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My Life in Comics: Image is Everything part 3

Although in 1992 these concepts were new to the comics buying world 🌎,  some of these concepts were not new at all.

One character that had already had a shelf life already and that was Erik Larsen’s Dragon. Originally a creation from his adolescent years it had only ever been printed on a small press scale. When the chance to go big on something creator owned a modified version of a character he already had fleshed out was obvious.Β  Paul Dragon became Savage Dragon.

Released 24 June 1992, a scant 3 weeks after Spawn #1, Savage Dragon started as a 3 part mini series introducing the titular character who was an amnesiac green humanoid with a fin on the top of his head and was also possessed of great strength and endurance.

This Dragon was found by the Chicago police and joined them as they battled an increasing number of post and non human being dubbed Superfreaks. The police needed their own and that’s where Dragon came in.

This series had everything a teenager would want in a comic, there was action, amazing visuals,  humour and women with physics defying boobs. But other than that and the jabs at comics tropes and famous names on comics, the Johnny Redbeard stuff alone earns the comic the title of Savage there was a couple of things that stood out, one was the sense of stakes. Characters were killed, or injured and these changes stuck. The other was it moved in real time. Whenever one story moved over several parts, breaks happened afterwards and so 12 issues were 1 year rather than the sliding timescales used by the big two.

Another thing to note is that it has been continuous since its inception and still under the pen of its creator. Even at issue 262, Erik Larsen is still the majority of the creative team. It is something of an Image success story in that it’s am ongoing series that was able to compete with the big two at their own game and do it well.

Savage Dragon started nearly 30 years ago and it’s still going strong.


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