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Mike & Molly: In which we learn that a sit-com’s capacity for fat jokes nears infinite

Time for Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired: 20th September 2010

Billy Gardell – Mike Biggs

Melissia McCarthy – Molly Flynn

Reno Wilson – Carl McMillan

Katy Mixon – Victoria Flynn

Nyambi Nyambi – Samuel

Swoosie Kurts – Joyce Flynn

Synopsis: Chicago beat cops Mike & Carl are getting lunch at the diner run by Samuel. Mike is trying to lose weight and is eating based upon that, much to Samuel’s consternation. Mike is planning to go to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting that night.

Across town, school teacher Molly Flynn is also struggling with her weight, working out on a cross trainer whilst her much thinner mother and younger sister eat chocolate cake in front of her. She also leaves to go to the OA meeting.

At the meeting Mike shares, being funny and open about his struggle with weight and his own low self esteem. Molly is quite taken with Mike and talks to him…

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Sliders: In which we learn there are many parallel worlds and Jerry O’Connell can’t act in any of them. (Draft)

It’s time for Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired: 22nd March 1995

Jerry O’Connell – Quinn Mallory

Sabrina Lloyd – Wade Welles

Cleavant Derricks – Rembrandt ‘Crying Man’ Brown

John Rhys-Davies – Professor Maxmillan Arturo

Linda Henning – Mrs Mallory

John Novak – Ross. J. Kelly

Alex Bruhanski – Pavel Kurlienko

Roger Cross – Wilkins

Tom Butler – Michael Mallory

Synopsis: In San Francisco, Quinn Mallory a young scientist running an experimental machine in the basement of his mother’s house. His experiments are one way of his coping with the recent death of his father. One experiment has created some sort of spacial distortion that his video diary (how  very 90’s is that?) states may be a tunnel or gateway.

On the day we begin, Quinn leaves for classes as the local university, where he once more earns the ire of his teacher Professor Arturo before he goes to work at a computer store where he…

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iZombie: In which we learn that someone who’s more interested in your brains isn’t necessarily a good thing.

It’s time for Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired: 17th May 2015


Rose McIver – Liv Moore

Malcolm Goodwin – Det. Clive Babineaux

Rahul Kholi – Ravi Chakrabarti

Robert Buckley – Major Lilywight

David Anders – Blaine DeBeers

Aly Michalka – Peyton Charles

Molly Hagen – Eva Moore

Ty Olsson – Det. Pratt

Nick Purcha – Evan Moore

Daran Norris – Johnny Frost

Hiro Kanagawa – Lt. Suzuki

Alexandra Voicu – Tatiana

Elysia Rotaru – Tess

Jenna Berman – Monica

Synopsis: In a voiceover we learn that Liv Moore was a lively and ambitious resident at a hospital in Seattle. After a eventful shift she meets her fiance Major (no seriously that’s the guy’s name) and he tells her that she should go to the party she has been invited to, after all, they have the rest of their lives together. The party ends up being crashed by of all things zombies. Liv is scratched by…

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My Marvel Life Presents -Fabulous First Issue: X-Men 1

It’s another Fabulous First Issue

My Marvel Life

Why I picked this comic:

It was the first comic I remember reading. It was the first property that I got into when I got into collecting back in 1991 and it’s the franchise that I go back to when my I go back into buying new monthly comics, when the MIGHTY Rosie put the idea for this blog forward, I knew that no matter what, the X-Men would have a place in it and why the hell not start right at the very beginning.

Shoud I have done this?

The Comic Itself:

X-Men 1: September 1963

X-Men was written by Stan Lee and pencilled by Jack Kirby with inks by Chic Stone.

In a private school in Westchester, New York Professor Charles Xavier summons the four students he has, that are training to be super heroes. In  walks Slim ‘Cyclops’ Summers, Hank ‘Beast’ McCoy and Bobby ‘Iceman’ Drake. Flying…

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