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My Life in Comics: A whole new Universe (no, not that one) to explore – Part 1

One of the other formative 90’s experiences was my more substantial foray into DC comics. It started with the new Green Lantern in Green Lantern vol 3 issue 51 which was the introduction of struggling artist Kyle Rayner receiving the last Green Lantern ring following the decent into madness of previous GL Hal Jordan. In real life, it was a time when I moved from my usual comic shop, to a new one on Slater Street.

Whilst I had read Crisis on Infinite Earths (or some of it) earlier and I had read issues of Justice League (America and Europe) and the odd Green Lanterns, my DC knowledge was less than expansive. I was however a fan of post-crisis Superman and the art of Dan Jurgens led me to the latest DC, Zero Hour: Crisis in Time. One of the reasons for this was that it seemed to offer a good jumping on point as well as sort out some of their continuity issues.

One of those things would prove to be true.

Zero Hour was a 5 issue series released between 12 July and 9 August 1994 counting down from 4 to 0 weekly.

The plot was that former hero Hawk, who became Monarch, who then became Extant was doing something to time that caused temporal anomalies and the past and future to be erased.

DC used this as a sort of clearing house event, removing the Justice Society from a position of prominence and giving a fresh start to Hawkman, whose continuity had been a mess for quite a while now.

It also sorted the Team Titans mystery bringing that idea to it’s conclusion. We also lost the Legion of Super Heroes in the build up to Zero Hour. It was then revealed that yet another villain was behind the whole thing and was simply manipulating Extant into doing his bidding. Hal Jordan, former Green Lantern of Sector 2814, now taking the name Parallax.

The series ended with 0 and the destruction of the DC Universe. It didn’t last as a second big bang occurred, this time with nascent super-hero Damage as the spark that caused it at the beginning of time.

Once this was done, history had been altered, a defined decade had come and gone since the emergence of Superman and now things were different, long time histories of the future now no longer existed, Guy Gardner had an alien heritage and all new heroes and villains were on the verge of breaking out.

It was the first time there was a DC event that I was on the ground floor for and I was glad of it. It was an exciting time as new and interesting things look like they were going to happen and I knew one thing more than anything else, I was going to be spending a lot more money on comics in the coming months.

I had no idea.


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