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D-Cember 18th 3 Days to go

30 Day Challenge Question 18 – Favourite Comic Character Adaptation

For me there was no other way to answer this question.

From his earnest performance as Superman, to his near comical turn as Clark Kent, Christopher Reeve was amazing as Superman. To me the zenith of his performance during the first Superman movie he did, when without changing clothes you see him change from Clark to Superman, just by altering posture and voice, before bottling it and reverting back to Clark. In a film full of stand out moments and action, it’s that bit of human frailty that sold me on Reeve’s portrayal. He played a hero and he was one in real life. He made us all believe a man can fly and most of the time, he didn’t need special effects to do it.

SuperSam’s answer

Kevin Conroy from all of the TimmVerse DC animated shows/films.

I asked him why..

“Because that’s what Batman sounds like.”

He’s got me there.

Other Stuff

Started to feel that point in the year where the proximity of Christmas isn’t such a good thing. It’s getting really busy here.

See you all soon internet people.

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D-Cember 17th – 4 Days to go

30 Day Challenge Question 16: Favourite God

DC rather than ape Marvel in their use of Greek, Egyptian and Norse myth, DC had Jack Kirby create their own pantheon with the New Gods and the star of the New Gods was often Darkseid.

Equal parts master manipulator and powerhouse, Darkseid is one of the great villains of the DCU and is always a treat when he shows up in a story. He has on occasion started a story sitting in someone else’s living room as comfortable as anywhere else.


SuperSam’s answer

Based on his love for the DC Animated Universe, the only answer he could give was the same as mine

With all the above and the dulcet tones of Michael Ironside, there’s no comparison really.

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D-Cember 16th – 5 Days to go

30 Day Challenge – Question 16: Most Powerful Character

I had one character in mind, but with SuperSam choosing them, i went to no 2.

During Kyle Rayner’s turn as the only Green Lantern between 1994 and 2003, he at one point had access to a larger amount of power than usual and went by the name Ion. The power of the Green Lantern is limited only by the power available and the imagination of the wielder. There were no such restrictions on Kyle at more than one point and it was interesting seeing how that played out.

SuperSam’s answer

The Flash

What can’t you do with superspeed?

Other Stuff

5 working days to Christmas and it’s all getting a little on the tense side here.

But I know that I can get it all done.

I think I know.

Erm…. maybe?


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D-Cember 15th – Relaxing and enjoying.

30 Day Challenge – Question 15: Favourite rivalry

For the most part, the members of the Justice League all get along, early on, it’s because there’s very little to differentiate any of them from one another.  As time went on and more characterisation became commonplace, then they got along because they had history and the lone dissenting voice was often the liberal firebrand Green Arrow. Everyone else took him with a pinch of salt, with all that fatcats and fascists talk. The only one who took real issue with him was Hawkman. When inter-team friction became the norm it was often those two filling the air with vitriol.

When Kevin Smith brought Green Arrow back, he went right back to that war between the two of them and in a comics universe full of people all getting along, it’s nice to see this kind of relationship, we don’t always get along with our colleagues as well as we think we should.

SuperSam’s answer

Bruce Wayne and  Lex Luthor.

It took me a second to get his thinking here, with Lex being much more of a Superman man character. But then it dawned on me, jealousy is one of the great motivators of the modern Luthor. He wants to be the big man and resents this alien coming to Earth and taking all the spotlight from him. Bruce Wayne however is like him, rich, human and seen as a benevolent man by the public, everything that Lex sees himself as. It was best shown during the Lego Batman straight to DVD special where Bruce Wayne beats Lex to the Gotham’s man of the year award, but not for the first time and Lex is seething.

Other Stuff

I got two uninterrupted hours this morning, just me and my dog. During the week when I get up, it’s all jobs to do and places to be, on the weekends it’s usually me and SuperSam having cartoons and the dog acting up to get attention. But this morning, there was no SuperSam and I got to chill out. When SuperSam came home, we worked on his tree, moved stuff around in the kitchen and as I write this, we are watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I love this time of year.

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D-Cember 14th – T’is the Season!

30 Day challenge – Question 14: Favourite Romance

Wasn’t too difficult to work out, this one.

Superman & Lois Lane are a couple that have been portrayed in several different ways, during many years and over several different media, but are one of the more enduring comic book couples. The most successful and compelling versions tend to be where they are partners in all most elements of their lives. Friendly rivals in work, best friends outside and partners in Clark’s Superman adventures. He’s calm to her fiery, he’s mild-mannered to her ball busting and yet they compliment one another. Yes she gives him grief, but they are devoted to one another. Lois is just as likely to save him as he is her. When written well, it’s the backbone of the stories, when not, well we get Superman Returns don’t we?

SuperSam’s answer 

Since we’re halfway through our Justice League watch, we have finished the second season, where the big subplot related to Hawkgirl and led to this romantic pairing.

Season 2 and a few stories in is all it took for Sam to point out that they probably loved one another. This was confirmed with the story called Wildcards and was the backdrop to the second season climax Starcrossed. It was a great example of a slow-burn relationship and felt real and earned by the time the season ended.

Other Stuff

We were without SuperSam for the Saturday afternoon and evening and we were able to have some lunch together and in the evening watch something christmassey and wrap some presents. It really helped me realise that this year hasn’t gone great in a lot of places, Christmas is coming and I will be surrounded by my family in my home. I’m luckier than most.


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D-Cember 13th – Unlucky for Some

30 Day Challenge Question 13 – Least Favourite Character

There will be haters here, but it’s Batman

Now bear with me. This is not because I haven’t read good Batman stories (because I have) nor is it because I haven’t enjoyed other media with him in (because once again, I have) and it’s not that there’s anything wrong with the character. But here’s the problem…….. he’s everywhere.

We are oversaturated with Batman, from multiple ongoing series and his omnipresence in anything DC to his near omnipotent portrayal some stories. When used more sparingly, Batman is a cracking character that enhances my stories he is in, but lets be honest, there’s too much.


Super Sam’s answer

Lex Luthor.

He thinks he’s so great, but he isn’t.

That’s as succinct a description of that character as I have ever heard.

Other Stuff

It’s Christmas jumper day here, prizes and discomfort abound, but it does make a tough day feel a little more christmassy.

Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, hope you’re doing okay during this time of year. It can be a bit of a double edged sword for some people.

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D-Cember 12th – Wait, no sudden moves, he has jewellery

30 Day Challenge Question 12, favourite Weapon

What do you consider a weapon? A tool that you use in battle? Something that can only be used to kill? I went a bit conceptual and went for something a bit 4th world.

A cosmic smartphone. Predating actual smartphones by 30+ years, this could share information, heal bodies, connect people with the Source and even provide instantaneous transportation in and out of anywhere, as well as connecting to all sorts of machines. Mother box was something quite special and I can’t imagine that not being useful.

Super Sam’s answer

Green Lantern ring, because it can do anything.

I have to agree, but it’s a weird idea of a piece of jewellery being a weapon. I have a signet ring and I am not afraid to use it.

Other stuff

I am down to 6.5 more days in work. Cannot wait to be done with this year of work.



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D-Cember 11th – Secret Santa!

30 Day Challenge – Question 11: Favourite Super Power

This is the power that really sort of eclipses all others with it’s scope and versatility.

In the DCU, Superspeed covers running fast, running up walls, across water, through distance, through time, through solid objects many more things that openly laugh in the face of physics and common sense. The Flash could be considered the most powerful character in the DCU and has often been the linchpin in the Justice League saving the day.


Super Sam’s answer –

It’s superspeed, duh?


Other Stuff

It was secret santa day today at work. I handed over a calendar and christmas themed Rubik’s cube to a colleague and a different colleague got me this treasure trove.

Not a bad gift among them, have no idea who picked them, but it’s put a giggle in my morning if nothing else.

Hope you are all okay internet people, see you soon


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D-Cember 10th – Wardrobe

30 Day Challenge Question 10 – Favourite Costume

Valor. He’s been Mon-El, Lar Gand, M’Onel and Valor and has suffered the continuity nightmare that is Legion of Super Heroes’ history. I first encountered him in the 90’s after the Eclipso event and he had a solo series that started off with art by M.D. Bright. His costume was super-heroish, but made from different fabrics. We had tight-fitting black tee-shirt over a red boiler suit and a blue cape. There was also the gold discs holding the cape in place. It was a bit of an inversion of Superman’s colours and yet was his own look. I did like that series that was sacrificed in the name of Zero Hour and enjoyed seeing the guy show up elsewhere.

Super Sam’s answer

Wonder Woman

I didn’t ask anything else…

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D-Cember 9th – A look at the classics

30 Day Challenge Question 9 – Favourite Classic Character

Wasn’t much of a question for me

He’s a boxer in a cat suit, standing alongside a speedster, a Green Lantern, flying people and others with magic/super weapons and even an almost all powerful creature. But he stands alongside them nonetheless. He’s a trainer, a taskmaster and a good man to have in your corner and a bad one to have facing you. I like his blue-collar manner and straight forward way of talking. He gets to know everyone, but he does in it the ring, the place he knows best.


Super Sam’s answer

Hawkgirl, she’s a classic character? Right?