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Baywatch: In which we learn about different flavours of cheese and crazy-eyes.

A slice of cheese from Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired: 23rd April 1989

Cast (Main):

David Hasselhoff – Mitch Buchannon

Parker Stevenson – Craig Pomeroy

Shawn Weatherley – Jill Riley

Billy Warlock – Eddie Kramer

Erika Eleniak – Shauni McClain

Gina Hecht – Gina Pomeroy

Peter Phelps – Trevor Cole

Brandon Call – Holbie Buchannon

Monte Markham – Captain Don Thorpe

Madchen Amick – LaurieHarris

Synopsis: Malibu pier and Mitch Buchannon is canoeing with his son Holbie, racing against Mitch’s colleague Jill Riley. On the freeway, lawyer Craig Pomeroy is heading for the same beach, choosing his part time job of lifeguard over the law and not for the first time based on the conversation he has with his wife by car-phone. Rookie lifeguards Shauni and Eddie bump into one another. Shauni is happy to see a familiar face on her first day as a lifeguard, Eddie is less enthused.

Mitch and Holbie talk about the custody…

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Smallville: In which we learn when to give a child the ‘you’re an alien we found in a field’ talk. (Done)

Thursdays Pilot Era Post going up up and away

Pilot Era

First aired: 31st December 2001


Tom Welling – Clark Kent

Annette O’Toole – Martha Kent

John Schneider – Johnathan Kent

Kristen Kreuk  – Lana Lang

Allison Mack – Chloe Sullivan

Sam Jones III- Pete Ross

Eric Johnson- Whitney Fordham

Michael Rosebaum – Lex Luthor

John Glover- Lionel Luthor

Synopsis: Smallville, Kansas. CEO Lionel Luther is in a helicopter with his frightened son Lex. Lionel admonishes his son for his showing of fear before they land an meet with the Ross family to discuss a land deal. In the centre of town, Johnathan and Martha kent visit Nell’s flower shop and say hello to her niece Lana Lang. All in all, it’s a nice small town sort of day. Then a massive meteor shower hits the town.

Lionel’s helicopter is grounded, Lex runs from the wreckage into a cornfield, finding a teenager tied to a post like a scarecrow wearing only…

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Burn Notice: In which we learn that Michael wanted to be a TV presenter.

Midweek Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired: 28th June 2007


Jeffrey Donovan – Michael Weston

Gabrielle Anwar- Fiona Glennane

Burce Campbell – Sam Axe

Sharon Gless – Madeline Weston

David Zayas – Javier

Ray Wise  – Mr Pyne

Paul Tei  – Barry

George Tasudis –Oleg

Arturo Rossi – Sugar 

Chance Kelly – Vincent

Synopsis: Warri, Nigeria. Michael Weston is standing on a corner and is picked up and taken to a meeting, a gun kept on him the whole time. He is there to meet Boris, whom he plans to pay off in order to protect an oil pipeline, until he calls in the payment details and then it all goes wrong. You see as we get in the ubiquitous voice over narration, Michael Weston is a US intelligence operative, doing all kinds of covert work all over the world, or at least he was, as he learns in the phone call, he’s…

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