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More-Member 23rd – The Wonderful thing about Tiggers

Marvel 30 Day Challenge: Question 23 – Favourite method of transportation

There’s so much to choose from, Bifrost, Lockjaw, Stepping Disks, stargates, superspeed and more, but I went with one of the more fun looking, if not smelling.

Nightcrawler’s teleportation effect is awesome, from it’s BAMF sound effect, to it’s smell of sulphur, it plays with his demonic visage and also his sense of fun. He has a several mile range, can do multiple trips in succession and go anywhere he can see, or infact picture in his mind. How does that not sound like fun?

Super Sam’s answer 

SuperSam went with an obvious answer, but honestly one of the best ones, he went with Flight.

Most of the best characters are fliers, from Iron Man, to Thor, to Captain Marvel and Archangel, flight is one of the powers that seem almost too obvious to want to be able to do. Too many people on the pavement? Fly over them. Roads too windy? Fly over them too and enjoy the countryside. It’s often seen as effort, so counts as exercise too. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Other Stuff.

Early start this morning as we went to get my new glasses. A sobering thought is that this may be the last pair that I get before the words bifocals become part of the equation. Still the early start needed to get them on me left us with the whole day to play with and once again the MIGHTY Rosie had an idea.


It’s an inflatables place, slides, assault courses, ball pits and climbing walls, all made of inflatable material. I spent nearly an hour bouncing, falling and sliding and I had an absolute ball doing it. It was fun and liberating and I think that everyone should try it. It is also knackering, to the extent I had a nap tonight. I had to be woken up by the dog, which is never the gentlest awakening. Still after a solid workout, family time and some cartoons, we ended the night watching the Human Target, a cracking series that was fun and exciting and made the docket for Pilot Era, so that will be showing up before long. Like last night, this is one of the good days.

TTFN Internet people, see you guys soon.



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