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Spin Off Off Special: Kamen Rider Kuuga – In which we learn maybe don’t open tombs with signs you can’t read.

A new pilot era post.

Pilot Era

First aired: 30th January 2000

Cast :

Joe Odagiri – Yuusuke Godai/Kuuga

Shingo Katsurayama – Kaoru Ichijou

Kazumi Murata – Sakurako Sawatari

Spin Off Specifics:

Where did is spin-off from? Kamen Rider

When did it spin-off from? There had been a series on spin-offs and continuations starting from the original, but there had been a gap before this new era began.

What is different? It’s premise remains the same, there’s a motorcyclist who transforms and battles monsters, but with an all new cast and specifics.

Was it necessary? It was a way of spinning off and continuing the older series, whilst still acting as a new thing to attract a new audience, so necessary? No, but it did make sense.

How did it compare? Very different in quality, but we it’s more of a refinement of the idea as much as anything else.

Synopsis: We start with images of a…

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