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More-Vember 25th – Did you click the save point?

Marvel 30 Day Challenge – Question 25 Favourite Computer Game

I got a Wii,the day I went to see the 1st J J Abrams Star Trek film. There were several games to enjoy, including Wii sports and WarioWare, but they were often adversarial in nature, the first co-operative game was this one.

It allowed players to work together as a team, had loads of playable and unlockable characters and told a coherent story, which consequences you could see when the game was over. It had loads of power ups, character redesigns and was so much fun. It made me enjoy this kind of game, that I could share with the MIGHTY Rosie and it gave us several hours of fun with one another. We have played other games together since, but this was where it started.

Super Sam’s answer

It has Hulk, Rocket Raccoon and Groot. This was always going to be his choice. It’s one of the better Lego Marvel games, having a stronger story than the first one and better gameplay than Lego Avengers, we’ve lost hours playing this game together, all three of us.



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