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Baywatch: In which we learn about different flavours of cheese and crazy-eyes.

A slice of cheese from Pilot Era

Pilot Era

First aired: 23rd April 1989

Cast (Main):

David Hasselhoff – Mitch Buchannon

Parker Stevenson – Craig Pomeroy

Shawn Weatherley – Jill Riley

Billy Warlock – Eddie Kramer

Erika Eleniak – Shauni McClain

Gina Hecht – Gina Pomeroy

Peter Phelps – Trevor Cole

Brandon Call – Holbie Buchannon

Monte Markham – Captain Don Thorpe

Madchen Amick – LaurieHarris

Synopsis: Malibu pier and Mitch Buchannon is canoeing with his son Holbie, racing against Mitch’s colleague Jill Riley. On the freeway, lawyer Craig Pomeroy is heading for the same beach, choosing his part time job of lifeguard over the law and not for the first time based on the conversation he has with his wife by car-phone. Rookie lifeguards Shauni and Eddie bump into one another. Shauni is happy to see a familiar face on her first day as a lifeguard, Eddie is less enthused.

Mitch and Holbie talk about the custody…

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