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Slimming World Saturday 31 Mr Man to Mr Man

Hello again Internet People, after a week off and then a hellish week after that, was less than confident of anything other than a gain this week.

Stress had it’s usual digestive effects so was pleasantly surprised to have maintained. So still at the 4st 1lb mark. My trainer gave me a 27.5kg dumbell, roughly 57 or so lbs and that was an amazing visual aid to my loss to date.

But that wasn’t the end of it all. Apparently last week I won an award, I was voted Mr Sleek by my Slimming World group for my weight loss this year. Don’t mind telling you internet people, feel quite emotional about the whole thing. 

I am back on track and ready to smash this, I turned down a takeaway last night, the only thing I aim to lose, is my excess fat. I have gone from Mr Greedy (have the tee-shirt to match) to Mr Sleek

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Slimming World Saturday 30: Fantastic Four

Well internet people, it’s been something of a week. Ups, plenty of downs and some really nice meals and yet it’s all been worth it.

Hit my 4 stone today. 56 whole lbs since new year. It’s been a week of reassessing the progress I’ve made or not this year as well as how far I have to go in many ways and this week’s 2.5lbs is a welcome win.

This is the lightest I have been in years and I am not done yet.

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Slimming World Saturday 29: I lost an arm

Hello there internet people.

Not posted last couple of weeks on Saturday, but this past two weigh ins have gone well. Two pound last week and another 3 today.

As part of a motivation exercise, we were given a 14 part picture of either a dress or a suit. The idea being that as you lose each pound, you colour in a piece, when fourteen pieces were coloured in, then you have lost a stone or a dress/suit size. We got this last week, when I lost 2lbs. This week I lost another 3lb, so that was 5 parts of the picture coloured in by my son. It was the whole right arm. My current weight loss stands at a half decent 3st 11.5lbs or 53.5lbs. My progress had stalled for much of the summer and well I could make excuses, but that’s what they’d be. The last two weeks have been a recommitment to doing this for both me and the MIGHTY Rosie, who has also lost the last 3 weeks. (How much? I am unwilling to say, you’d have to ask her, do it, I DARE YOU) But the point is that we are both doing well, both cooking and we’ve been eating like King and Queen here, interesting and tasty food and have been losing weight too. Living the dream her internet people.

That’s it for now, I’ve been a little lackadaisical about these posts recently, but I do fight on. Getting this right means a lot and I have a goal to lose another stone at least by the end of the year. I am 2.5lbs of 4 stone, do I dare try and make it to 5?

Stay tuned internet people.

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Slimming World Saturday 28: In case you haven’t guessed, am back.

Hello internet people.

Been a while since I have posted one of these, I will be honest I’ve been somewhat unmotivated regarding my weight loss. The last couple of weeks, haven’t done Slimming World and my food has gone badly.

But me and the MIGHTY Rosie have tried to pull it back. It’s worked to an extent and I have, lost 1lb bringing my total back to 3st 7.5lbs just under 50lbs in total. I’ve been lighter, but after been dragged kicking and screaming back here, I know that I have to get back into this and put the work in.

Wish me luck.

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Slimming World Saturday 26: High Five

Hello again internet people, Saturday morning and another weigh in. My hopes were for any sort of loss, just wanted to maintain motivation.

Well I was pleasantly amazed when I saw it was 5lbs. That’s 55lb in total, 1lb off 4st and that feels pretty good. It’s been a hard week at work and I have been feeling down more than once, but this is a win.

Time to keep going, time to keep fighting.

Moving forward.

Ttfn internet people, will catch you all on the other side of 4 stone.

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Slimming World Saturday 25: Half a century

Hello again internet people, another Saturday and another weigh in. Halfway a pound today which makes it 3 stone 8 pounds in total or another way 50lbs.

In a week where I am not as motivated, it’s important to recognise just how far I have managed to get. 

6lb away from 4 stone, another mini-target perhaps. Less motivated I may be, but I am motivated to keep going.

Ttfn internet people.

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Slimming World Saturday 21: Clean Slate/ Fresh Start

After a fortnight of less than committed weight loss, have gone back to Slimming World, didn’t stay to group, but I did the weigh in and nothing has changed, literally.

The half pound I gained 2 weeks ago has gone and I am once again 14st 13.5 lbs that’s 3.5 stone or 49lbs total. It’s a sigh of relief and a bullet dodged and I am once again back on the path.

Regular service has been restored and onward I go.