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More-Vember 2nd – a dislike of Bonfire Night

Marvel 30 Day Challenge Day 2: Favourite Villain

Again, this was not really a challenge, I went with one of Marvel’s earliest villains Doctor Doom

Debuting in 1962’s Fantastic Four issue 5 he was one of the first supervillains, being a character that could stand up to the heroes on a physical level. Victor Von Doom is that great villain that is so close to the hero, but just a little bit off. He wants the best for his people, he wants the best for the world and has  only the best of intentions. That all sounds pretty laudable and his only failing is ego. He genuinely belives the world would be better off if he was in charge and that he is the best person for the job, no matter what that job is. He is both compelling as a protagonist as well as a booable villain without any inconsistency in characterisation.

In Secret Wars (both of them) he was both hero and villain and fantastic in both roles. He is perhaps Marvel’s greatest villain.

Super Sam’s Answer – Doctor Octopus

Otto Octavius is Spider-Man’s nemesis, losing out to Green Goblin only by one act. He has got into Peter’s personal life, dogged him at every turn and at one time, actually replaced Spider-Man. None of that is the reason that my son picked him. His thought was the potential for comedy. Imagine that he was itchy and uses his tentacle to scratch it. Does he polish the arms, or wash them? What if he got stuck in the bath because of them? Must be a pain to get onto planes with them. It made us both giggle this morning and I liked that.

Other Stuff

Here in Blighty it’s near Bonfire Night (well that’s not till Tuesday) so for the last week, bell-ends have been setting off fireworks. To be honest, I stopped being interested in fireworks long ago. After the spectacle, it’s just standing in the rain looking at lights. It’s only been affected me this year, well it’s more affecting Lottie the dog. Lottie is anxious, she barks at people walking by, gets scared easily and as you can imagine only her second Bonfire night is not something we are looking forward to. But the fact that it’s been going on for over a week and that Bonfire Night is not till Tuesday makes every night that the fireworks are going off something of a living hell for her. Tonight has been particularly bad, with her reacting to noises several times. And it’s going to keep going for a while yet. So I have gone full circle and am glad a supermarket has stopped selling them and hope more do, because a member of my family can’t sleep and is scared a lot more than she should be.

If you have pets, my thoughts are with you and your little ones. Hope things are quiet by you.

Just wanted to get that out.

My love to you all internet people, be back tomorrow.



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One thought on “More-Vember 2nd – a dislike of Bonfire Night

  1. Doctor Doom is also my All-Time favorite villain. DOOM would have no other way. lol. Plus, Doc Ock is my All-Time favorite Spidey villain. That’s a couple of great choices.

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