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Slimming World Saturday 21: Clean Slate/ Fresh Start

After a fortnight of less than committed weight loss, have gone back to Slimming World, didn’t stay to group, but I did the weigh in and nothing has changed, literally.

The half pound I gained 2 weeks ago has gone and I am once again 14st 13.5 lbs that’s 3.5 stone or 49lbs total. It’s a sigh of relief and a bullet dodged and I am once again back on the path.

Regular service has been restored and onward I go.

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Slimming World Saturday 19: Finally

Hey there internet people.

After an up and​ down week, it’s weigh-in time again and I have not been great all week, stress and a HUGE pasta meal last night left me expecting a gain. But fortune smiled upon me and a paltry pound, but enough to get me to 3 and a half stone loss in total (49lbs) and am under 15st (210lbs) for the first time in a long long time. After a bit of a turbulent week, a victory was just what the doctor ordered.

Til next time internet people.



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Slimming World Saturday 16: Small Victories

Another week internet people and another weigh in. This time it was just a 1lb loss. That gets the total to 3 stone 5lbs. 47lbs!

It’s been a rough week, stress and worry, so a 1lb loss is a victory. I am moving forward and am only 9lb from my next mini target deadline at the end of May. Some days all you get is the small victories and on those days, you need to celebrate them. 

Always forward.

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Slimming World Saturday 15: Phoenix Rising

After the disappointment of last week, me and the MIGHTY Rosie got back on track and ate better and this week it paid off. The 2.5lbs I put on has gone and took another 2 with it. Yup, that’s right 4.5 off in a week.

Am I pleased? Damn right I am, but now is the time to keep this going, one gain was enough, only success will do.

The MIGHTY Rosie also lost 4.5, so wear both doing well.


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Slimming World Saturday 14: Shooting myself in the foot.

Well the streak is over. Poor planning, stress and a pasta bake related disaster and there’s been a gain. The 2lb I lost last week came back and brought half with them. My weigh loss is no longer 3stone and I am gutted. I am also a little angry with myself.

That’s the bad news, the good news is that I am in no way giving up. Whilst this has affected my mood, my determination is unaffected. I can do this, I must do this and I will do this.

My weekend is stronger than this moment.

Next week I will be back to losing weight. Because that is all I intend to lose.

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Slimming World Saturday 12: Sigh of Relief

Hello again internet people, weigh in time and it’s a two pound loss. That takes this to a 3 stone 2 overall that is 44lb. This week was an … up and down sort of week. Upsets, long overdue conversations and I f**ked up tea twice, but went swimming twice and had a good gym session and I am ok with the 2lb, consistent is better.

Two other notes, one is that due to my weight loss, my fingers are thinner, so last night I lost my wedding ring in the swimming baths (got it back, phew!!!!) so I either need to resize it,or get a ring-snug.

The other thing is getting her two  stone award the MIGHTY Rosie has lost 7lb.

Am happy with my 2 but I am made u with​ her 7.