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More-Vember 1st – And so it begins

30 Day Marvel Challenge 1 – Favourite character

This was a pretty easy one to work out for me. It was a character that I enjoyed reading about before I ever went to a comic shop was Vance Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s been all sorts of things, an astronaut, a freedom fighter, a man lost in his own self-pity, a leader, a hero and a successor to Captain America, after long being a fan of his. It’s aspirational and inspirational, a man going from the highest highs, then the lowest lows and back again. Proof that you can always turn it all around and doesn’t like that story.
I even have him tattooed on my right arm, a reminder to never give up.

I blogged about it here and also here.

SuperSam’s answer – Super Sam saw the 30 day challenge picture and wanted in, so his answer is the Incredible Hulk. He loves it when Hulk smashes stuff. Well who doesn’t.

More tomorrow internet people





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