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Ally McBeal: In which we learn to want the hashtag #nomorevonda

It’s a Thursday

Pilot Era

First aired:8th September 1997


Calista Flockhart  –  Ally McBeal

Gill Bellows  –  Billy Thomas

Greg Germann  –  Richard Fish

Lisa Nicole Carson  – Renee Raddick

Jane Krakowski   –   Elaine Vassal

Richard Riehle –  Jack Billings

Courtney Thorne-Smith  – Georgia Thomas

Eric Cohen & Steve Cohen  – The Twins

Synopsis: A young woman called Ally McBeal narrates her history with the boy next door. From sniffing one another’s bums at 7 to their school-years, college years and them him leaving Harvard in their first year to move to Michigan, leaving her behind. Ally’s heart breaks without him.

Years later and she is an associate in a prestigious law firm in Boston. She quits after the firm sides with a senior colleague in her claim for sexual harassment. On her way out, she bumps into law school classmate, the cheerfully amoral Richard Fish…

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