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Reboots and Re-imaginings – Wolverine and the X-Men: In which we learn that animators don’t know how comas work.

Thursday’s Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

First aired:23rd January 2009

Voice Cast:

Steve Blum  –  Logan/Wolverine

Jim Ward  –  Charles Xavier/Professor X

Nolan North  –  Scott Summers/Cyclops

Fred Tatasciore  –  Dr Henry McCoy/Beast

Danielle Judovits   –   Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat

Yuri Lowenthal  –   Bobby Drake/Iceman

Liam O’Brien   –   Warren Worthington III/ Angel

Richard Doyle  –   Senator Robert Kelly

Kieran van den Blink –  Rogue

Roger Craig Smith –  Forge

Kari Wahlgreen –  Emma Frost

Michael Ironside  – Colonel Moss

Gwendoline Yeo  – Neena Thurman/Domino

Mark Hildreth  –  Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Tom Kane  –  Erik Lenscherr/Magneto

Reboot Specifics:

What and When was the Originial? X-Men: The Animated Series (1992)

What did they keep? The team name and several of the main characters.

What did they change? The focus of the show and many of the cast as well as a…

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