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Back with a vengeance: The Spirit of Munky is irrepressible

Well, that happened.

After I lost all my comic related stuff, have spent all my usual blogging time restoring my files and not blogging myself and I’ll be honest, I have missed it.

Work has been transformed into a new circle of hell due to changes in tax legislation, deadlines and technical difficulties, have gone into work, worked like a dog, been treated as such and then gone straight back on dad duty.

I am no longer under the care of the local mental health team on a regular basis, I have numbers, but I know me well enough to know I am unlikely to call them. Also found out the same day that my trainer at the gym is leaving to open his own business miles away. I don’t blame him for wanting that, but that’s another convenient support I had built up gone.

My wife, the Mighty Rosie, has had so much stuff happen in work, I can’t write it down without feeling angry, lets just say if I were able to do what I’d like to do, there’d be a person less in this world and I’d be looking for a place to hide some bloody tools and looking for a good alibi. I don’t like anger I can’t use and it’s frustrating when the person you love most in this world needs help  you can’t give.

That said, my mental health state is improved and we are communicating better than we have in years, she knows I am there for her and she is letting me and I feel like a better husband than this depression has let me be. Also me and my son are as close as ever, so not letting the dad side down.

All this stuff, doesn’t really define this last month, work stress, family stress, health stress, mental health stress and all that are there, but there’s also positives.

Been the pictures twice this month, more on that another day.

Got a night out with the Mighty Rosie on Saturday, that was nice and all three of us had a lovely day together on May Day.

Got to meet one of my podcasting heroes this month Andrew (too many podcasts to mention) Leyland, at a local comic mart and we had a fun little chat.

Above all am ok.

Have gone through the wringer this month, been shouted at, told off, angry, stressed and depressed and you know what? Doesn’t matter, I’m still going strong.

I owe this to my boy and to the Mighty Rosie, who are the two people in the world I can always count on.

There may be another break coming up soon, but will get some posts out sooner rather than later.


There are 8.5 working days till I am off to Greece for my Sister-in-Law’s wedding.

Sun, sea, sand and some other forms of fun await.

Stay strong internet people, even when we’re down, we can still rise.


Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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