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For the Geek in me 2019 was awesome: Comics

I cannot describe 2019 as anything other than a challenging year. There have been a few ups and a good number of downs. But at this time of year, I want to look back at things I liked, so here we go.

This was a mixed year for me with comics, to be honest, I have become less and less enamoured with the big two and with comics buying in general and when the solicitations for last week came, I could only see one comic that I wanted to buy. One, that’s it and I think I am only getting this to finish what will be in the first trade and then that will be gone too. But I managed to get 5 things worth talking about, barely.

Doctor Doom

This was a comic showcasing Marvel’s best protagonist. Doom isn’t a villain, but a man with a very specific view of how the world should be, our problem is that we disagree, his problem is that we are wrong. This shows what happens when people believe he has done something that he hasn’t. Doom is on the back foot and that is somewhere he almost never is. He has to keep his homeland safe, prove his innocence, find out who has done this too him and dole out the righteous retribution that needs to be doled out and he has to do all that with the world against him. This is  a story where you are rooting for Doom, despite knowing how flawed he is and it’s the only Marvel series that I am still following.


Marvel relaunches the X-Men. Wow, again? But it’s the most drastic change in status quo since Morrison’s back in 2000. The X-Men have their own nation, they are looking towards the future and we get to see it, it’s not going well. Johnathan Hickman puts together a huge story, grand in scope and littered with sci-fi concepts that fit quite happily with Marvel’s merry mutants. This was an event worth reading in a way that the X-Men haven’t done in such a long time. It was nice to be on the ground floor of something so big again.


I met the writer of this little gem, Simon Spurrier at Thought Bubble as he signed my X-Men Legacy 1. We spoke a bit about the character Legion and his work on him, which led to us talking about the TV series. I liked him, so felt the right thing to do was to buy a copy of his creator owned series first trade. This is a story about a post humanity Earth and the creatures we leave behind. It’s also about curiosity over faith and the importance of thinking for yourself. I even bought a copy later on for a friend as an X-Mas present.

Doomsday Clock

As I recently mentioned in my TV post, this has been the year of mining Watchmen for new stories and this one was a very long time in coming, since it had started in 2018. I was not a fan for most of the run, but believed that if I kept with it, it would be worthwhile. Sometimes I am right for good things. Geoff Johns sticks the landing here, with a story that left me smiling at the end. I don’t know where this leaves the DCU, but am more optimistic about it now, than I was before I read Doomsday Clock 12.

Thought 💭 Bubble

In December 2017 I went to “For The Love of Sci-Fi” convention in Manchester with SuperSam & the MIGHTY Rosie. I enjoyed some of it, but it was badly run and in the end we cut out halfway through. But I wanted to try a comic convention, so this year I went to Thought Bubble, the comics convention in Yorkshire. I wrote about it here.

I’m less and less enamoured with the current monthly comics, but my love for the medium, it’s fans and associated media is still very much present. Who knows what the future will hold.

Next time: What about actual life? What was that like in 2019?


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