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Scrubs: In which we learn that it’s hard to imagine why no one punches JD.

It’s a Thursday

Pilot Era

First aired: 12nd October 2001

Cast (Main):

Zach Braff  – John ‘JD’ Dorian

Donald Faison   –Chris Turk

Sarah Chalke – Elliot Reed

Ken Jenkins  – Bob Kelso

John C McGinley –  Perry Cox

Judy Reyes – Carla Espinosa

Neil Flynn  – Janitor

Sam Lloyd –  Ted Buckman

Robert Maschio  –  The Todd

Synopsis: This is John ‘JD’ Dorian’s first day as a medical intern at Sacred Heart Hospital. He is working there with his best friend Chris Turk and other new starter Elliot Reed. Also there are chief of medicine Bob Kelso, nurse Carla Espinosa and attending doctor Perry Cox.

JD is struggling, finding a distance between him and Turk and is crestfallen that Elliot is only in it for herself, After being threatened by the Janitor and misplacing a patient, JD is comforted by Turk who admits he is equally terrified by the whole thing.

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