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Trivial Calender February 7th

Stuff again and Thor gets his chopper out.

There is something a bit more viking about Thor with an axe and allows a more bloodthirsty side of the Odinson out, which is always interesting.

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Trivial Calender February 6th

Quiz question again.

It’s hard to imagine now with all the whining and complaining about comic characters online just how big Superman was, very quickly making the jump to different media and merchandising.

Answers in a day or so.

Updated: It’s Jimmy Olsen, sadly still popping up in the comics 78 later.

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Trivial Calender February 5th

Monday and it’s a significant issue again.

A try out story in an issue of a cancelled comic and a massive multi-media franchise was born. 9 feature films at least 11 eponymous cartoon series, dozens of games and thousands of comics. It’s hard to imagine the comics landscape without Spider-Man and the best thing about this particular silver age story, is that so little of it needs updating. It’s an almost perfect origin, alongside Superman and Batman’s.


Update from February 1: Michael Fiffe’s Copra #1 was very good and I can highly recommend it.

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Trivial Calender February 2nd

Creator spotlight and it’s a silver age/bronze age great.

The man who brought Hal Jordan and Danny Rand into comics and took Gwen Stacy out of them, but that isn’t what I think of most with Gil Kane a seriously prolific penciller for DC and Marvel. My thought usually goes I can see up this guy’s nose! Must be pencilled by Gil Kane. That said, at his best, he was one of the best.

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Trivial Calender January 27th/28th

Comic book quotes……Sigh

Now I own a copy of the trade of Dark Knight Returns, I enjoy much of the story and it’s depiction of a Batman who is pulled back into being Batman when in his 50’s. But whilst Frank Miller nailed a version of Batman, he clearly missed the mark on Superman and seemed to usher in an era of people only able to praise Batman by pulling down Superman, asĀ  if it’s a zero-sum game and you can only like one. Dark Knight was a great story, but I don’t think it deserves the holy place it still holds in influencing the stories that followed.