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More-Vember 20th – A quick one

Marvel 30 Day Challenge Question 20 – Your best casting of a character (if you were casting)

This was tricky, much of the casting of the MCU has been either exactly who I would have thought, or better than I would have imagined, so many of the ideal roles were filled. So I looked outside of the MCU and that got a lot easier. But one idea came from the podcast Palace of Glittering Delights and that was David Tennant as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four

Think about it. He can play intelligent, scary and creepy with equal skill and has a mad energy to him. He doesn’t need to put on an american accent, he could play Reed as an immigrant who came to the US for it’s opportunities and pioneer spirit and be entirely in character.

SuperSam’s Answer

None, he’s 9 and doesn’t really think in those terms.

Other stuff

A friend of mine has set up a new website to showcase his writing. Check it out if you are of a mind to do so, we would both appreciate it.

Ttfn for now Internet people


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More-Vember 19th – So very cold

Marvel 30 Day Challenge Question 19- Least favourite comic to screen adaptations

This was difficult, since I enjoyed the films he was in and liked the arc of them, but it’s Yondu



Most MCU translations have been fairly close to the mark and if not then there’s been minor changes that serve the story in some way. I didn’t see that here. The comics version is a warrior/priest from an alien people with little use for technology, he was honest, if at times ruthless and a spiritual person who lived 1,000,000 years in the future. The movie version is a thief and killer who has no issue with technology or with breaking his word. He was also a contemporary with the rest of the MCU. If it was another name I’d be a little less bothered and like I said, I liked the films and I always enjoy seeing Michael Rooker have a bit of scenery chewing.

I eventually head-cannoned the whole thing as this Yondu is an ancestor of the one from the 31st Century Guardians, which divorced the character from the movie version and allowed me to enjoy it as it’s own thing.

Super Sam’s answer


With the 19th’s answer being the Guardians of the Galaxy, his least favourite choice took me by surprise as Peter Quill from the animated Guardians of the Galaxy.

He watched one episode a month or two back and enjoyed Drax, Gamora, Groot, Rocket and even guest star Howard the Duck, but did not take at all to Quill.

Other Stuff

Been a long day, not a great one having been down and for the most part freezing cold. Literally, it was 0 degrees this morning and have struggled to be warm all day. However as I write this internet people I am going to see my dog and that can’t be a bad thing. Be back tomorrow with my pick in casting.

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More-Vember 18th – The Attempt at Optimism (Belated again)

Marvel 30 Day Challenge Question 18 – Favourite comic to screen adaptations

A good adaptation of a character is one that adds something, but not leaving the character unrecognisable.

Robert Downey Jnr adapted the flawed history and turmoil of Tony Stark, but added a charming irreverence to him that made him a lot more likable and yet didn’t paper over any flaws that he had. He took little away from the comics version, but added an amount of humour and charisma that bled back into the comics and made a few of the Iron Man comics I read a little better. I don’t know that if this performance hadn’t been all it was that there would be a MCU after these first two films.


Super Sam’s Answer 

My fondness for the OG Guardians of the Galaxy is well known to many, including my son, but he does like the early 00’s version, with Rocket, Groot, Drax etc and loves how they have been translated to the big screen, his love of Groot is also quite well known.

Other Stuff

After the emotions of Sunday, it was back to the usual routine of Monday and school and with a little bit of teamwork and the judicious application of cuddles, we all got through the day.

Well more or less. It was a better start to the day than it could have been.

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More-Vember 17th (Belated) – Not an easy day

Other stuff

The reason this is delayed, is because yesterday (17th November) was the 1st anniversary of the death of our beloved dog Wilma. I found today very difficult, in that I was not alone and both Super Sam and the MIGHTY Rosie had trouble with it all. We said goodbye by throwing a painted pebble into the waterfall near our home. I’m saying nothing more, but as you can imagine, this  didn’t feel particularly pressing yesterday.

Marvel 30 Day Challenge Question 17 – Favourite god

Marvel use mythology in very interesting ways and often have mythical deities as heroes and villains. A personal favourite is Hercules.

Unlike the noble Thor, Hercules is boorish, egotistical, more or less a himbo and a bit of a drunk. His more playful side is very much like the MCU version of Thor. He’s also been shown to be capable of growth. He was a bit of a chauvinist, until proving wrong and he is currently off the drink, knowing how it has brought him low before. He a hero of legend, but has very clearly feet of clay. Of all of those who have been Avengers, I imagine he is the most fun to go drinking with.

Super Sam’s answer

SuperSam went for the All-Father. Odin Borson himself.

When I asked, he pointed out, that he was the one who gave Thor the hammer and when he was not worthy, took it off him. As powerful as Thor is, he’s no match for his dad.

More later internet people

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More-Member 16th: Setting goals

Marvel 30 Day Challenge Question 16 – Most Powerful Character

Another hotly contested category, but I went a little out of the box for it.

David ‘Legion’ Haller

Legion has a comic-book version of disassociated identity disorder, meaning it’s overly simplistic and not especially accurate, but the point of it is, he has several different personalities, each one has its own power-set. These means that he has hundreds, if not thousands of different powers to choose from. There’s no way of knowing the upper limits of his powers, or how well he can use them because he doesn’t know either. He’s re-written reality, more than once and he is at best unpredictable.

Super Sam’s answer


Because Hulk is strongest there is. That one line says it all.

Other stuff

Nice start to the weekend, after watching a film last night, to getting a haircut and choosing new glasses today. As well as cuddles from everyone here, we’ve been setting goals for the new year, agreements on things we want to accomplish as well as self-awarded rewards for getting there. I think there will be more on this story later.

Ttfn Internet people

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More-Vember 15 – This is Weekend

Marvel 30 Day Challenge – Question 15 Favourite rivalry

A classic rivalry in that it is almost entirely one sided. To Doom, Richards is the person is has to beat, the fly in his ointment and the primary obstacle to his dominion over the world. Little matters to Doom like proving his superiority over that fool Richards. To Reed Richards, Doom is one of many enemies that he has and when he does think of him, he feels pity that this man who can offer so much, is so misguided.

Super Sam’s answer

Thor vs Hulk

Both believe they are strongest, both believe they are best, one is clearly old enough to know better but they battle again and again and it’s always epic to watch. From Avengers, to Thor Ragnarok, they even do it on the big screen and who doesn’t love that?

Other Stuff

Working on a longer post now, but not before I acknowledge that the weekend is almost here.

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More-Vember 14 – Better Late Than Never

Marvel 30 Day Challenge Question 14 – Favourite Romance

Comics follow many of the same tropes as soap operas and romance is a big part of that, you get invested in the will-they/won’t they and all that. Most of these are the new relationships and the hearts and flowers, but for this, I wanted to look at a more long term romance.

Reed and Sue Richards are one of the few married couples that work in comics. Reed is a scientist, living most of his life in his head, very few people can get in their and bring them out, the one who does it best is Sue. Without her, he’s a bit of a tool really and capable of some really not okay behaviour, but she makes him a more real person and they are both devoted to one another.  They’ve been written in different ways over the years, but that love has always been front and centre. There’s been drama, but they weather each storm.

Super Sam’s answer

Vision and the Scarlet Witch, but to be honest, I think he is reaching as it took him a while to answer.

Other Stuff

Bit late for this one, I am catching up though.

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More-Vember 13th – The unending struggle of getting out of bed

Marvel 30 Day Challenge: Question 13 – Least Favourite Character

Inside a second I had this, Wolverine

I didn’t have a problem with Wolverine to start with, I have many times enjoyed the character and the initial Wolverine series with Claremont and Miller is a bit of a masterpiece. But that was the problem. He was too popular, too bankable and as a result was everywhere.

He was on half a dozen teams, ran a school and was pushed in front of every character in the X-Men movies to those films’ detriment. When he was absent from the x-books for a couple of years, he was replaced by two different versions of him. He needs to be in the background again, so he can be used effectively, which would take him out of this question for me.

Super Sam’s answer

Iron Man

SuperSam took issue with Iron Man’s arrogance and his placing himself above other heroes, can’t argue there.

Other stuff

Back to work yesterday and today was a rough start. Me, SuperSam and the MIGHTY Rosie all struggled to get out of bed this morning, but we all did it. A reminder if one were needed that you have to keep going. If all you did today was get out of bed, well at least you did that. Some days are harder than others, but each one is a victory.

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More-Vember 12th – Back to work

Marvel 30 Day Challenge – Question 12: Favourite Weapon

With the plethora of options, from the Ultimate Nullifier, to the Quantum Bands, from Iron Man’s armour to the Ebony blade, the Marvel Universe is home to a lot of cool weapons, but for me it’s this one. Mjolnir

It’s versatile, able to be used as transportation, to control weather, at one point to travel in time as well as transformation of clothing as person. It’s powerful, able to do some incredible damage, using it’s control over storms and lightning. It’s also a big ass hammer. The best thing about it though, is the enchantments, we have the flying back to it’s wielder, the flight and above all, it’s inscription. Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. It’s an atom bomb with a handle, but if you can’t use it wisely, then you can’t even pick it up. I may do a post on the many wielders of Mjolnir.

Super Sam’s answer

Captain America’s shield. When I asked, his answer was that unlike a regular shield, it had be thrown almost like a frisbee. It was going to be my choice, but he got there first, there are very few Marvel weapons so iconic.

Other stuff

Breaktime is over and I am back to the daily grind. It’s cold, but I am maintaining a positive viewpoint. This is going to be a good day and I am going to expect nothing less.


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More-Vember 11th – Level 43

Marvel 30 Day Challenge: Question 11 – Favourite Super Power

The one that seems to me to have the most potential for fun and for practical use would be shapeshifting. From looking however you wanted all of the time, your chances to perform practical jokes starts to get epic.

There’s probably something psychological it says about finding the ability to be anyone else appealing, but it would just be cool, wouldn’t it?

SuperSam’s answer Ice powers, from unlimited snowballs and the ice slides, Iceman’s powers are awesome.


Other stuff. 

My birthday today, spent most of the day with MIGHTY Rosie and relaxing, before I got back into the office and whatever I have missed since the 7th.

Having returned from Thought Bubble Comic-con, I have had this feeling of gratitude for the life I have, and the people I have in it. I had a lot of positives this weekend, but my highpoint was getting back to my family. I’m a luckier man than I deserve to be.

I will be writing about my experiences at Thought Bubble soon, but in the meantime, here is a picture of the welcoming committee.