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Cutting the cable and diving into the stream

Everyone’s feeling the pinch at the moment. Inflation rising and so the costs of thing is rising faster than everyone’s wages. We are earning less in real times than we have been and as a result, lots of people are cutting back on things.

One of those costs at our end has been our TV and internet bill. I looked at the amount we were paying and then checked it against what we watching. You would expect that the satellite/cable service would be a large portion of it, based on the number of channels and the convenience. But as the whole of the family looked into it, we found less and less satellite and freeview TV being watched. So I cut the cord.

It was liberating. Now we watch a similar amount of TV programmes/films, but less time watching TV weirdly. Between streaming services and my admittedly excessive DVD/Blu-Ray collection, I have plenty to watch. The overabundance of advertising and the seemingly unending list of reality TV, traveldocs and less than inticing ‘must see’ dramas is not something I miss. I don’t even have my aerial in now.

The point (other than depriving Sky of my money) is that I watch what I want to watch, no schedule, no timetable. Despite an earlier post talking about too much (I still regret writing that) I have found having such a glut of entertainment choices means that I always have options. I can find my joy and only have on what I want to have on.

I highly recommend this for others. Watch only what you want to watch, there are enough streaming services and review sites so you can find what you’ve missed out on. There has been enough made to watch only the things you enjoy. By the time you have gone through the best, there are whole series of new things to enjoy. With DVR, DVD/Blu-Ray and Streaming Apps, the response to “What’s on TV tonight?” can always be “Whatever I want.”



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