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Doctor Who: In which we learn that some teachers have a bit too much free time.

Another Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era

First aired: 23rd November 1963


William Russell  – Ian Chesterton

Jacqueline Hill   –Barbara Wright

Carol Anne Ford  – Susan Foreman

William Hartnell  – The Doctor

Synopsis: A policeman walks past Foreman’s Scrapyard on Potter’s Lane in London. In the yard is a blue Police Box. From there we move to the nearby Coal Hill School.

At the school two teachers, science teacher Ian Chesterton and his colleague history teacher Barbara Wright are discussing a mutual student, Susan Foreman. She’s good at both history and science, but has many gaps in more basic knowledge such as current money. She’s a mystery and the pair decide to follow her home and learn more about her. They offer her a lift home, but she refuses, again being mysterious and evasive. They expected this, so lie in wait at the address given when she started school, Potter’s Lane. (So we…

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