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Neal Adams

This weekend, I learned of the sad passing of Neal Adams at the age of 80.

Neal was an accomplished penciller with a career stretching back to the Silver Age, with a dynamic style that brought more realism to that era and whose worked reached far into the 21st Century.

He worked on almost all the major characters at DC, particularly memorable on Batman as well as his redesign of Green Arrow helping turn from a Batman clone to a character in his own right with a look that was unlike anything done before.

Whilst his artistic contributions are almost peerless, one of the things I heard most about him was his work for other creators. He helped launch the career of Frank Miller amongst others, but the thing he also did was help existing artists.

A champion of creator’s rights, his was one of the voices that led to DC Comics’ recognising the contributions of Siegel and Shuster in the creation and success of Superman. The credit on every media product containing Superman, shows these two names and that’s down to the work of Neal Adams. That says that as well as a good artist, he was a good man and my condolences are with his family and friends, who have lost him. The comic fans amongst us, we have a massive body of work to still enjoy. From an excellent run on the Silver Age X-Men, to his decades spanning work on Batman to the dozens of other projects and hundreds of pages and covers that were all great works of art, he has left a legacy that we can all enjoy and will keep going.

I could ramble more, but others have said more and said it better, but I just wanted to mark this sad occasion and remember the great stories that this man was a part of.

My personal favourites of his work was the hard-travelling heroes era of Green Lantern/Green Arrow, what about yours internet people?


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