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The Dukes of Hazzard: In which we learn the best mechanics in the world are in Hazard County.

It’s Thursday, it’s Pilot Era time ⌚

Pilot Era

First aired: 26th January 1979


Tom Wopat – Luke Duke

John Schneider – Bo Duke

Catherine Bach – Daisy Duke

Denver Pyle – Uncle Jesse

James Best – Sheriff Rosco Coltrane

Sorrell Brooke – Boss Hogg

Sonny Shroyer– Enos

Ben Jones – Cooter

Tisch Raye – Jill Rae Dodson

Waylon Jennings– The Balladeer

Synopsis: Hazzard Country Georgia: A balladeer sings and narrates as a bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger is chasing a sheriff’s patrol car. Inside the Charger (affectionately monikered the General Lee) are bickering cousins Bo and Luke Duke. It turns out that Dukes’ friend Cooter has stolen the patrol car after his car was impounded by Sheriff Roscoe Coltrane. After Cooter crashes the car, it becomes clear that Roscoe has been bringing in slot machines.

We learn from the balladeer that Sheriff Coltrane is suffering a lot of money problems, which has left him under the thumb…

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