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D-Cember 10th – Wardrobe

30 Day Challenge Question 10 – Favourite Costume

Valor. He’s been Mon-El, Lar Gand, M’Onel and Valor and has suffered the continuity nightmare that is Legion of Super Heroes’ history. I first encountered him in the 90’s after the Eclipso event and he had a solo series that started off with art by M.D. Bright. His costume was super-heroish, but made from different fabrics. We had tight-fitting black tee-shirt over a red boiler suit and a blue cape. There was also the gold discs holding the cape in place. It was a bit of an inversion of Superman’s colours and yet was his own look. I did like that series that was sacrificed in the name of Zero Hour and enjoyed seeing the guy show up elsewhere.

Super Sam’s answer

Wonder Woman

I didn’t ask anything else…


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