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More-Member 3rd – Ladies, Lottie and Lack of Sleep

Marvel 30 Day Challenge – Day 3 Divas

This one became a bit more of a challenge. How do you define a diva? Is it a personality thing? “She’s such a diva.” Or is it in the way that female wrestlers were called Divas by the WWE? I went with that route and went for a female character.

Jennifer ‘She Hulk’ Walters, attourney at law is a character that seems quite derivative. Story goes that she was created as a way to prevent another company using the name of She-Hulk and was most likely not expected to go on beyond the initials comics. But go on she did. She is a woman who had a profession that is often seen as male dominated (in this case the law) and was the cousin of a much more famous character. She has been a solo character, has been an Avenger, joined the Fantastic Four and had her own legal practice as well as working for a law firm. She is stronger than most of her peers, owns her sexuality, without being entirely defined by it and despite having a derivative name, is very much seen as her own woman, her own distinct character.

She was well written and drawn by John Byrne when he was doing Fantastic Four as well in her own series Sensational She-Hulk and made an impression with her intelligence and charm as well as her confidence. Sweet yet sassy, powerful yet professional and always a lot of fun. Does that make her a diva? I genuinely have no idea, but it makes her a character worth writing about.

SuperSam’s Answer – The Scarlet Witch

Sam’s fondness for her is derived from her appearances in the MCU films, where her powers are wide ranges and interesting to look at.

Other stuff: As per my previous post, Bonfire Night’s activities are still a problem. The fireworks upset the dog, upset she can’t sleep, she can’t sleep so every makes her bark. She barks, so I have been up since 5AM ON A SUNDAY!!! It’s not her fault, so I don’t blame her and it has me finishing watching Community after a rewatch sort of hit the skids around season 4. I’m tired internet people,  but when all of us are together, she’s as happy as any of us. I can put up with being tired for a while longer.

Ta ta for now Internet People, Monday is coming.


Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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