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Reboots and Reimaginings – Doctor Who: In which we learn lots of planets have a North.

Just Posting one for Thursday

Pilot Era

First aired:17th March 2005


Christopher Eccleston – The Doctor

Billie Piper – Rose Tyler

Camille Coduri – Jackie Tyler

Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith

Mark Benton – Clive

Nicholas Briggs – Voice of the Nestene

Reboot Specifics:

What and When was the Originial? Doctor Who (1963)

What did they keep? The name of the main character and the TARDIS.

What did they change? The main character has had some changes, but that wasn’t a new idea for this show.

Are here nods to the past? The villain is the same one from Spearhead from Space back in the 1970’s.

Does it stand on it’s own two feet or does it need the connection to the original? It is very much it’s own show, but it still connects to it’s past.

Plot: The planet Earth, the UK, London, the Powell Estate and an alarm clock goes off. Shop worker…

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