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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In which we learn that no one knows what an actual 16 year old looks like.

Here comes another Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

First aired:10th March 1997


Sarah Michelle Gellar  –  Buffy Summers

Nicholas Brendan  –  Xander Harris

Alyson Hannigan  –  Willow Rosenberg

Anthony Stewart Head  –  Rupert Giles

Charisma Carpenter   –   Corelia Chase

Julie Benz  – Darla

Christine Sutherland  –  Joyce Summers

David Boreanaz   –   Angel

Eric Balfour  –  Jesse

Brian Thompson   –   Luke

Mark Metcalf  –  The Master

Ken Lerner   –   Principal Bob Flutie

Synopsis: Sunnydale California. A teenage couple are breaking into a school. The guy is interested in an illicit hook-up, too late realizing all that the girl wanted was dinner and he was the dinner. She chages into a vampire and quickly kills him.

Elsewhere, a young woman (Buffy Summers) dreams vividly of monsters before her first day at her new school. Somewhere else, three friends (slacker Xander, loveable nerd Willow and…

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