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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: In which we learn the future looks very disco.

It’s a Thursday and Pilot Era is getting all Cheesy!!!

Pilot Era

First aired: 20th September 1979


Gil Gerard – Captain William ‘Buck’ Rogers

Erin Gray – Colonel Wilma Deering

Tim O’Connor – Doctor Elias Huer

Pamela Hensley – Princess Ardala

Henry Silva – Kane

Felix Silla – Twikki

Duke Butler – Tigerman

Mel Blanc – Voice of Twikki

Eric Server – Voice of Doctor Theopolis

Synopsis: After a voiceover narration, we open on the spaceshuttle Ranger 2 which left on a long distance space flight in 1987. The pilot is William ‘Buck’ Rogers, whose life support system malfunctioned and froze him and the shuttle has been adrift for 504 years. It is now the year 2491 and the shuttle has drifted into the path of the Draconia, a space fortress of the Draconian Empire, under the command of Princess Ardala. Ardala’s aide Kane orders the shuttle brought aboard. Buck is revived, groggy and full of head pain. Kane suspects he…

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