. This ‘new’ Superman is caring, helpful and optimistic about a humanity that he feels a part of. Add that to being a husband and father and we get a fantastically rounded character and a fresh very human take on the original superhero.

1: DC Comics Rebirth Special


When this was announced, it was a very been here before sort of feeling. Post Zero Hour, post Infinite Crisis, post Flashpoint, post Convergence and so on. Every few years, DC tried a facelift and reset for it’s titles and it was becoming quite obvious that it wasn’t working, like really excessive plastic surgery. But this wasn’t a reboot, revamp, or re-start, this was more an attempt to reinvigorate the DCU, whilst adding back in some of the sense of hope and fun that the high-collared and grim/gritty/dark Nu52 seemed to do away with. This was more about staying true to the spirit of what was, without crapping on what new stuff worked. In one issue of a comic, DC seemed to say “Yup, we fucked up, but I think we can make it work again.” It was the first comic from DC in 5 years that gave me some hope. It’s lead to me reading DC again on an ongoing basis and was well worth taking the time to check it out.

That’s comics done, TV Next>

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WTF Wednesday

Before we go on, I will swear a lot here, it’s just that sort of day.



I wanted to put my last word on the recent political clusterfuck.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about the EU Referendum

I wrote about how full of divisive language, rhetoric and outright dishonesty the campaign was. It left me with a sense of apathetic cynicism regarding the government of this country. Thing is, no matter how cynical you are, hope creeps in. The US election is one of those things that matter on a global scale, for good reasons and bad. America has this first amongst equals place in the world and often surges forward, so that the world follows. They have helped end wars for the right reasons and also started wars for the wrong reasons (not that there are many good reasons, but heigh-ho) and when they talk, other nations listen. Their president is often referred to as the leader of the free world. Whilst that may rankle those who have lost that privilege of power, it’s not an unfair assessment and as a result, there is a lot of truth to that title and so the US Election matters to far more people than most expect.

When America chooses well, the world benefits, but when they don’t we all suffer. I mentioned after Brexit how bad the campaigns were, but what we saw over here regarding the US made Brexit look polite and agreeable.

So here’s my take on it.

From 2008 onwards, the wool came off everyone’s eyes and the trust in the financial classes was shown to be misguided. Thousands were made homeless, thousands more lost everything else. Millions where harmed in one way or another by a global financial crisis. There were wars, a shrinking middle class and a rich elite that seemed to delight in shitting on the little guy. The worst part of it, was that we as a culture, bailed them out and carried on as before. Our economies started tanking, hundreds of thousands lost their jobs, tensions rose around the world and as a result, people got ANGRY.

This was an anger based on years of being shafted, of being ignored and being manipulated by a political elite and a media run by the same type of arsehole as the banks. These angry people wanted someone to blame. Many of these angry people were white and not really used to the system shitting on them as much as the rest of the people where. People wanted somewhere to put their anger and the media started their usual it’s the foreigner’s fault parade.

We had all the anti-muslim stuff, then the immigrants thing and more and more we were told that those who look different were the enemy. Thing is, we (and I mean both the US and UK) believed them. We were told that hardworking people trying to live in a strange and hostile land and adding value to it were bad guys and the financial and political elite who had created a lot of the economic hardships they blamed on the foreigners, were the good guys.

Eventually we started the take that more and more seriously, blaming all kinds of people for things that were not their fault. People felt better for their anger, but to be honest, it didn’t help them at all. The Brexit campaign succeeded because while neither side has any idea what a post EU future would look like, the leave people knew to play on the Johnny Foreigner angle. People who wanted a different lot in life, a more simpler time and a world that they understood blamed the EU for all sorts of thing, especially filling the country with immigrants. Once the immigrant issue became linked the the EU, then that was all she wrote. I was shocked at the time, but I get it. Bit by bit, we lost the last shreds of faith in our political system and it’s members.

The US has had the same problem. They have a shrinking middle class, a lack of jobs, a world that grows more complex and politically correct (that’s another post right there) and they are scared. Then they’re bombarded with images, ideas, cultures and lifestyles that are just as valid as theirs, but are strange and not what they new. Back scared people into the corner and they get angry and so the list of angry and otherwise disgruntled people grows. Add that to a crumbling education system, a biased news service and a horrifically partisan political culture and that angry group grows bigger and more vocal. Trump got the nomination because he wasn’t a politician, we was unpolished, more open (at least he appears so) and more entertaining. He was a different type of beast, still a beast, but not part of the same shower of arseholes that were the problem. When he agreed with the anti immigration parade, well that won him more support. Again, fear and anger. Hillary Clinton’s part in this, is that she is a politician and a woman. Two things that Trump is not. What the left wing needed was an anti-Trump, but due to some admittedly legitimate concerns people have with her, he became the anti-Hillary. Now a vote for Trump wasn’t just a Republican vote, or a shock to the system vote, but also a fuck you Clinton vote. Add in some third party candidates splintering the vote and it’s easy to see how a fuck you to the system sounds like a positive thing. I don’t blame the Trump voters for choosing him, I don’t agree with it, but I get how valid that point of view is. It was a race to elect the least objectionable candidate at a very trying time.

They did it.

But bad leaders have been in before and bad leaders will get in again. Instead of the rhetoric of hate towards those who voted against Clinton, try doing something more positive with that anger. The election is over, but we are soon going to learn that the great FUCK YOU!!! feeling that voting Trump in, that leaving the EU gave us all, won’t solve any problems that matter and we don’t know what the consequences will be. No matter what many wanted the American people made their choice and have to now live with it.


I fear for the minorities, who have struggled to get this far, but face their victories reversed, I fear for the people who will lose their lives because racism and sexism have been validated more than ever and I fear for the world as it turns to America to see what is to come.

America is better than this, I doubt that this will make anything Great Again.

Another election has descended into a debacle and I’m tired now. After the Tuesday I had yesterday, I just feel low and a little beaten.

I miss talking about geeky shit.

Got to go internet people, I don’t feel like being online anymore today.