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Finding the Positives in 2021 part 3

It would not be unfair to say that this was a challenging year. I felt that it was harder to find the positive, but honestly, it was the kind of year that made sure that you had to and so here we are back to look at my pop-culture positives. 

With the restrictions, illnesses, calls for social distancing and changing advice from what we laughingly call leaders, let’s just say we’ve watched a lot of TV together.

 There’s been older stuff, have for the second time watched Blakes 7 after one of the lesser-known channels got the rights for it. We have also started re-watching Archer and have moved beyond where we stopped before. Also old favourites such as Castle and Bones are back in rotation as well as new seasons of A Discovery of Witches and Titans, but there were also a few new stand-outs.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Now I know what you are thinking, surely this isn’t new. It isn’t I have seen it several times before now, but this year, I began to share it with SuperSam. All three of us here at the munky house have been enjoying this slice of 90’s fantasy. Whilst there are scary moments, the action, writing and humour have made this pretty much  a family favourite. Just this last week, we made it to season 3 and SuperSam shows no sign of wanting to stop watching. 

Sex Education

Now like the rest of these, this was just one for me and the MIGHTY Rosie. Well to be honest, it was one for the MIGHTY Rosie as I wasn’t too interested. After watching some of the first season, I was less than convinced. But then something happened, whether it was the young actors now comfortable in their roles, or a writing staff that had hit their stride, or that enough plot had occurred, that the characters were compelling, but I really started enjoying it. It’s a show populated by strange characters, idiosyncratic events and yet underneath it, heart. You genuinely care for the characters, even the ones that you probably wouldn’t in any show. These are flawed and at times unpleasant characters, but you feel for them and that is just good writing.

Dusk till Dawn

This was one of the earliest Netflix originals. I wasn’t much in the market for a slower retelling of a film I had already enjoyed and walked right past it. I made a mistake. The roles are re-cast with younger actors, the story re-written with a prestige format mentality in mind and subtle tweaks and twists added to make the story fit it’s longer and more in-depth nature. It’s good. It has the gore of the film, but takes it’s time to get to know the characters and explain them a bit. You care for Seth and Ritchie and see how their dysfunctional selves got to having to take hostages in the first place. You sympathise with the main vampire, seeing her as someone who was a victim and became a monster because of it. Everything you liked about the film is there, but there’s so much more and at the end of the film, you’re done, but here it’s only the end of season 1. This was buried when released, but is worth giving a try to.

Midnight Mass

Well I had  no idea what this was going to be when it started, by the end of the second episode, I was in the same boat. But there’s a twist, an almost obvious one with hindsight and the story moved forward, slowly, but forward nontheless. But then came the end of episode 4 and bang, things got turned up a notch and the last two episodes were a rollercoaster of action, horror and drama. What I am saying is, this didn’t start well, interesting, or even worth my time. But this show when it got going was brilliant and almost the new TV highlight of the year. It’s not what you expect, but it is something worth seeing and I am glad I got to see something interesting and a new twist on an older tale.

Lucifer: The Netflix years

Taken from an idea from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, the story here is that the devil quits hell and moves to LA to open a piano bar with one of his demons. The show gives us the next part of the story, where a detective meets him and they investigate crimes together. This show only worked with Tom Ellis being funny, horny and charming in equal measure as the incredibly honest devil, who was never the bad guy the stories portray him as. Netflix picked up the production after it’s cancelling by FX and I finally finished the last three seasons. Season 4 dealt with the detective knowing that the man she’s known for three years, telling her he’s the devil, is actually the devil. By the end of season 4, she accepts him, but he has to go back and rule hell to prevent some of his former servants wreaking more havoc on the human plane. With season 5 he returns and has to contend with one of his angelic brothers causing enough problems to get the attention of their father, God. Season 5 puts the family drama in the midst of celestial and angelic matters and mixed them well, including God thinking he might need a replacement. There’s a whole big thing, we lose one of the main cast and there was another season left. Well, okay lets be honest, season 6 could have been one episode, or in the words of the MIGHT Rosie “This could’ve been an e-mail”

Yes it was a bit of a tacked on ending, but it worked, giving something of a decent ending to a series that was already cancelled once. The redemption of a TV show that was about the redemption of Lucifer. Yes it was silly, to some blasphemous, but honestly I loved that this show got to go out on a high.


Well that’s TV done with

Next Time: Comics


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