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Space 1999: In which we learn that the future is going to feature a lot of beige.

Start of a trilogy for my Birthday Weekend

Pilot Era

First aired: 21st May 1975

Cast (Main):

Martin Landau  – Commander John Koenig

Barbara Bain   – Doctor Helena Russell

Barry Morse – Professor Victor Bergman

Roy Dotrice  – Commissioner Simmonds

Prentice Hancock  –  Paul Morrow

Zienia Merton – Sandra Benes

Nick Tate  – Alan Carter

Philip Madoc –  Commander Gorski

Lon Sattone Markham   – Benjamin Ouma

Eric Carte – Collins

Synopsis: It is September 1999. The Moon is now being used to store the surplus nuclear waste that is being produced by the Earth below, all under the watch of permanent facility Moon Base Alpha.  At waste disposal site 2, two astronauts are storing the newest consignment of radioactive waste, being observed from indoors by Professor Victor Bergman and Doctor Helena Russell. Meanwhile on an Eagle shuttle the new commander of Moon Base Alpha John Koenig is working on readying the mission to the planet…

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