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Criminal Minds, in which we learn that maybe car showrooms aren’t that bad.

It’s Thursday again

Pilot Era

First aired: 17th March 2006


Mandy Patinkin – Jason Gideon

Thomas Gibson- Aaron Kotchner

Shemar Moore – Derek Morgan

Matthew Grey-Gubler  – Doctor Spencer Reid

Lola Glaudini – Elle Greenaway

Kirsten Vangsness- Penelope Garcia

Synopsis: Seattle, Washington a woman called Heather is corresponding by e-mail with a man selling an vintage car. She has a test drive and soon realises that she is being kidnapped when she is being driven home after the test drive, but by that point, it’s already too late.

Washington DC, Supervising Special Agent Aaron Hotchner is talking baby names with his pregnant wife Hayley and gets a call. At a bar, Derek Morgan is doing well with a group of ladies all hanging on his every word, he too gets a call. At Quantico, Jason Gideon is teaching a class of junior federal agents and is interrupted by Dr Spencer Reid, they are all…

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