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Firefly: In which we learn we are far too pretty to die

Just another post from the Pilot Era

Pilot Era


First aired: 12th May 2003


Nathan Fillion – Captain Mal Reynlolds

Gina Torres- Zoe Washburne

Alan Tudyk – Hogan ‘Wash’ Washburne

Morena Baccarin – Inara Serra

Adam Baldwin – Jayne Cobb

Jewel Staite  – Kaylee Frye

Ron Glass  – Shepherd Derrial Book

Sean Maher – Simon Tam

Summer Glau – River Tam 

Carlos Jacott – Lawrence Dobson

Mark Sheppard  – Badger

Synopsis: War has come to Serenity Valley, on an alien world in humanity’s future. The embattled independents are waiting on air-support. Led by Sgt Mal Reynolds, one squad is planning to take out an alliance skiff and with covering fire from Zoe, Mal’s good right arm, Mal manages to do just that. Cheering and full of hope, the troop are disheartened as the only air support are the alliance’s bombers, who slaughter their opposition. The war is done, the independents lost.

Years later, Mal, Zoe and their…

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