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Star Trek: In which we learn that ship’s doctors are dirty old men.

Another Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era

First aired: 19th August 1992


Jeffrey Hunter – Captain Christopher Pike

Susan Oliver – Vina

Leonard Nimoy – Spock

Majel Barrett – Number One

John Hoyt – Doctor Boyce

Peter Duryea – Lt Jose Tyler

Laurel Goodwin –Yeoman Colt

Synopsis: On the bridge of the USS Enterprise, an alert sounds, but the crew has no idea what the oncoming danger is. It turns out that it’s an 18 year old radio signal. Seeing no reason to change their course Pike tells them to maintain course and head to the local spacedock to get some of the injured crew medical attention after their previous mission to the Rigel system. He leaves the bridge and goes to his quarters, soon joined by the ship’s doctor and his friend Dr Boyce. Like admits to being tired and worn out from the responsibility and stressed of starship command and is considering…

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