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Superman the Animated Series: In which we learn that it’s Superman’s father who’s the bad ass.

Launching into the second half of the week with a little Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired: 6th September 1996

Voice Cast:

Christopher McDonald – Jor-El

Finola Hughes – Lara

Tony Jay – Sol-Van

Corey Burton – Brainiac

Mike Farrell – Johnathan Kent

Shelley Farbares – Martha Kent

Jason Marsden – Clark Kent (Teenage)

Kelly Schmid – Lana Lang

Tim Daly – Clark (Superman) Kent

Dana Delaney – Lois Lane

Clancy Brown – Lex Luthor

Malcolm McDowell – John Corben

Lauren Tom – Angela Chen

David Kaufman – Jimmy Olsen

George Dzunddza – Perry White

Brad Garrett – Bibbo

Synopsis: Krypton: a technological utopia orbiting a red giant star. Scientist Jor-El is gathering data on the condition of the planet. There is an earthquake, but really it’s the readings that scare him. A shabut attacks him, all gas-filled body and barbed tentacle, he escapes and returns to his mobile home. He is immediately contacted by the AI trusted with maintaining the…

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