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More-Vember 24th – Saturday Mornings (Still behind)

Marvel 30 Day Challenge Question 24 – Favourite Cartoon Adaptation.

No question or doubts on this choice. I liked a couple of the X-Men ones and Spider-Man usually fares well and the 2nd seasons of Marvel Action Hour were a step in the right direction, but there was only one answer.

One Saturday morning, myself and Super Sam were watching cartoons together and he wanted to watch Avengers Assemble. We did, since I didn’t have a better idea (for which I can only blame myself) and it was as bad as I expected it would be. My counter to this was that there was a better adaptation of the Avengers and so we started a watch-through of this show. It distills the essence of several decades of Avengers history into 52 episodes and does it well. There is characterisation, action, humour and several of the stories end up better on the screen. My boy loved it and we went on to watch other things together. It’s the truest adaptation of each of the characters and even made Ant-Man a sympathetic character with flaws and a degree of redemption. I really enjoy this series and recommend it to anyone, young and old.

Super Sam’s Answer

He went to our next series to re-watch

Overly Wolverine centric and slavish to the films in my opinion, non of that mattered to him, with it’s strong anti-bigotry message, excellent voice cast and crazy levels of action, this was a really strong X-Men series that my son loved watched and was gutted that it never got a season 2. Based on the cliff-hanger, so was I.



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