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Highlander: In which we learn how phallic swords really are.

Pressed publish instead of update, so here’s an extra post

Pilot Era

First aired: 3rd October 1992

Cast (Main):

Adrian Paul – Duncan McLeod

Alexandra Vandernoot –Tessa Noel

Stan Kirsch – Richie Ryan

Cast (Guest):

Christopher Lambert – Conner McLeod

Richard Moll –Slan Quince

Wendell Wright – Sgt Powell

Synopsis: After a slightly overlong monologue and a Queen track a teenage boy is breaking into an antique store, while the owner and his girlfriend are enjoying some intimate fun upstairs. Once indoors, he starts looking for somethin to steal. Upstairs, the male part of the couple upstairs senses something is wrong and heads downstairs, wielding a japanese sword.

The thief is witness to another sword wielder come in. The shop owner identifies himself as Duncan McLeod of the clan McLeod, the newcomer calls himself Slan Quince, who points out that he wants Duncan’s head. Before anything else happens, a third sword wielding man arrives, identifying himself as Connor…

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