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True Blood: In which we learn that amateur porn got a little weirder

The inevitable return of Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired: 7th September 2008


Anna Paquin – Sookie Stackhouse

Stephen Moyer – ‘Vampire Bill’ Compton

Sam Trammell – Sam Merlotte

Ryan Kwanten – Jason Stackhouse

Rutina Wesley – Tara Thornton

Chris Bauer  – Detective Andy Bellefleur

Nelson Ellis – Lafayette Reynolds

Jim Parrack – Hoyt Foytenberry

Carrie Preston – Arlene Fowler

Matthew Raymond-James – Rene Lenier

William Sanderson – Sheriff Bud Dearborne

Lynn Collins – Dawn Green

Lois Smith – Adele Stackhouse

James Parks – Mack Rattray

Karina Logue – Denise Rattray

Synopsis: Rural Louisiana and a couple is driving down a country road in Louisiana, the girl is in the driver’s seat and is feeling somewhat amorous and wants some from her boyfriend, he’s keen on the idea. They spot a shop sign telling passers by that the shop sells True Blood. Though a bit of televisual exposition, we learn that vampires had  declared their existence…

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